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Quiet Noise

Let’s talk a little bit about habits…

As a writer, I believe we all have habits that we use to work.  That help our mind-frame as we complete a scene or construct a new one that just popped into our heads, or one we’ve been mulling over in our minds for days or even weeks.

I have writer friends that have music in the background.  Some listen to music that fits the mood of the scene their working on.  Romantic and soft for an intimate scene, heavier and faster for an action scene. 

Then there are those like me that enjoy total peace and quiet.  No music, no television in the background…absolutely nothing. 

I often wonder how writer’s that have background noise can concentrate enough to work.  But then I’m sure they are wondering the same thing about those of us that write with no sound at all except for the buzz of the refrigerator, or the occasional dog barking outside or airplane flying overhead.  (Which, by the way, pulls me out of my work and distracts me.  When I say quiet…I mean quiet…lol).

How do you like to work?  Even if you don’t write, but you need to concentrate on something, do you like it peaceful and totally quiet, or do you like that white noise in the background? Share your comments and thoughts, I’d love to hear them 🙂


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