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BOOK BLITZ ~ Then He Kissed Me by Maria Geraci ~ GIVEAWAY


Then He Kissed Me
Whispering Bay # 2

By: Maria Geraci

Releasing May 19, 2015

TKA Distribution



Lauren Donalan was once Whispering Bay’s golden girl—the rich, bubbly blonde cheerleader who married the high school football star. When her mediocre marriage falls apart, she returns home and starts a vintage clothing business, determined to prove she’s more than just a pretty face with a trust fund.

Nate Miller may have been a nerd in high school, but now he has a beautiful girlfriend and is set to take over Doc Morrison’s medical practice. Still, the good folks of Whispering Bay find his no-nonsense approach more than a little unsettling, leaving his future in town a great big question mark. And things go even further downhill when his well-intentioned marriage proposal goes awry.

Lauren doesn’t need a man to complete her, yet when she finds herself set up on a date with Nate, she can’t help but notice how sexy and confident he is. In fact, every time the former introvert kisses her, she sees fireworks. But, only a big love will make Lauren change her mind about commitment. As Nate attempts to win Lauren over, a real estate co-op threatens Lauren’s business—and Nate’s ex still has a thing or two to say about their previous relationship. Now Lauren has to decide to go big or go home, in business, as well as in love.

Then He Kissed Me


When Lauren glanced back at the screen, the ending credits were rolling.

Nate sat up and stretched his arms over his head.

“What did you think of it?” she asked. Please tell me you like it. It sounded dumb, but she just didn’t think she could be friends with anyone who didn’t get It’s a Wonderful Life.

“It was…good,” he said, and she instantly felt herself relax. If Nate Miller didn’t like the movie, he would tell her so. It was just the way he was wired. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you hadn’t been born?” he asked.

She stared at him. “Are you kidding? That’s my favorite game. Okay, here goes: If I hadn’t been born then my mother wouldn’t have anyone to boss around. But more importantly, then Henry wouldn’t have been born, and that would be the world’s greatest tragedy.”


She giggled.

“What’s so funny?”

“It’s…just the way you do these one word sentences.” She imitated his deep voice. “Agreed. And then there’s my personal favorite. Absolutely.

He raised a brow. “Why waste words when one will do perfectly fine?”


“Smart ass,” he said.

They both reached for the last slice of pizza and laughed. She nudged it his way. “Go for it.”

“Okay, I think I will this time.” This time? It occurred to her that he was referring to their dinner at The Harbor House, when he’d given up the last scallop to her. She didn’t know why, but she was ridiculously pleased that he’d remembered.

“Do you want any more kids?” he asked casually, but she got the feeling he was deeply interested in her response.

“I would love to have more, but with the right person this time.”

“The right person?”

Lauren sighed. “Tom wasn’t in love with me when we got married.” Nate looked incredulous. So she went on to explain. “Most people in town know we got married because I was pregnant. I mean, you can’t really hide something like that in Whispering Bay. But the story’s a little more complicated than that.”

She went on to tell him how she had unprotected sex with Tom on the night of the senior awards banquet and how she broke up with him the next day, only to discover a couple of months later that she was pregnant. Tom had already moved on to another relationship with his current fiancé, Allie. But he broke up with Allie to “do the right thing” and marry Lauren.

“When I found out I was pregnant I was so scared. I hid it from Momma for as long as I could, but then I had to eventually tell my parents. It was awful. I’ll never forget the look of disappointment on my father’s face.”

“I’m sure he was just worried about you.”

She nodded. “I know, but I’m an only child and it’s hard, having all this pressure to be perfect all the time. I guess the hardest thing was knowing that I would never live up to my potential.”

He looked at her. “Is that what you think?”

“I don’t know. I love Henry and I wouldn’t change anything that happened for the world, but having him so young did limit my choices.” She shrugged, embarrassed that she’d told him so much. She’d never admitted that to anyone. Not even to Tom. “So, yeah, I’d like to have more kids, but if I ever get married again, it will be because I’m crazy in love with someone who’s crazy in love with me. And only me.” She cleared her throat. “What about you? Do you want kids?”

“Definitely. At least a couple.”

She tried to think of how to broach the subject of Jessica, but there was really no delicate way, so she forged ahead. “Did you and Jessica talk about it?”

“She wasn’t sure if she wanted any. I thought it was because she was still young and had just finished law school. But maybe that had been delusional thinking on my part.”

“Have you…been in touch with her since Valentine’s Day?”

“No, and I don’t intend to.”

“No regrets or second thoughts?”

“Absolutely none.”

She wished she could believe him. Could he really turn his feelings off so easily? Lauren didn’t know if that was a good thing, or a potentially bad thing (for her).

“Okay, your turn,” she said. “What would the world be like if you’d never been born?”

“Let’s see. My mom would still have Lanie, and Doc would have someone else working with him. But other than that…” He shrugged, like he couldn’t think of anything else.

“But what about this precious baby here?” Lauren held a sleepy Hector up in her arms. “Who would have taken him in?”

“I’m sure some other chump would have come up to the plate.”

She smiled, then her smile faded. Just two months ago he’d admitted that in her eyes, he was a bad risk. And he was right. He could hurt her. She could totally fall for Nate Miller and he could turn around and break her heart. But she couldn’t seem to help herself. Ask him, Lauren, I’ll bet he says yes.

“But if you hadn’t been born, who would be my partner for couples Bunco?”

He stilled. “Couples Bunco?”

“Two weeks from tonight. The first Friday in May. Dress is cocktail casual, or so I’ve been told. It’ll be my first time going and I find myself in need of a date, although, we wouldn’t have to consider it a date.” She paused long enough to catch her breath. “So, what do you say? Are you game?”


She fought back her grin. “That’s exactly what I hoped you’d say.”

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Author Info 

Maria Geraci writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction with a happy ending. The Portland Book Review called her novel, The Boyfriend of the Month Club, “immensely sexy, immensely satisfying and humorous.” Her fourth novel, A Girl Like You, was nominated for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA ® award. She lives in north Florida with her family, which includes a very needy chihuahua, an extremely needy dachshund and a not-so-needy cat (guess which one she likes best?). You can reach at her

Maria Geraci

Author Links:  Website |Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



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SPECIAL GUEST Violetta Rand author of SIN ~ Giveaway

Please help me welcome author Violetta Rand to the blog today :) We’re going to catch up with her and get to know her better when she answers some interesting questions. I think you’ll enjoy it. She’s also sharing her latest release SIN. Don’t you love the cover?

Afterward, don’t forget to enter Violetta’s giveaway. The link is at the end of the post.

Take it away Violetta…



Catching up with Violetta Rand


1) What am I working on?


A big smile is plastered to my face because this is where I get to share my next series—Lies and Leather. What happens when you mix hot cops and motorcycle racing? Anything.

First up, Loving Lucas…

Twenty-one-year-old Karlie Augustine is a survivor. She’s smart and tough, but she’s in too deep with a bad boyfriend who isn’t above breaking her spirit—or her body. Luckily, help arrives in the form of a leather-clad, motorcycle-riding hunk on the right side of the law. Lucas Lafontaine is pure muscle, a Corpus Christi cop who ignites something primal deep within Karlie. And when he offers her room and board in exchange for housekeeping, she finally starts to feel safe again.
As their arrangement turns deliciously decadent, Lucas gets hooked on Karlie’s killer body and fighting spirit. He wants to heal the pain he sees behind her eyes, but to protect her he needs to keep her close, especially now that her psycho ex won’t take a hint. Even as Lucas fights his own battle for custody of his young son, he knows that what he’s found with Karlie is real—and that he’d do anything to protect the woman he wants to take to the finish line.


2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

One of my favorite tidbits of advice for writing romance is—innovate, don’t imitate. That said, there’s unspoken expectations from all publishers, the most persistent, that highly desired HEA.

I read as much as I can, learning every day from the writers I admire most. I keep a mental list of dos and don’ts, then follow my heart.

Readers are the best source for identifying what stands out about my stories and where I need to make improvements.

So here’s the short list of what stands out in my stories…

  1. Hot alpha males/including their POVs in the story
  2. Scorching chemistry/sex scenes
  3. Overall writing style

3) Why do I write what I do?

I’ve been in love with books since early childhood. My favorite game (endlessly tortured my brothers and sisters), library—I issued membership cards and stamped due dates in the back of my books.

I wrote short stories and poetry in high school, then graduated to fantasy. Of course life took over and I attended college, got married, and pursued a career as a scientist. It wasn’t until two years ago that I picked up my first romances (4), read them, and finally realized I wanted in.

It’s all about overcoming everyday obstacles that keep us from our dreams for me. How do two people who normally wouldn’t fall in love, find it together?

As long as I’m in love with love, I’ll keep writing romance. After all, doesn’t the road always bring us back to love?

4)  How does your writing process work?

I really don’t have one. I’m terribly undisciplined and impatient, so I just sit and write. No plotting. No outline. Research is completed as I go. Definitely not the suggested process, and I admire the writers who diligently plot and outline. As I continue to mature as a writer, that process might change (wink-wink).


Devil’s Den # 3  

By: Violetta Rand  

Releasing May 12, 2015




Sin proves that passion goes beyond smoldering desire when hearts dance to their own special beat. 

Every woman at the Devil’s Den strip club has a story to tell, and Macey Taylor is no exception. Smart and self-reliant, she’s got a chip on her shoulder, a broken heart, and no patience for a sexy new manager with an Ivy League pedigree and a strict set of rules. Macey prefers to break rules, something she lets Joshua Camden know from the start—even as he ignites a fire in her that goes beyond the hottest club in town.

Joshua is working the Devil’s Den for all it’s worth, learning everything he can about the adult-entertainment game before investing in a place of his own. Macey is a surprise: a woman as strong-willed as she is gorgeous. Joshua wants to get inside her world, to see through her eyes. But he soon discovers that seduction is a two-way street—and expecting redemption without risking his heart may be the greatest sin of all. 


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I sit and put on the headset, testing the volume quality on several areas of the club. I end up on the same screen Victor was staring at, then I notice Macey. She’s sitting at a table with Callie. I should ignore her completely, but I can’t.

“I’d like to pull that corncob out of his ass,” Macey says, crossing her arms over her chest.

“He’s not a country boy,” Callie snorts. “I can’t believe you told him he looks corn-fed.”

“I pegged him in ten seconds,” she brags. “Knew exactly where he came from. But I refuse to give him the satisfaction—smug asshole.”

Macey digs in her purse, then pulls out a pack of cigarettes. She lights one. I smile—that’s a violation. She takes a long drag, forcing the smoke out of her mouth.

“I know you miss Henry,” Callie says. “But look on the bright side . . .”

Macey scrunches her face.

“He’s easy on the eyes.”

“Mr. Camden?” She extinguishes her half-smoked cigarette in a plastic cup. “I couldn’t see past that Ivy League ego.”

Callie smacks her hand. “The only time I’ve ever seen you this worked up over a guy . . .”

“Wesley?” Her shoulders sag. “He’s gone.” She stands, and my gaze follows her as she paces back and forth. “Guess what I came home to?”

“Champagne and an engagement ring?”

“Do I look hitched?” Macey holds up her left hand. “He met another girl . . .”

Taking my own advice, I switch the monitor off. There’s a reasonable expectation of privacy where the dressing room is concerned. Cameras and microphones don’t give anyone the right to abuse the privilege. I already crossed the line, motivated by purely selfish reasons. I’m helplessly intrigued. And completely shocked that any man would cheat on Macey.

After surviving my own personal hell, breaking up with my fiancée after she banged some asshole she met at a party, I’m completely empathetic. My ex can’t hold a candle to Macey. There’s just something about her. I stare at the screen again, admiring her head to toe, trying to find the words. It’s hopeless. Beauty and brains? Chemistry? Maybe it’s because she defied me from the moment she stepped into my office. Or perhaps it’s her determination to move on after her heart’s been fucking stomped on. I’ve been there; I’m probably still there. I shrug. Why question it? And those goddamned eyes . . . I can’t forget those beautiful blue eyes. I suck in a breath.

Anything concerning Macey Taylor outside of the club is none of your business, Camden.

Although there are no anti-fraternization rules here, something Darren told me not to change, I’m not sure how I feel about employees dating each other. At first glance, it seems completely natural. But after spending a couple of weeks here and observing several couples working together, I’ve noted the high stress and jealousy, and have overheard several arguments. I’m afraid if I’m in need of female companionship I’ll have to look elsewhere.

I entered the adult entertainment industry to learn how to run a nightclub before I invest in my own. However, I’m not against enjoying the scenery. And no matter what I keep telling myself, staring at Macey Taylor just might become one of my favorite pastimes.


Author Info

Raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Violetta Rand spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. After meeting her husband in New England, they moved to Alaska where she studied environmental science and policy as an undergraduate before attending graduate school. Violetta then spent nearly a decade working as an environmental scientist, specializing in soil and water contamination and environmental assessments.

Violetta still lives in Anchorage, Alaska and spends her days writing evocative New Adult romance and historical romance. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends. In her free time, she loves to hike, fish, and ride motorcycles and 4-wheelers.


Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


*Loveswept is hosting a Month Long Giveaway including Loveswept Mug, Flirt Mug and Ebook Bundle*



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BOOK BLITZ ~ All of Me by Jennifer Bernard ~ GIVEAWAY



All of Me
Love Between the Bases # 1

By: Jennifer Bernard

Releasing May 26th, 2015


 Teaser #1


Jennifer Bernard, the USA Today bestselling author of the Bachelor Firemen series, scores another homerun with a brand-new series about sexy, single baseball players.

Playing for the Kilby Catfish is hotshot pitcher Caleb Hart’s last chance to salvage his career after a major league meltdown. But the day of his opener with the minor league team, Caleb strikes out with the gorgeous woman who is delivering a petition to run the unruly Catfish out of town. Now to stay in the lineup, Caleb will need to score big with the feisty brunette he can’t keep out of his thoughts.
After the nasty lies Sadie Merritt’s rich ex-boyfriend spread about her all over town, she’s lucky to have a job at all. She can’t afford to screw it up by falling for the player who is supposed to be helping her change the image of the fun-loving Catfish. But that’s easier said than done when Caleb’s voice alone is enough to make her pulse race. And when he surprises her with a mind-blowing kiss, she knows there’s no turning back.


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 Teaser #2

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Teaser #3

Author Info

Jennifer Bernard is the USA Today bestselling author of the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriels series. She is a graduate of Harvard and a former news promo producer. The child of academics, she confounded her family by preferring romance novels to … well, any other books. She left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She’s no stranger to book success, as she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name not to be mentioned at family gatherings.


Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Goodreads


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 Teaser #4



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BOOK BLAST ~ Wedding Bells in Christmas by Debbie Mason ~ GIVEAWAY


Wedding Bells in Christmas
Christmas, Colorado # 4

By: Debbie Mason

Releasing May 26th, 2015




To have and to hold from this day forward

Wedding bells are ringing in the charming town of Christmas, but not for Vivian Westfield. She’s just had her heart trampled under the cowboy boots of Chance McBride and lost her dream job at a big-city newspaper. But when she returns for a wedding, she stumbles on a story that could resurrect her career. First, though, she’ll have to deal with the handsome man standing in her way . . . and a still-burning flame that’s too hot to ignore.

Chance recognizes trouble when he sees it. He just didn’t expect to find it in the first-class cabin on the flight home for his father’s wedding. Yet there she is, as gorgeous as ever. Vivi dared Chance to want things he knew he could never have. It’s why he left her. But Christmas’s meddling matchmakers have them firmly in their sights. So if they want to survive the next week, they’ll have to play the part of an adoring couple-an irresistible charade that may give them a second chance at the real thing . . .

  Wedding Bells


When the flight attendant showed Vivi Westfield to her first-class aisle seat, she stopped breathing at the sight of a long-legged, broad-shouldered man slouched in the window seat with a champagne-colored Stetson covering his face. Every time she saw a tall, exceptionally built man wearing a Stetson, she’d had the same reaction.

This was worse.

This was painful.

Because this man’s scuffed, brown cowboy boots looked the same as the ones that had spent a week under her bed. So did the well-worn jeans that encased thighs that appeared to be as hard as the ones she’d run her bare foot along. She recognized the black T-shirt with the Rocky Mountain logo that hugged his wide chest. An extraordinary chest she’d kissed her way up and kissed her way down. Broad shoulders that she’d clung to. Muscular, tanned arms that had wrapped around her, and large hands that could easily crush a man but had caressed her gently, and at one time, she’d misguidedly thought, lovingly.

At the flight attendant’s impatient sigh, Vivi dragged her gaze away. “Ah, is there another seat available? I’d rather not sit in first class. Too close to the front of the plane.” The woman’s  black-penciled eyebrows snapped together when Vivi continued, her voice barely a whisper, “In the event of a crash, it’s forty percent safer to be at the back.”

Safer for her. She needed time to prepare herself for the sight of his to-die-for face. She remembered that face, remembered kissing that face, falling head over heels in love with that face. And those amazing  grass-green eyes of his wouldn’t miss her reaction to seeing him for the first time in eighteen months. They’d never missed anything.

He’d know.

He’d know he’d broken her heart.

At least that was one positive thing that had come out of writing an advice column. Vivi had learned what she had to do to move on with her own life. She needed to prove to Chance as much as to herself that she was over him. That he hadn’t ruined her for any other man. When Superman entered her life, she’d hoped that was the case. He’d been proof that all those soft, romantic feelings hadn’t shriveled up and died. It didn’t matter that he was no longer in her life. Everyone needed a rebound guy, and Superman had been hers.

Hopefully moving on from Chance would be as easy as moving on from Superman. Since the day Chance dumped her, she’d rehearsed her first face-to-face with him a million times. She knew exactly what she’d say and how she’d act. She’d even planned out what to wear. Which was so not Vivi. She was a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. But she’d packed an outfit that oozed cool sophistication. It sure as hell wasn’t the yellow rubber boots, black leggings, and seen-better-days,  off-the-shoulder green T-shirt she currently had on. And a brief encounter with Chance on Main Street was not the same as being trapped beside him on the four-hour flight to Denver.

Vivi’s lungs constricted, and her face tingled. Good God, she was having a panic attack. And the flight attendant’s tight smile and negative head shake was so not what she needed to see right now. Maybe the woman at the gate was right and it was Vivi’s lucky day. Maybe this guy who leaked testosterone from his pores wasn’t Chance McBride after all. Her gaze went to the man’s overlong,  copper-  streaked, dark blond hair.

No, it was not her lucky day. This was the second worst day of her life. The worst day had been when she’d woken up to a note on her pillow. And the words “Take care, Slick” in Chance’s bold, masculine handwriting.

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Author Info

Debbie Mason is the bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series. Her books have been praised for their “likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots” (RT Book Reviews). She also writes historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series has received several nominations for best paranormal as well as a Holt Medallion Award of Merit. When she isn’t writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their four wonderful children, an adorable grandbaby, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.


Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


*Debbie will be hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for Three $25.00 Amazon or B&N eGift Cards*





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BOOK BLAST ~ Sinful Rewards 11 by Cynthia Sax ~ GIVEAWAY

TVTSinfulRewards11-CynthiaSax (1)

Sinful Rewards 11
A Billionaires and Bikers Novella

By: Cynthia Sax

Releasing May 12, 2015

Avon Red Impulse



Bee Carter has been invited to one of Chicago’s most glamorous charity balls. Attending this high-society event will be a dream come true, giving her the sense of belonging she’s always craved and memories she could never duplicate.

But it will also test her relationship. Because her date won’t be the man she believes she loves. Instead, she’ll be arriving on the tuxedo-clad arm of his rival, a man who has never stopped wanting her, desiring her touch, her kisses, and her passion.

How much will Bee risk to make a dream come true? Will her newfound love withstand the temptation of another, a man willing to do anything to claim her?



“The Magnificent Ball is tonight.” I keep my tone casual, informational.

Hawke slides his glance to my face. “You want to go.”

Sometimes I wish he wasn’t able to read me. I set my glass on the counter. “I sent out the invitations. My friend Susan says the room will be beautiful with a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling and lights everywhere. The women will be dressed in floor-length designer ball gowns, diamonds sparkling around their necks and in their hair. The men will be wearing tuxes.” My voice warms. “It’ll be like a fairy tale. Anyone who is anyone will be there.”

“I know everyone will be there.” Hawke stabs an egg. “The hostiles know this as well.”

He worries about me, about all of the guests attending. “The event will have security.” He’s security. I look at him. “Will your team be there?” 

He gazes at me, not answering.

“Right, you don’t talk about clients.” My laugh is semihysterical. I’m screwing this up. “I realize you don’t like to attend fancy society events, and I’m okay with that. I can go with a friend.” It’s the only way I can go. Nicolas is the person with the invitation.

 “You’ll go with Nicolas,” Hawke says the billionaire’s name with distaste. “Why do you want to attend this ball?”

He isn’t buying my “it’s like a fairy tale” excuse. I push my food around my plate, considering my words carefully. “I’ve been excluded my entire life, not considered good enough.” I can’t look at him, can’t see the judgment in his eyes. “I want to know what it feels like to belong, to just once walk into a room filled with important people and know I deserve to be there.”

My little speech is followed by silence.

Hawke doesn’t like the idea, doesn’t think my foolish dream is worth the risks. That’s why he isn’t saying anything. I set down my fork and brace myself for his refusal.


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Author Info

Cynthia Sax lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you,” they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever. Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.


Author Links:  Website | Facebook | TwitterGoodreads


Publisher is hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for a Digital Download Bundle of Sinful Rewards Series Books 1-6



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BOOK BLITZ ~ No One Like You by Kate Angell ~ GIVEAWAY


No One Like You
Barefoot William # 4

By: Kate Angell

Releasing April 28th, 2015





No One Expects a Curveball 

For Rylan Cates, the gloriously sunny beachside town of Barefoot William may be home, but the pro baseball player needs to focus on spring training. Hiring a personal assistant to keep him and his four dogs organized for the next eight weeks is the first step—and Beth Avery is the perfect pinch hitter.

Beth is still looking for her place in the world, and a couple months caring for Rylan’s two dachshunds, his golden retriever, and a Great Dane named Atlas should shore up her finances before she moves on. Except it’s Atlas who won’t budge, pushing her toward tanned, scruffy, sexy Rylan every chance he gets. One more strike and she’s calling the dog out—unless she and Rylan admit that the attraction they’re feeling is a game-winning grand slam…

No On Like You


Barefoot William Sun Classified Ads:

Live-in personal assistant: eight weeks

Appointment scheduling

Maintaining and updating contact lists

Dinner parties

Travel planning

Dinner reservations

Personal shopping

Tickets to entertainment events

Manage invitations

Culinary ability

Interaction with fans, family, and teammates

Light housework

Pet sitter/dog walker

Salary: negotiable with room and board


Dog playing dead in the middle of the road. Beth Avery couldn’t believe the black Great Dane had stopped, dropped, and rolled onto his side. He had a mind of his own and was testing her patience. She shook her head. She should never have applied for the personal assistant position. Dog walker wasn’t on her résumé.

The big boy couldn’t be coaxed or talked from the crosswalk at Center Street and Egret Way. Nothing worked. He’d lain down and stayed down. All one hundred and fifty pounds of him.

The situation was hopeless.

Beth tugged gently on the leather leash attached to his harness. “Up, Atlas, up,” she pleaded again.

Not a flicker of his ears. He even closed his eyes. What if he was sick or hurt? She stared at his chest. The rise and fall was slow and peaceful. Had he fallen asleep?

Atlas was the alpha dog of the four dogs she was walking. Dismayed, she watched the golden retriever and two dapple dachshunds follow his lead. They, too, settled on the asphalt. The dachsies, Oscar and Nathan, turned onto their backs so the sunshine could warm their bellies. They stretched, yawned, looking way too comfortable.

What was she to do? Beth clutched the loop handles on the leashes so tightly they left an imprint on her palm. For a beat, she thought about letting go. See what they would do. It couldn’t be any worse than watching them sunbathe on the road. She wasn’t a dog person. She favored cats. So how was it that she found herself in this predicament at ten a.m. on a Monday morning?

She knew why. She was so desperate to find work, she’d somehow missed the dog walking requirement in the ad. She was so excited she’d been called back for a follow-up interview with Rylan Cates for the assistant position, she didn’t dare tell him she had no experience with canines. He’d met with people all week and had narrowed his choices to three women, herself included.

The final applicants went on to walk, feed, and bathe his dogs. She had no idea how the other ladies had fared before her, although Atlas smelled profoundly doggie. Beth shook her head to clear her thoughts. She wasn’t doing all that well, either.

She’d walked the pack for close to an hour, up and down the streets of Olde Barefoot William, where the homes were handed down through generations. She’d fallen in love with the beachside town, which was as eclectic in its architecture as it was harmonious. William Cates had founded the community. Here lay the inner circle. The old Florida-style cottages were quaint. The houses were shingled and shuttered, with wide porches. They’d withstood hurricanes and time. A few had had minor facelifts.

Enormous evergreens lined the narrow two-lane road. Ancient moss clung to the cypress. The sun cast shadows through the scarlet-flowered branches of the Royal Poinciana trees that cornered the street. The scent of plumeria, gardenia, and hibiscus was heavy on the air. Sprinklers on automatic timers kicked on, watering lawns.

Only three blocks from Rylan’s house, Beth sighed heavily. The neighborhood was momentarily quiet. No cars and no joggers. No one to witness the sleeping dogs. Thank goodness. How was she going to explain she’d fallen off schedule because Atlas pulled a Rip van Winkle? Baths needed to be given to the dogs before noon. Ry had handed her a canine cookbook for their food. They ate organic. A blender and baking were involved. Lunch would be late.

Determined to find a solution, she transferred the leashes to one hand, and then patted the back pocket on her cutoff jeans with the other. She had one trick up her sleeve she’d yet to play. She’d purposely changed her clothes and had dressed down for the walk. Had to. Drool stained white linen slacks. Dirty paws would leave permanent marks. She couldn’t afford cleaning bills. Not in her current economic state.

Sweetening her tone, she tried, “Atlas, treat? Yum, yum.” She smacked her lips.

Treat didn’t get the slightest reaction from the Dane, but the other dogs perked up. The two dachshunds scrambled to their feet and the golden retriever looked at Atlas then back to Beth. Rue was slow to make her decision.

“Oatmeal-apple biscuits,” Beth said, enticing the golden with a handful of snacks she pulled from her denim pocket.

Rue sniffed the air, then nudged Atlas with her nose,but the Dane wouldn’t budge. The retriever slowly rose.

Three up, and one to go. A minor victory, Beth thought.

The dachsies and golden ate their snacks, then eyed Atlas once again, waiting for him to make his move. Or not. Beth agonized over the moment until inspiration struck. Looping the leashes over her wrist, she crouched down near the big dog. There, she quickly tied her retro red Keds. Atlas had stomped all over her feet when he’d spotted a squirrel. She’d tripped twice over the loose laces.

Leaning forward, her cutoffs rode up and snugged her bottom. The fringe tickled the tops of her thighs. Her bright blue crop top had shrunk in the dryer making the back hem even with her sports bra. The sun kissed her bare skin.

She didn’t care if she looked ridiculous, whispering to the Dane. She needed this job. She drew in a breath and started making promises that she never planned to keep, sweet-talking him. “No organic food for you, Atlas. I’ll cook you a big, juicy steak if you’ll get up.”

The Dane cracked his eyelids, a good sign that he was listening.

“You can have the entire couch to yourself. I will stand for the remainder of my interview.” His tail thumped.

“We could even skip your bath.” She had dreaded it anyway. The shampooing might not be so bad. Rinsing him off would drench her. What other enticements could she offer?

“He doesn’t take bribes,” said a man from behind her. His voice was deep and concerned. “I’ve tried.”

Rylan Cates’s sudden arrival took her by surprise. Beth sat down hard on the asphalt. Small rocks jabbed her bottom. She jarred her tailbone. Winced. His shadow loomed over her, larger than life. She turned slightly, tilted back her head, and worked her gaze up his body.

Navy flip-flops. Long legs dusted with brown hair. Gray board shorts. Lean hips. A hint of his package. Defined abs beneath a T-shirt scripted with I Came to Play. Muscled arms. Solid shoulders. A scruffy chin in need of a shave. A masculine mouth that tipped up at one corner. Straight nose. Eyes so blue they made the sky jealous. His hair was dark blond and shaggy. He looked more surfer than professional baseball player.

He was way hotter than she remembered. Or was it because

she’d barely looked up from her hands folded in her

lap during the interview? Interviewing was new to her.

She’d been incredibly nervous then, and was even more so


He cleared his throat, shifted slightly, breaking her stare. He extended his hand, and she took it. He helped her up. His grasp was strong. His palm callused. He squished her fingers. She shook out her hand when released and brushed pebbles from her thighs and butt cheeks. Tugged down her top then faced him.

Her stomach tightened, her mind working overtime imagining what he must be thinking. Where had he come from? she wondered, glancing along the street. She hadn’t heard him approach, but soon understood why. He drove a McLaren. The black sports car was built for stealth and speed and was good for sneaking up on someone. Especially someone walking his dogs. He could easily spy on her. It was parked against the curb, looking shiny and pricey against the backdrop of aging homes.

He ran one hand down his face. “Why is Atlas sleeping in the street?”

“He needed a nap,” was said with more snark than she’d intended. She had never been more frustrated.

“He can’t stay there all day,” he told her. “Traffic picks up closer to noon.”

She tried to read his expression. Was he amused or angry? She couldn’t tell and released a short breath. “I’m open to suggestions.”

He stuck his hands in the pockets of his board shorts, rocked back on his heels. She couldn’t believe he had the balls to debate helping her.

Moments passed before he said, “Give him Rue’s leash so he can walk her home.”

A dog walking a dog? Her eyes widened. Surely he was joking.

“The big boy likes to be in control,” Rylan explained as if she should have known that and adjusted her dog walk- ing style. “He’s had a crush on Rue since they were puppies. She won’t mind.” Ry paused, looked her in the eye. His lips twisted. “Staring at me like I’m crazy won’t get him up.”

She blushed, embarrassed by her inability to manage Atlas. He hadn’t taken to her, but it hadn’t been for lack of trying. She wondered if the other applicants had won him over. Perhaps this job wasn’t meant for her after all. A position stocking shelves at Crabby Abby’s General Store or scooping ice cream cones at The Dairy Godmother might be a better choice. At either place she wouldn’t have to contend with scooping dog poop.

Rylan nudged her aside and took the leashes from her. Separating Rue’s hot pink lead from the others, he held it up for Beth to see the teeth marks—big indentations made by a big mouth—on the curved handle. No mistaking the Great Dane’s signature bite. “Watch this. Atlas, take Rue home,” he instructed the Dane.

Atlas stood up so quickly, Beth swore the earth moved.

Rising on his back legs, the dog put his paws on Rylan’s shoulders. They were eye to eye. Ry smiled and scratched the dog’s floppy ears. Atlas barked. It was a sight she’d never forget.

Dropping back down, Atlas snatched Rue’s leash from Ry’s hand and gripped it between his teeth. His tail whipped wildly. He was happy and attentive. He took off at a trot, dragging Rue several steps before she balked. He then slowed his stride so the golden could keep up and they headed down the sidewalk.


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Author Info

National bestselling author Kate Angell lives in Naples, Florida. She’s an animal lover, avid reader, and sports fan. Bookstores are her second home. She takes coffee breaks at Starbucks. Her philosophy: Out of chaos comes calmness. Enjoy the peace. Please visit her on Facebook or at


Author Links:    Website | Facebook  | Goodreads


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Interview with Maria Geraci author of That Thing You Do ~ Giveaway

I’m so glad you could drop in today! I think you’ll enjoy getting to to know author Maria Geraci as she takes a spot in the hot seat and answers a few questions. Afterward check out her release That Think You Do. The cover is so cute and I love the blurb!

Afterward please take a moment to leave a comment and check out her awesome giveaway. The link is at the end of the post.

Let’s get started…

ThatThingYouDo-MariaGeraci1.   What five words best describe you?

Loyal, hard-working, funny, perceptive and slightly neurotic.

 2.  What’s your favorite comfort food? 

It’s a toss-up between ropa vieja and fried grouper with cheese grits. Add some chocolate in there and I’m a totally happy girl.

3.   Tell us your favorite genre to read and why. 

Romance for all those tingles and the happily-ever-after. It’s almost better than chocolate. Of course, a good romance AND chocolate are the perfect match-up.

4.   What genre (s) do you write?

Contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction.

 5.   Why did you choose that particular genre? 

I actually started out writing historical romance, but my voice seemed to lend itself better to contemporaries.

 6.   What’s your favorite part about starting a new book? 

Writing the first scene. I love discovering new characters. As much as I might think about my characters beforehand, it’s not until I start writing them that I get to really know them. 

7.   Let’s play LUCKY SEVEN…choose 7 words that describe your book. 

Romantic, funny, warm, sexy, relatable, endearing and sweet (I had to look up what some of my reviews said to come up with all 7!)

 8.   Describe your hero through your heroine’s eyes…and yes, you can quote her. 

Good, because Allie, my heroine, describes him a lot better than I can :) .


Allie tried not to stare, but it was impossible. This certainly was not the Tom Donalan of her fantasies. The ones she had (only occasionally) after eating too much Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. In that world Tom Donalan had a beer belly, was bald, and missing a couple of front teeth. A lot of deterioration for only twelve years, but, hey, a girl could dream, right?


This Tom Donalan, on the other hand, had far superseded the promise made by his high school boyish good looks. Tall. Broad shouldered. With a full head of dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He stood there staring at her with his arms crossed over his chest like he was Captain Friggin’ America in charge of the planet.

9.   Share the first sentence from your book.               

ALLIE GRANT AIMED HER flashlight at the padlocked door to the Margaret Handy Senior Center.

Now the last.

It didn’t make sense, but thank God not everything in life needed an explanation. 

 10.  Did you have to do a lot of research for this book and if so how did you go about it? 

Some of the research I did first hand. Whispering Bay is an imaginary town, but it’s really modeled after Port St. Joe in the Florida panhandle, a really lovely little town right on the water. I’ve also crossed the Choctawhatchee Bay Bridge many times and each time I scope it out for places to “park” as in, make out (something my characters did as teenagers!). As for the rest of my research, I used the Internet. It’s amazing what you can find on your computer now.

11.  How did you choose your character’s names? 

I’ve always loved the name Allie (I almost named my middle one this, but he turned out to be a boy!) and I love simple strong masculine names. Tom seemed to fit that description pretty well.

12.  What’s the best advice you were given on your road to publication? 

Just keep writing. It sounds simple, but it’s true.

13.  Did anything surprise you about the publishing process? 

It’s amazing how many times you can proof something only to find yet another error you haven’t caught before. It’s tedious but it has to be done.

14.  Would you give us a sneak peek into what your current WIP is? 

I have two more books coming out in this same series, THEN HE KISSED ME (May 19) and THAT MAN OF MINE (June 9). Each story features a new couple but many of the secondary characters from THAT THING YOU DO will reappear. I currently just began writing a fourth book in the series, but it’s really really new, so anything could go at this point. Right now this is my opening line (although it can and probably will change!).

Luke Powers was hungry, tired and horny. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the list was in the correct order. But if you were to ask Luke his opinion, he’d rearrange those needs a bit differently.

Thank you for joining me today!  I’m so glad you visited! 

Thank you for having me! Those were some great questions!



That Thing You Do
Whispering Bay # 1

By: Maria Geraci

Releasing April 28th, 2015

TKA Distribution


Allie Grant doesn’t believe in second chances. She does, however, believe in the power of a permanent paycheck. So when a tipster reports that the soon-to-be demolished senior center in her hometown is haunted, Allie hightails it to Whispering Bay to get the scoop that could secure her dream job at Florida! magazine. What she finds, though, is far scarier than any ghost. Cue her ex-boyfriend, sexy construction foreman Tom Donalan.

When Tom catches Allie poking around his construction site, he quickly realizes his former high school flame is just as feisty as ever. And, heaven help him, her irresistible, mile-high legs still take his breath away. But Tom isn’t about to delay the building’s demolition because of a silly ghost story.

With neither of the stubborn exes backing down from their opposing positions, sparks fly. And, underneath the surface, the fire of their old attraction burns as hot as ever. When strange things start happening with increasing frequency around town, even a tough skeptic like Tom is tested. The question is, can Allie and Tom stop fighting long enough to get to the bottom of Whispering Bay’s ghost problem—and the more important matter of mending their broken hearts?


A light shone directly in her face, temporarily blinding her. Enough was enough.

She found the flashlight clutched in her hand and aimed it in retaliation at the two-hundred-pound mass pinning her to the ground. “Hey, can you stop with the Dragnet treatment?”

It was almost worth being crushed to death to see the incredulous look on Tom Donalan’s face. “Allie? Allie Grant? What the hell are you doing here?”

“First things first. I’ll drop my flashlight if you drop yours. And if it’s not too much to ask, maybe you could get off me while you’re at it? You’re not exactly made of air, you know.”

He jumped off her like she was on fire.

After a few long and tortuous moments, he reluctantly extended his hand. Considering that she was flat on her ass, she should have taken it. But it would be a snowy day in Florida before she accepted help from Tom Donalan. She pushed herself up on her elbows and rose as gracefully as possible under the circumstances.

It had been twelve years and two months since she last saw, talked, or even thought about Tom Donalan. Not that Allie had been counting. Six hours ago he’d been nothing more than an unpleasant memory. Like a pimple on the chin on prom night, or a lost library book racking up fines. Okay, so maybe she had thought about him some.

The fact was she couldn’t cross over the Choctawhatchee Bay Bridge without thinking of him, and she couldn’t get to Whispering Bay without crossing that bridge. Hence, he was the first thought (regret) she had whenever she drove home for a visit. The last she’d heard of Tom Donalan he’d made it big in Atlanta. Some kind of hot shot in the construction business, recently divorced from his perfect hometown sweetheart.

Allie tried not to stare, but it was impossible. This certainly was not the Tom Donalan of her fantasies. The ones she had (only occasionally) after eating too much Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. In that world Tom Donalan had a beer belly, was bald, and missing a couple of front teeth. A lot of deterioration for only twelve years, but, hey, a girl could dream, right?

This Tom Donalan, on the other hand, had far superseded the promise made by his high school boyish good looks. Tall. Broad shouldered. With a full head of dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He stood there staring at her with his arms crossed over his chest like he was Captain Friggin’ America in charge of the planet.

He looked angry, which didn’t make sense. She was the wronged party here! He’d practically attacked her, for Pete’s sake.

She took a deep breath and tried to act as if running into her ex was an everyday occurrence. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Tom Donalan. I see you still have all your teeth.”

He blinked and shook his head. “What?”

I see you still have all your teeth.


Of all the Tom Donalan scenarios she’d played in her head over all the years, this was not what she was supposed to say to him. She was supposed to be witty. Charming. He was supposed to be dumbstruck by her brilliance. He was at a loss for words, all right.

Allie pasted a smile to her face and tried again. “You need to be more specific. What, as in, what’s my favorite color, or what do I have programmed on my DVR for tomorrow night, or what—”

What, as in, what are you doing inside this building?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “I could ask you the exact same question. Where’d you come from anyway?”

“I was driving by and I saw a car in the parking lot. So I stopped to investigate. Now it’s your turn. What are you doing back in town? I thought you lived in Tampa.”

He knew where she lived? “I don’t need a reason to come back home. Certainly not one I need to run by you, anyway. And I thought you lived in Atlanta.”

“Things change,” he said.

“Right. Things change.”

“So are you going to answer me or not?”

The way he stared at her made Allie squirm. Instinctively, she went to run a hand through her hair, then remembered that she’d pulled it back in a ponytail. She didn’t need a mirror to know exactly what she looked like. Ratty shorts, skinned up knee, no makeup. Her When-I See-Tom-Donalan-Again-Revenge-Fantasy was officially zero-for-two now.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you,” she said.

He shrugged in a way that made her want to punch him. How could she have ever thought the two of them were kindred spirits?

“Suit yourself,” Tom said. “But you have about three minutes before the cops show up, and if you don’t want me to press charges you better have a damn good reason for breaking into my building.”


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Author Info

Maria Geraci writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction with a happy ending. The Portland Book Review called her novel, The Boyfriend of the Month Club, “immensely sexy, immensely satisfying and humorous.” Her fourth novel, A Girl Like You, was nominated for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA ® award. She lives in north Florida with her family, which includes a very needy chihuahua, an extremely needy dachshund and a not-so-needy cat (guess which one she likes best?). You can reach at her

TKMaria Geraci

Author Links:  Website |Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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