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What to Read Wednesday with Megan Frampton author of Put Up Your Duke ~ GIVEAWAY

I’m so glad it’s time for What to Read Wednesday :) Please help me welcome author Megan Frampton to the blog. She’s talking critique partners and then sharing her latest release Put Up Your Duke, book 2 in the Dukes Behaving Badly series.

After you check out her blurb and excerpt, don’t forget to enter her wonderful giveaway! The links are at the end of the post :)

Take it away Megan…

TVTPutUpYourDuke-MeganFrampton (1)

No author writes in a vacuum (because, you know, that sucks!). Many authors, me included, have a critique partner—someone who reads the work as you’re writing, who offers encouragement, advice, and a sounding board for when you’re not sure just when the hero and heroine should kiss (spoiler: I write romance).

When you’ve found the right critique partner, as I have, you know the person will have your back, even if they don’t agree with you all the time.

Take, for example, my relationship with my critique partner, Myretta Robens. Myretta is as crucial to my process as my own hours at the keyboard. She tells me to ‘just keep writing’ whenever I worry the book is terrible (that happens a lot), she lets me know if my ideas and characters work, and she reins in my language when I’ve used something not current to the period (I’m writing early-Victorian historical romance, so I can’t say something is totally awesome, for example).

She also tolerates my idiosyncracies. Namely, my love for large-nosed men, many of whom have acted as inspiration for my heroes. I can date my fascination for the Victorian period to my first viewing of North and South, the miniseries based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s book of the same name. More specifically, to the miniseries’ hero, played by Richard Armitage.

Let’s pause a moment to swoon, shall we?

But Myretta does not agree with my assessment of Mr. Armitage’s particular charms. In fact, when I first started talking about him, she dubbed him ‘Ratface’ because of his large schnozz. I have to admit, it is rather long and pointy. That’s why I like it. And why I like David Gandy, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

So when we first started working together, I would share pix of Armitage to illustrate what my hero looked like, and she would respond, shortly and succinctly, ‘Ratface.’ Eventually, she shortened it to ‘RF.’

But that’s the beauty of a critique partner’s feedback—you can take what works for you (in this case, that Myretta knows word origins and makes sure my words are of the period) and what doesn’t (that Richard Armitage looks like a rat). If the worst thing she ever tells me is that the actor I find to be the most gorgeous thing in the entire world looks like he might steal my cheese, I’m okay with that.


Put Up Your Duke

Put up Your Duke
Dukes Behaving Badly #2

By: Megan Frampton

Releasing June 30, 2015




He was once happily bedding and boxing, but in the newest DUKES BEHAVING BADLY novel, Nicholas Smithfield has inherited a title and a bride…

To keep his estate afloat, the new Duke of Gage must honor an agreement to marry Lady Isabella. Stunningly beautiful, utterly tempting, she’s also a bag of wedding night nerves, so Nicholas decides to wait to do his duty-even if it means heading to the boxing saloon every day to punch away his frustration.

Groomed her whole life to become the perfect duchess Isabella longs for independence, a dream that is gone forever. As her husband, Nicholas can do whatever he likes-but, to Isabella’s surprise the notorious rake instead begins a gentle seduction that is melting every inch of her reserve, night by night…

To his utter shock, Nicholas’s discovers that none of his previous exploits were half as pleasurable as wooing his own wife. But has the realm’s most disreputable Duke found the one woman who can bring him to his knees-and leave him there?


And then, then when she felt like she might be going cross-eyed from staring so closely at his mouth, he leaned forward and pressed those lips against hers.

His fingers moved to behind her ear, holding her gently in place. His mouth felt warm and delicious, and she imagined she could feel the contact of his lips all over his body, even though they were only touching in—one, two, three places. Their mouths, his fingers behind her ear, his thigh pressed against hers.

How was one supposed to breathe? She didn’t want to exhale from her nostrils onto his face, since that seemed like it would be unpleasant, and she couldn’t exactly breathe with her mouth, since it was otherwise occupied.

Thankfully, it seemed that he had to breathe as well, since he disengaged and drew back for just a moment, giving her enough time to draw a deep breath, before returning his mouth to hers.

Only now—now it felt as though his lips were parting, and she could feel his breath in her mouth, only it didn’t seem odd at all. It felt as though they were joined together in just that one spot, breathing the same air, almost the same person.

Except that he was a very tall, very charming, apparently-very-conversant-with-such-matters duke, while she was a not as tall, very polished, but not-very-aware-of-anything-that-might-happen-between-a-man-and-a-woman duchess.

He drew back again, but only just barely. She felt her insides flutter as his eyes met hers. “You haven’t been kissed before.”

It wasn’t a question, but instead of the sharp, irked feeling she got when her mother said such things, she felt as though he’d spotted something about her no one else ever had. That no one else had ever gotten close enough to know.

That no one had been privileged to know before.

“No,” she said, shaking her head a tiny fraction.

An almost arrogant smile came across that mouth, and she felt her own mouth start to curl up in response.

“Is that some sort of thing men like? To be the first one a lady has kissed?” she asked, startled by her own boldness. Not to mention her own ability to form a sentence, given how fluttery she felt.

“Not usually.” It sounded as though he was actually pondering her question rather than giving her the expected answer. “But with you—you’re different. Somehow it feels different,” he said in a wondering tone of voice.

But before she could respond to that, he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her again, this time using his lips to coax her mouth open as well.

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Author Info

Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction as Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Avon is hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for Three Signed Copies of PUT UP YOUR DUKE



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BOOK BLAST ~ Virtue and Valor by Collette Cameron ~ GIVEAWAY


Virtue and Valor
Highland Heather, Romancing a Scot # 2

By: Collette Cameron

Releasing June 24, 2015

Soul Mate Publishing



Bartholomew Yancy never expected to inherit an English earldom and had no intention of marrying. Now, the Earl of Ramsbury and last in his line, he’s obligated to resign his position as England’s War Secretary, find a wife, and produce an heir. Only one woman holds the least appeal: Isobel Ferguson, an exquisite Scotswoman. Brought to Scotland to mediate between feuding clans, he doggedly woos her.

Disillusioned with men pursuing her for her attractiveness, rather than her unusual intellect, Isobel has all but abandoned any hope of finding a husband in the Highlands. Not only does she believe Yancy no different than her other suitors, he’s a notorious rake. She’s been told he’s practically betrothed. Therefore, his interest in her cannot possibly be honorable, and so she shuns his attentions.

When Isobel is mistakenly abducted by a band of rogue Scots, Yancy risks his life to rescues her. To salvage her compromised reputation, her brother and father insist she marry him. Yancy readily agrees, but Isobel—knowing full well she’s fated for spinsterhood by refusing his offer— won’t be coerced into marriage.



Isobel whipped around and wound up planting her face squarely in a very masculine chest.


She leaped backward reflexively. Her heel caught on the cloak’s hem, and she tilted at a precarious angle.

Simply fabulous.

Her possessions dropped to the floor as she flailed her arms.

Lord Ramsbury surged forward, grasping her shoulders as her feet left the ground.

Eyes locked on his, she seized his coat lapels, frantically trying to stay upright.

His eyes widened when he teetered toward her.

Too late.

Lord Ramsbury’s solid form toppled onto her and mashed her into the rough wood. Eyes closed, she didn’t move, waiting for sharp pain to stab her.

She tentatively moved her fingers and toes.

No pain.

Nothing broken then.

She tried to pull in a breath, but his weight bore down upon her chest.

Gads, how much did his lordship weigh?

She opened her eyes. Silky, whisky-colored hair tickled her nose.

His clean virile scent, with a hint of sandalwood, floated upward. He smelled wonderful, and she had the oddest urge to nuzzle her nose in his hair.

She sniffed instead.

Mmm, heavenly.

Did he twitch the merest bit?

Lord Ramsbury’s chest squashed her breasts nearly flat, and his lean hips nestled between her thighs. For certain her backside and shoulders would sport a bruise or two.

Lifting her head, she winced. She wriggled her fingers, attempting to poke him. Why didn’t he get off? A gentleman would, but he had already proved he didn’t deserve that title.

She squirmed a bit then stilled instantly when a peculiar hardness pulsed against her womanhood.

What in the world?

Had his pocket watch fallen from his waistcoat and wedged between them? Isobel jostled harder, trying to dislodge him and his timepiece.

“Don’t.” He ended on a strangled groan.

He was injured.

But how could he possibly be? Splaying her fingers, she cupped his firm ribs, shoving with all her strength.

“Don’t. Move.” His warm breath caressed her neck.

Booted feet jarred the floor beneath her.

Jocky gasped. “Miss Isobel, my lord, are ye—”

“Yancy, I want to sho—” Ewan gaped at them.

Isobel tried to peek over the earl’s shoulder, which now vibrated suspiciously. She jabbed harder with her fingers.

He quaked more.

Was he ticklish? Turning her hands into half-claws, she scratched at his sides unmercifully.

A rich-timbred chuckle whispered against her skin.

“Get. Off. Me.” She clenched her teeth as his dratted watch poked her again.

All at once, she froze. She knew exactly what prodded her nether regions. She had been raised around animals, for pity’s sake. How could she have been so stupid to think his watch had slipped free?

No, his thing twitched against her.

“I do hope you have a damned good reason to be sprawled atop my sister, Yancy.”


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Author Info

Award winning, Amazon best-selling, and multi-published historical romance author, Collette Cameron, has a BS in Liberal Studies and a Master’s in Teaching. A Pacific Northwest Native, Collette’s been married for thirty years, has three amazing adult children, and five dachshunds. Collette loves a good joke, inspirational quotes, flowers, the beach, trivia, birds, shabby chic, and Cadbury Chocolate. You’ll always find dogs, birds, quirky—sometimes naughty—humor, and a dash of inspiration in her novels. Her motto for life? You can’t have too much chocolate, too many hugs, or too many flowers. She’s thinking about adding shoes to that list.

Collette Cameron

Author Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | GoodReads



 *Collette will be hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for a $25.00 eGift Card to Choice Retailer*



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RELEASE DAY INTERVIEW with (me) Christine Warner author of A Friendly Engagement


600dpibookcover (1)

I’m so excited! Today is RELEASE DAY for book one in my Friends First Novel series. 

I thought it would be fun to interview myself. Hopefully you’ll learn something new about me…and feel free to ask your own questions in the comments.

And, as always, I want to thank everyone for all their support, for taking their hard earned bucks and buying my books, and for posting reviews which are the life’s blood for all authors.


***please check out the info below if you want to join me and 6 other authors for a Facebook release party on June 25th. There’ll be lots of fun and prizes…books, gift cards, and more***

Okay, let’s get started on the interview…

Describe yourself using 5 words.

Loyal. Trustworthy. Creative. Happy. Shy (yes, believe it or not)

What color is your toothbrush?

Purple :)

What did you have for dinner last night?

My husband took me out for dinner. I started out with an awesome salad. From there I had filet mignon, asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. And to top it off I had raspberry sorbet. I am still full. Lol

Choosing character names is such a fun part to writing any book. How did you go about choosing yours?

I actually “borrowed” my niece’s middle name Devi for my heroine. I’ve always loved that name and like that it’s unusual and seldom seen. As for Omar, I actually worked with a doctor in the ER years ago. It wasn’t a name I was fond of, but it seemed to grow on me and I think it really fit this character well J

What’s your favorite line from A Friendly Enagement?

“What’s an Engagement between Friends?”

When is your favorite time to write?

First thing in the morning because my mind is fresh and I’m ready to go. As the day wears on I find I don’t have the same amount of concentration.

Describe A Friendly Engagement using 7 words.

Fun. Sexy. Humorous. Romantic. Adventurous. Playful. Hot.

A Friendly Engagement is the first book in the Friends First Novell series. What are the other titles and who are the main characters?

The second book in the series is A Friendly Arrangement and features the black sheep of the Esterly brothers Roth and his independent best friend next door Holly Haggerty. They both decide dating has become a chore and make a friendly arrangement that will hopefully satisfy their matchmaker friends and family. But then they add an addendum…

Book three is A Friendly Fling and features the youngest Esterly brother Jared and his best friends little geeky sister Allison Hall. Allison wants to make some major changes in her life, and only Jared can help her.

What are you working on now?

I’m actually writing a New Adult novel that I’m very excited about. I like the challenge of writing in first person, and I’m already having a lot of fun with the characters. Hopefully  my editor will love it! Fingers crossed.



What’s a little engagement between friends?

Omar Esterly is married to his job. But when Omar sets his sights on a potential, family-oriented client, his confirmed bachelorhood becomes a problem. Fortunately, his friend and employee, Devi Boss, has the perfect plan…


Okay, so it wasn’t exactly Devi’s plan to become her friend’s fake fiancée. Lies aren’t her style. However, Omar offers her a big, beautiful raise—enough to track down the missing father she’s never known—and Devi reluctantly agrees to the whole engagement hoax…


This was supposed to be a no-strings-attached win-win for both Devi and Omar, but when they cross the line between friendship and…well, something more, Devi realizes she’s made a huge mistake that just might cost her both job and friend—falling for her fiancé.



“You’re game for anything, right?”

Devi compressed her lips and studied Omar through a narrow gaze, taking in the way his overly bright eyes concentrated on her face as if memorizing every pore. Her gaze traveled south to the non-existent rise and fall of his chest and how he pushed his suit jacket aside as he placed his hands low on his hips. He’d stopped breathing while he waited for her reply. That made her more nervous than anything. “Normally I am game for anything, but considering the man asking the question, I’m a little nervous.” She licked her lips.

Omar shook his head, swallowing her hands in the warmth of his. “No. This is a great idea. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.”

“I’ll hold back on saying I’m glad I could help until I know what you’ve got pinging around your brain.” She tried to pull free of his grip, but he only grasped her fingers tighter. Her inner voice told her whatever plan he’d cooked up included her and she wouldn’t be thrilled with the role.

“Bartow wants a family-first firm. He wants a planner who is married, blah, blah blah.” He dismissed his unfinished words with the thrust of his chin.

Devi nodded, her mouth going dry. Was he planning to hire a wife, or about to propose?

“I might not be married, but what if I were engaged?”

She didn’t want to jump to conclusions about the proposal so she pasted on a tight smile. “Do you have a serious girlfriend hidden away I don’t know about?” The thought unsettled her, but she pushed aside the heaviness in her gut. Omar and relationships mixed like fire and ice. Not that women didn’t find him attractive and vice versa, but his true love would always be work. Most sane women wanted something more than a workaholic commitment-phobe.

He shook his head a bit too vigorously. “No. No.” His grip tightened, and she flexed her fingers so he’d loosen his hold. “Hear me out before you shoot me down.”

“I’m more curious than ever.” Again, she threw sand over that niggling feeling in her belly. She never jumped to conclusions. Living by the seat of your pants didn’t allow it, but…

Why start now? She rolled her shoulders in an effort to relax. Omar pulled her off to the side and out of the crowd moving past them on the sidewalk. His hands shook with excitement, and he swallowed hard before clearing his throat. Always calm and collected, his buildup unsettled Devi, and she tugged one hand from his grip and pressed it against the gurgle growing in her stomach.

“How about we announce our engagement? I could pull in some favors and have it in the press Monday morning. That’d still give Bartow enough time to invite us to the meet and greet. And—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Devi’s stomach did a nosedive, and she yanked her other hand from his death grip and stepped back. She twisted one of the bangle bracelets on her wrist. “Our engagement? First off, I didn’t even know we were dating. And second, I am not going to help you get ahead by lying.”

If you want to pick up a copy of A Friendly Engagement, please click through to Entangled Publishing information page and it features all the buy links. 



I’m appearing on several blogs and just having a fun time with my release and please feel free to join me and 6 other wonderful authors for a Facebook party to celebrate A Friendly Engagement’s release. The party takes place on Thursday June 25th from 7pm to 10pm central time. There will be tons of fun and prizes galore.

Here’s a list of the authors participating and prizes, too.

07:00 pm – Nikki Lynn Barrett (Love and Music in Texas Volume one set)
07:30 pm – Teresa Blue (Signed print copy of Letters From Inside – US Only)
08:00 pm – Kristina Knight, Romance Author, Romance Author (3 e-Books {Winners’ Choice} & a $10 Starbucks Gift Card
08:30 pm – Lora Lee – Author (Giveaway: Signed print copy of Bringing in the Thieves and $5 Amazon Gift Card)
09:00 pm – Callie Hutton (The Baron’s Betrayal – Print {US Only} & e-Book {International})
09:30 pm – Sarah Ballance (Paperback copy of The Marriage Agenda to US entrants and $15 Amazon Gift Card to International entrants)
10:00 pm – Christine Warner ($50 Amazon Gift Card)






STREET TEAM SIGN UP: If you love my books and want to help spread the word, want to be a part of the fun by getting excerpts and news first, enter contests with the chance to win prizes, then sign up here:







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SPECIAL GUEST ~ Jennifer Chance author of RISK IT ~ Giveaway

I’m excited to have author Jennifer Chance on the blog today :) She’s giving us the 5 top reasons why we should RISK IT and sharing her latest release of the same name. What do you think of her smexy cover?

Afterward, please take a moment and enter her awesome giveaway! The link is at the end of the post.

Take it away Jennifer…riskit-banner_edited-1

Title: Top 5 Reasons why you should read RISK IT


Hello, Christine! Thanks so much for hosting me today. For today’s post I wanted to return to a format I enjoyed with one of my very first blogs for the Rule Breakers series, which challenged me to come up with not one, but FIVE reasons to read the book. So I thought I’d set myself that challenge again for RISK IT, the last book in the Rule Breakers series.


Here are the top five reasons to read it!


  1. Because that cover will be on your Kindle FOREVER


Seriously, the cover of RISK IT? It’s the first time I just stared at a cover and thought: Oh. My. There’s the hint of the billionaire bad boy, there’s the shadowy treatment that implies there are darker depths to this character you may need to watch out for… and there’s the fact that he’s not wearing pants. Really and truly, this cover is a total win.


  1. Because it’s a billionaire and a bad girl who don’t have hearts of gold


Rand and Dani aren’t going to win any awards for Mr. and Ms. Congeniality. They go after what they want, they protect what’s theirs, and they’re aren’t above a little dirty pool to get the upper hand. In fact, Dani literally hustles a pool game at one point in the book just to keep her skills sharp. They each have their weak points, which they take turns exploiting in the other, until a final series of confrontations forces them to realize how much they mean to each other. But they still aren’t above a double cross, even then.


  1. Because it’s the end of the series!


Barring a wedding book ;), this is the end of the road for the fabulous foursome of the Boston brownstone. Dani’s played a part in each of the preceding books, always on hand to throw in a wise-assed comment or get someone out of a bind using her unique skills. Now she gets her own story, and meets her match in a man who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.


  1. Because it’s all about the ties that bind


Dani and Rand are all tangled up in each other, but some of their issues stem from their own seriously dysfunctional families at both ends of the socio-economic scale. In order to figure out how to connect with each other, they must come to terms with how they connect with their own pasts, and in some ways overcome the shadows of those pasts that still linger today.


There’s also other types of ties that bind in the story, too. Just sayin’. J


  1. Because in the end, it’s a wish come true romance


With Risk It, the story is a little edgier, the characters a little darker, but their romance is still at the heart of the matter. Who hasn’t thought about being the woman with kick-ass confidence and slightly illegal skills? Who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to have a billionaire bad boy fall in love with you? If falling in love with love is one of your favorite ways to spend a few hours, pull up a chair and read awhile!


Risk It
Rule Breakers # 4

By: Jennifer Chance

Releasing June 2nd, 2015




Jennifer Chance’s Rule Breakers series turns up the heat as a wealthy playboy and a beautiful con artist engage in a high-stakes game of seduction.

As dominating in business as he is in bed, Rand Sterling Winston IV always gets what he wants. And even before he realizes that she’s scammed him into paying triple the cost for her friend’s painting, he wants Dani Michaels. To catch her alone, Rand demands that she personally deliver his purchase. The attraction between them is immediate and electric, and he knows she feels it, too. So when the part-time petty thief rebuffs his advances, he gives her a choice: a night in jail or an evening with him.

Despite her checkered past, Dani has never met someone like Rand: brooding, intense, and oh so tempting. Only a man with a broken soul could make control feel this dangerous. Still, when Rand proposes a no-strings, no-holds-barred affair, Dani’s more than a little intrigued. It’ll be the trickiest con she’s ever run and a chance to indulge her steamiest fantasies—nothing more. But as their encounters grow increasingly intimate, Dani uncovers a vulnerable side to Rand’s steely exterior and opens her heart to the ultimate risk.


Link to Follow Tour:

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Buy Links:   Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo


From the tousled curls of his jet-black hair, and his sculpted lips and cheekbones, to the drape of the One-Percenter suit beneath his gorgeous wool coat, everything about Rand Sterling Winston IV was icy perfection. Even the sidewalk salt on his shoes looked like decorator frosting. Still, Dani would bet serious money that the man’s veneer was as fake as her knockoff Blahniks, meticulously designed to hide his true colors. She didn’t know what danger lurked behind Winston’s aloof facade, but it snagged her attention, making it almost impossible for her to focus on anything else. The guy was like black ice, she decided. Cold and slick on the surface, dark and dirty underneath. The perfect kind of target for a frigid Boston night.

Glancing up from her papers, Dani looked past Winston once more to the wall of paintings beyond, completely unsurprised to feel the man’s gaze narrow on her across the room. Frauds knew when they were being checked out. So did control freaks. She amended her assessment to add that to the tally of Winston’s impressive list of qualities.

Still, that stare was her cue. Clutching her clipboard officiously, she stepped out from behind the counter to stride across the gallery floor. Just as she reached Tall, Dark, and Loaded, however, she met his gaze for half a second, then veered out of the way.


He hadn’t expected to have to speak to get her attention, she knew. His beautiful face looked more surprised than it probably had at any point in the last six months. Score one for her side. “I’m sorry, sir,” Dani said. “If you’ll excuse me. I have to remove a painting.”

“Remove one?” He frowned at her, the sheer command in his voice keeping her in place as much as the subtle shift of his body. He was taller than she’d expected. At five foot ten without the stilettos, Dani wasn’t used to having anyone look down at her, and she didn’t have to feign the chilliness of her smile as Winston blocked her path, reminding her of her initial evaluation of him. Black ice could be deceptive, too, and Silver Spoon seemed a lot more treacherous up close than he had from across the room. Her pulse was thrumming now, all senses on alert.

“Yes. Now, if you’ll excuse me—”

Winston’s smile curved the edge of his mouth, his eyes predatory. “But the showing has only just started. Surely you can’t have a buyer so soon.”

Dani’s return smile was all teeth. “I apologize, but”—she waved her hand over her clipboard —“I’m afraid we do. A bid for twice this piece’s stated price has come in from one of our wealthiest patrons.” She turned and studied the painting dispassionately. “He was quite insistent that it come off the wall immediately.”

“I seriously doubt he is your wealthiest patron here tonight.” The cool, condescending voice dripped money, but it wasn’t Winston who spoke this time. Dani glanced over to his lapdog, surprised to see intelligence flicker in the woman’s jaded eyes. “Except we only stopped in because of the wind, and now we’re leaving.”

Dani lifted her own eyebrow in perfect counterpoint. “I am so relieved to hear that.”

“Why that piece?”

She turned back to her mark, who wasn’t looking at her anymore, but at the small painting on the wall. “It’s amateurish at best.”

“Raw, I believe were his words. Yes . . .” Dani returned her gaze to the wall with equal gravity. “Dark. Forbidden.” She sensed the moment when Winston’s attention slipped off the painting and rested once more on her face. She met his cold eyes without flinching, her manner still polite but firm. “Who’s to say what captures an art lover’s interest though? Now thank you, but I must—”

“Triple the price.” His voice was bored, but Dani froze. Just as her own internal script demanded, her mouth opened in a soft O before she attempted speech again.

“I’m sorry, sir?”

“Rand . . .” Ice Barbie was tugging at his arm. “We’re already late.”

But Rand ignored her. He pulled a card out of his jacket, which he flourished at Dani. When she didn’t make a move for it, he slid it onto her clipboard. Even his fingers were beautiful, she realized. Long and hard and cruel. “I’m certain I have an account with this gallery,” he said. “If not, I will by morning. I’d like to have the painting marked as sold, to me, immediately. You can keep it on the wall.”

“Ahhh, of course Mister, hmmm . . .” Dani frowned down at the card, knowing she had already won. Now she was just pushing her luck, pretending not to recognize Rand’s name when surely she would have heard of him, if she was really an employee of the gallery. At the last minute, better judgment ruled. “Oh.” She brought her gaze up quickly, letting her eyes go wide.

“Yes, ‘Oh.’” Rand’s arm candy snorted. “Now, please, Rand, can we go?”

Rand held Dani’s gaze for a long, harrowing moment, and she forced herself not to tense up. The close was by far the most difficult part of the entire scam for her, but usually that was because she had a problem with gloating. This time, however, she wasn’t feeling cocky, exactly. Rand’s eyes were dark and challenging, the fire in their mocking depths promising the kind of pleasure Dani hadn’t experienced in a long, long time. The kind of pleasure he clearly craved, the way a drowning man craved air.

The kind of pleasure he wanted to give to her.

Black ice, baby.



Author Info

Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series. A lover of books, romance, and happily-ever-afters, she lives and writes in Ohio.

Jennifer Chance

Author Links:  Website | Facebook Twitter | Goodreads


Rafflecopter Giveaway, Including:

Flirt & Loveswept Mugs
Ebook copy of ROCK IT by Jennifer Chance
Ebook copy of AFTER MIDNIGHT by Kathy Clark
Ebook copy of ALEX by Sawyer Bennett
Ebook copy of WILD ON YOU by Tina Wainscott
Ebook copy of PLAIN JAYNE by Laura Drewry
Ebook copy of ACCIDENTAL COWGIRL by Maggie McGinnis



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SPECIAL GUEST ~ Jenna Sutton author of All The Right Places ~ GIVEAWAY

Today I’m pleased to share the blog with author Jenna Sutton. Jenna is talking about her love of hypocoristics. If you’re like me who have no clue what that word even means, so check out what she has to say about them and you’ll love what you learn.

Jenna is also sharing her release All The Right Places. I love the cover. Don’t you?

Afterward, please enter her wonderful giveaway. The link is at the end of the post.

Take it away Jenna…


How Do You Feel about Hypocoristics?

By Jenna Sutton, author of ALL THE RIGHT PLACES

I love hypocoristics. Now take a second to read that again. I love hypocoristics. Not hypocrites. I definitely don’t love those.

I’m just guessing, but I doubt you know what a hypocoristic is. I didn’t, not until I typed the word nickname into Google.

The term hypocoristic is used to refer to a nickname of affection between those in love or with a close emotional bond, compared with a term of endearment. So instead of your husband calling you honey or darling, he calls you something that is unique to you.

In my debut novel, ALL THE RIGHT PLACES, my hero, Quinn O’Brien, bestows a nickname on the heroine, Amelia Winger. (No, I’m not going to tell you what that nickname is. Read the book if you’re curious!)

For me, hypocoristics play a huge role in a romance novel. I love it when the hero has a nickname for the heroine. To me, it shows an additional layer of affection and familiarity.

I know a lot of readers aren’t fans of nicknames, though. And many readers absolutely abhor endearments. Baby seems to be the most polarizing one. I recently read a review from a reader who said that she stopped reading a book because the hero called the heroine baby. 

How dare he do such a dastardly thing?!

One of the best nicknames I’ve ever come across was in Sophie Jordan’s New Adult romance, WILD. It’s the third in a trilogy about college roommates who find their happily ever after. I loved this book, and the nickname was just a small part of the overall fabulousness of this book. The heroine, Georgia, is great, and the hero, Logan, OMG. He’s so delicious. Beyond delicious.

Part of his hotness, in my opinion, is that he calls Georgia by the nickname “Pearls” because she’s kind of this uptight, princess-y type. At first, she doesn’t like it. But eventually she does because the word comes out of a mouth that does incredibly awesome things to her body.

I adored Logan’s nickname for Georgia. Every time he called her Pearls, I swear my toes curled inside my shoes.

Maybe my love of hypocoristics comes from my husband. Although he’s never called me honey, sweetheart, baby, darling or anything else that could be considered an endearment, he has a lot of nicknames for me. I never know what he’s going to come up with next.

The most creative (and insulting) nickname my husband has ever called me? Mastodon.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mastodon.

I have no idea why he came up with that nickname, and neither does he. But he stopped calling me Mastodon after my dad said, “You know that’s a big, hairy prehistoric elephant, right? I don’t like that much… you calling my daughter a big, hairy prehistoric elephant.”

How do you feel about hypocoristics? Do the people close to you have a nickname for you? Do you call your significant other by a nickname?


All the Right Places
Riley O’Brien & Co. # 1

By: Jenna Sutton  

Releasing June 2, 2015



The first in a brand new contemporary romance series starring the men and women who are determined to keep the billion-dollar denim dynasty, Riley O’Brien & Co, on top, but aren’t about to let success stand in the way of love… 

Amelia Winger is a small-town girl with big dreams of becoming a successful designer. So when she gets a gig designing accessories for denim empire Riley O’Brien & Co., it’s a dream come true. Amelia can handle the demanding job, but she isn’t quite prepared for sexy CEO Quinn O’Brien. She’s doing her best to keep things professional, but the attraction sparking between them makes it personal. And so does the secret project she’s working on behind his back…

Quinn’s not interested in the new accessories, but he is interested in the woman designing them. Amelia is smart, sexy, and talented, and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since they met. Mixing business and pleasure isn’t wise, but that doesn’t stop him from coming up with excuses to spend time with her. He thinks he understands the risk he’s taking when he gets involved with Amelia. But he doesn’t know he’s risking a lot more than his heart.



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Quinn stared into Amelia’s dark eyes. The phrase “fall in and out of love” echoed in his head, and he felt strangely innervated.

With her encouraging words, she had freed him from the horrible despair that had choked him for the past several hours. His black mood was gone.


But now there was something even more dangerous in its place: desire.

Her hand was still on his, and he swore he could feel the heat of her touch radiating throughout his entire body. He took a deep breath, battling the urge to move closer to her.

He pulled his eyes from hers, and his gaze dropped to the pale skin exposed by the V-neck of her dress. She wore a silver necklace with translucent green and blue beads, and one of them had found its way into her creamy cleavage. As he stared at that lucky bead, his blood grew hotter, running thickly through his veins toward his cock.

His brain and his body disconnected, and he saw his hand move toward her, fingers spread.

Don’t do it! Don’t touch her!

His fingers stroked the warm skin of her throat, her pulse throbbing against his thumb. Her skin was so soft, so warm, he imagined she could heat all the cold places inside him.

Wrapping his hand around the back of her neck, he pulled her closer. She stumbled a little in her high-heeled boots, and he steadied her with a hand on her hip.

When he felt that beautiful curve within his grasp, the blood drained from his head, along with every bit of sense he possessed. With his intellect obliterated, his primal self was in control, and it wanted more.

Right now.



Author Info

Jenna Sutton spent most of her career as an award-winning journalist covering business-related topics including healthcare, commercial real estate, retail, and technology.  Nowadays she writes about hot, lovable guys and the smart, sexy women who make them crazy. It’s the culmination of a lifelong dream, and she feels so lucky to be able to do it.

Jenna has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Texas Christian University and a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

Jenna and her husband live in a 103-year-old house in Texas.

 J Sutton



Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

Zum Fressen gern haben


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BOOK BLITZ ~ Taking Heart by T.J. Kline ~ GIVEAWAY


Taking Heart
Healing Harts #2

By: T.J. Kline

Released June 2, 2015

Avon Impulse


J. Kline’s Healing Harts series continues as a soldier suffering from PTSD and a therapy dog trainer find that some scars can only be healed by love… 

Julia Hart knows how much good she does training therapy dogs—it’s what helped her overcome her own trials after a relationship turned unexpectedly violent. But moving beyond her mistakes meant trusting only her family with her heart.

Dylan, a former soldier, has run out of hope for recovery. Plagued by nightmares and flashbacks, he doubts anything will help him overcome his PTSD. When his brother convinces him to try one last time, he agrees to get a therapy dog.

Dylan didn’t expect to find Julia or a chance for a “normal” future again. But when Julia’s attacker is released from prison, Dylan and Julia will have to face the past together.



Julia was sure she would never tire of looking at him. Every part of him was hard muscle, ridges and valleys, hollows and crevices beckoning her eyes. And her hands. Dylan closed his eyes as her fingers traced the lines of his tattoo over his chest. “Did you have this before?”

“The part over my chest. The rest was added after I got back.” She looked at the extension of the tattoo over his neck and arm and saw the scars beneath the colored ink. “I couldn’t stand to look at the scars. They were just a reminder of how I failed.”

Julia wondered how she hadn’t noticed the scars before. Her eyes misted as she realized the agony he’d endured with his injuries. Her fingers ran over the marred flesh, and she pressed her lips against the scar on his arm. Dylan winced, tensing, but didn’t move away from her. “Dylan, you didn’t fail. What you went through was horrible, but every bit of it was what brought you here.”

He buried his hands into her hair, tipping her chin up so she was looking at him. “If you would have asked me a month ago, I would have changed it all. Now?” He shook his head.

Julia knew the bittersweet pain he was going through. A part of her was dying to go back and change what happened with Evan. In hindsight, she would never have allowed him on the ranch, would have kept more distance between them. She would have watched Misty’s reactions to him closer. But her past had brought her to this point in her life, where she was able to train service dogs with more depth than she’d ever thought possible. Her own battle with PTSD helped her understand and help others, and that was an experience that had given her far more than it had ever taken. Without it, she never would have met Dylan, never have learned to trust again, or to love again. The cost to reach this place was steep and painful.

“I know.” She held a hand to his cheek, looking into his eyes, seeing the grief he still felt for his friends. “I know.” Her voice caught. There was nothing else to say.

Julia unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them over her hips before stepping back into Dylan’s arms. There were no words that would take away the sting of what they had lost. But she could show him there was a reason they were spared, a future that could be had, if they were brave enough to grasp it. What had only moments before been teasing kisses with smiles and laughter turned into something far more sacred, their heated mouths pressed together and reminding one another of the frailty of life.

Dylan’s hands slid over her back to pull her against his chest, her breasts pressed against him. He slid one strap of her bra off her shoulder, and his teeth grazed over her flesh. She whimpered in thrilling agony. As he unclasped the wisp of material, her hands slid down his back to lightly drag her nails over his rounded buttocks, and he growled against her neck. The vibration of his breath against her skin paired with the shadow of beard growth on his jaw made her shake with need, and she pulled him backward toward the bed, dropping the rest of her clothing along the way.

Laying her on the mattress, Dylan stretched out beside her, his finger trailing between her breasts to her stomach. “You are so beautiful. So much more than I deserve.”

His words broke her heart. Didn’t he understand how amazing he was? How honorable? He saw failures where she only saw strength. He saw himself as lacking where she saw him as overflowing with goodness.

And she had no idea how to prove to him that he was more than an injured soldier. He was a loyal friend, a devoted brother, a tender lover, a hero. He was the most amazing man she had ever known, and he didn’t see it. Telling him proved nothing. She could only show him how she felt.

Julia pushed Dylan so he lay flat on the bed, and straddled his hips. “Why can’t you see what I see?” Her hair fell around their faces like a curtain, forcing him to focus on her eyes. “Why can’t you believe me when I tell you how incredible you are?”

She leaned closer, her lips brushing against his. “Why won’t you quit fighting against the truth and accept what everyone else sees in you?”


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Author Info

J. Kline was raised competing in rodeos and rodeo queen competitions since the age of 14, She has thorough knowledge of the sport as well as the culture involved. She has had several articles about rodeo published in the past in small periodicals as well as a more recent how-to article for RevWriter. She is also an avid reader and book reviewer for both Tyndale and Multnomah.

 T.J. Kline

Author Links:  Website | Facebook Twitter | Goodreads


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INTERVIEW with Cindi Madsen author of Crazy for the Competition ~ Giveaway

Thank you for joining me on the blog! Please help me welcome author Cindi Madsen into the hot seat. If you haven’t read one of Cindi’s books, you definitely should. I’ve loved every story of hers that I’ve read. 

Today Cindi is answering a few questions about herself and her writing, and then sharing her latest release Crazy for the Competition, book 2 in the Hope Springs series.

Afterward, check out her giveaway. The link to enter is at the end of the post :)

Let’s get going…


Tell us about you in three sentences.

Romance author and reader. Diet Mountain Dew addict. I love shoes, dancing, and laughing with close friends.

Laughing with close friends is one of the best things in life. What’s the first thing we’d see when we walked through your front door?

You can see through the patio doors to my backyard, which is rather green right now thanks to all the rain we’ve had this month.

We’ve had a ton of rain, too. Love all the green :) What did you eat for breakfast?

Scrambled eggs with green chilies and cheese.

Sounds good, Cindi. I love choosing my character names. How did you go about choosing your hero and heroine’s names in Crazy for the Competition?

Heath Brantley is inspired by Gilbert Brantley, so I picked Heath & when I was having trouble coming up with a last name, I just went ahead and used the inspiration. For Quinn Sakata, I had introduced her in Second Chance Ranch. I wanted her to have a unique name to fit her personality & I always liked Quinn. As for her surname, I looked up Japanese surnames & found one that I thought went with Quinn and also fit her.

Love it. Thanks for sharing. What’s the first sentence in your book?

Impressing boyfriends’ parents wasn’t something Quinn Sakata was known for—well, she definitely left an impression, just not the good kind.

Great opening. Describe your hero through your heroine’s eyes.

I’m gonna go ahead & include when she first sees him in the book, because it’s one of my favorite parts & gives you a good description: The embodiment of every fantasy she’d ever had—every bad boy she’d ever dated or lusted after rolled into one—stepped out from behind the podium, hammer in hand, a light sheen of sweat on his forehead. His arms were ripped and tattooed, his ears pierced, and his jeans and T-shirt snug.

I can see why that’s one of your favorite parts! Nicely done. Where’s your favorite place to write?

I love to write outside when I can get away with it, but sometimes it’s hard with the glare. I recently did a write-in at a friend’s house & that was a ton of fun, so I’d like to fit in a few more here and there.

That sounds fun! What’s the best part about being a published author?

I really love getting messages from readers who love my book. There’s nothing better than that.

Agreed for sure! Use seven words to describe Crazy for the Competition.

Funny, great chemistry, opposites attract, competition, kissing

Okay, I have to admit that your words really makes me curious about this story even more. What’s your favorite part of any book to write…beginning, middle, or the end?

I love getting to the end where after so much ups & downs, the couple gets their happy ending & my stress level goes way down. LOL

LOL…I hear you! Care to share with us what you have coming up?

I just released a new adult novel called Getting Lucky Number Seven and I’m planning on writing another book in that series. Then I’ll be working on the next book in the Hope Springs series, which will revolve around Heath’s brother.

I have Lucky Number Seven on my Nook, Cindi. I can’t wait to read it. Thank you again for joining us on the blog :)


Crazy for the Competition
Hope Springs # 2

By: Cindi Madsen

Releasing June 9, 2015

Entangled Bliss




The road to trouble is paved with sweet temptation… 

Always the rebel in her ultra-conservative family, Quinn Sakata dreams of quitting her dad’s real-estate business and restoring the old Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast in her hometown of Hope Springs. Except that Quinn’s not the only person bidding on it. Worse still, her competitor is her high school crush, Heath Brantley, who is all kinds of ripped, tattooed hotness…

So much for her “nice, conservative boys” rule.

Heath has his own reasons for bidding on Mountain Ridge, and he won’t give in without a fight—even to the red-lipped hottie with a sailor’s mouth. But when their rivalry shifts into an unexpected zing of chemistry, Heath realizes he’s in deep trouble. Because it’s inevitable that emotions will get involved, and he needs to keep his eyes on the prize before they both get hurt.


Quinn sat across from him, and they worked on shaping the wire. She passed him tools and held things in place when he needed an extra hand. Here and there she made a few half-mumbled noises that he took to mean she wasn’t sure he was on the right path. She kept her word and let him make the decisions, though.

After a few minutes straining to see the tiny wire, he reached back and pulled his glasses out of the workbench— he really only needed them for intricate parts.

“Bloody hell, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Quinn said.

He looked at her, her features now extra crisp thanks to the glasses. She had these cute freckles across the bridge of her nose, and her bottom lip was between her teeth. “What?” he asked.

She shook her head and swallowed. “Nothing.”

Really? The glasses turned her on? Hell, he’d wear them all the time, then. “What’s with the bloody? You turning British on me?”

“I’m an equal-opportunity swearer.”

“Well, Miss Potty Mouth, hand me the needle-nose pliers next to your feet, please.”

She picked them up and extended them to him. He let his fingers brush across hers, testing how far he could milk this. “Can you hold these two pieces together while I twist?”

Quinn knelt next to him. She gripped the two wires, and he took the pliers and twisted. Every time he turned the pliers, his forearm brushed her chest, even when he tried to do the honorable thing and go from another angle. The beating pulse at her neck called to him again, begging to be kissed. She smelled amazing, too, a light vanilla scent that invaded his senses.

“I’ll be damned,” she said once he lowered the pliers. “It actually looks like a butterfly. Look at you using your manly skills to spread your wings and fly.”

His lips trembled as he tried to keep a straight face—she kept him on his toes, that was for sure. “One, never say that to me again, and two, I told you I’d find a way—never doubt me, woman.”

“It was a compliment. No need to get your wings in a bunch.” She innocently batted her eyes, the amusement in them clear.

Oh, she wanted to play? He could play. All day he’d held back, not taking opportunities he would under usual circumstances, because she wasn’t just any girl. She was in a different class and her family already disliked him, she was Sadie’s best friend, and most problematic of all, she wanted to take Mountain Ridge from him. But between the flirting and the constant challenges she threw out, he was done overthinking and worrying about making things complicated.

Letting his instincts take over, he reached up and brushed the strands that’d fallen free of her ponytail off her face. The amusement died, other emotions taking over her features. Surprise and temptation—he could work with both of those.


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Buy Links:  Amazon | B&N | iBooks 



Author Info

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.

Cindi Madsen

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads


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