Friday Fun Facts

11 Nov

Hi and welcome to Friday Fun Facts!  Come play along and learn something new about me, and I’ll learn something new about you.

Each Friday I will post a question (something fun, maybe a bit quirky, it’s Friday after all) and include my answer.  You can join the fun and post your own answer by clicking the comment button below!

Since it’s now the month of November…Turkey Month, I have geared my questions toward subjects related to Thanksgiving!  YUM!

In last weeks FFF blog, I shared with you that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  I love having friends and family over, sharing lots of laughs and good eats!

Now I’ve been married since the end of the big hair and shoulder pad craze…hehehehe…and I actually took over the function of hosting dinners at my home as soon as I had a ring on it (thanks for the inspiration Beyonce).  I’m sure my mom was more than happy to hand over the platter and carving knives. 🙂

From the start I tackled the task like a Martha Stewart wannbe.  Planning what I’d make, organizing my grocery list, buying all the ingredients and prepping the food.  I actually would start the day before baking pies, making deviled eggs, drying bread for the dressing (yes I lay out the bread to let it air dry and add my own herbs and spices…neener neener neener…lol)…basically doing whatever I could before the big day.

Come Thanksgiving morning, I was up, bleary-eyed and dragging butt (I never said I was a morning girl, at least when it came to kitchen duty) making all those last minute details work before I slid that turkey into the oven.  As the day passed, the smells of yummyness filled the air, warmed the kitchen and I always would get a bit nervous, hoping I’d timed everything to finish together.

My family brought a few dishes to pass and we always managed to have way more food than we’d ever be able to eat.  But I’m thinking that’s the norm in most houses on Turkey Day🙂  A few times we even decided to make things more of a challenge and bring a new dish, something none of us had ever had before, or a dish that wasn’t a normal Thanksgiving table topper.  But I digress…let me continue 🙂

I remember one year my sister was going to bring the rolls.  (yes, she’s practically a gourmet chef…she’s also been in charge of cheese and crackers a few times too) and was all excited because she’d heard from a friend about a really simple way to make them.  If I remember right it was basically the frozen bread dough and you just divided it into small pieces and plopped them in a cupcake tray to bake.  Sounds simple enough right?  Well, of course the rolls were the last phase of dinner, and she did her preparations and inserted her tray into the oven…and I’m not kidding you, they swelled to the top of my oven..they were HUGE.  Everyone laughed so hard and it was the biggest joke around the table about splitting one dinner roll between each family.  To this day I laugh when I remember how gi-normous those rolls were.  They were definitely meant to be shared, or to feed a small village.

That is one of the fun parts of holidays…making those silly memories that seem to be replayed year after year…decade after decade…lol

Now I don’t want to lay it all on my sister because I think we all have had those moments where we brought a dish to pass that didn’t quite go as planned.  I know that when I cooked my first turkey, I forgot to take out that little bag of turkey pieces stuffed in secret turkey crevices…I think it contains the heart and neck and some other assorted body parts best suited for an episode of CSI.  Yep, that made for another happy family memory…and was pretty funny too.  Pulling out the beautiful brown turkey, carving it up, spooning out the stuffing and then having a bag with ‘extras’ plop out.  LOL…and the sad thing was that you’d think doing it once would be a reminder to never do it again, but NO…I did it the next year too 🙂

This brings me to….Drum roll please!   Today’s Friday Fun Facts question is…

What is the most embarrassing food moment you’ve had?  Either a dish you’ve brought to a function to pass, or one you served when you played hostess.  Did you over season…adding a dish when it was supposed to be a dash?  Did you substitute an ingredient that changed the flavor…and not to your advantage?  Or did you drop the deviled eggs on the way up to the door and end up with scrambled mish mash?

Can’t wait to hear your stories!


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22 responses to “Friday Fun Facts

  1. Tory Michaels (@ToryMichaels)

    November 11, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    Oh, dear God. My husband will never let me live down the key-lime pie I tried to make. The recipe (we figured out later) had left out a gelling agent (I think it needed an egg or something). Anyway, I made a key-lime pie, except it never stiffened, just maintained the consistency of lime-soup.

    I stil maintain it tasted find, if a bit…runny. He claims it was bad. Oy. And he’s still reminding me of it every chance he gets. I’m a great baker. That’s simply my only major disaster. Oy, men! Never lets me live the little things down, the wretch.

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 1:56 am

      lol…too funny Tory! You make one boo boo and those men remember it forever! Love your story 🙂

  2. Cheryl Yeko

    November 12, 2011 at 12:10 am

    LOL…I’m not know for my cooking so I have an automatic out if I mess up. I’m given huge kudos for even trying.


    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 1:56 am

      lol…you’re lucky Cheryl 🙂 Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Neecy

    November 12, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Still laughing about your trick or treat bag you found in the turkey. You can use Halloween for the excuse. LOL
    I tried to make pretzel jello! It had come out perfect the first time I made it. All the layers looked so pretty! Then when I was asked to bring it the secon get together, of course I proudly agreed. Then disaster struck, the cream cheese floated to the top of the strawberry jello in little clumps and needless to say, it didn’t look very appetizing. I went to the store and bought a jello mold to bring…. Mom got the recipe, and now makes the pretzel jello.
    Thanks for the laughs,

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 2:01 am

      lol…and thank you for the laugh Denice! Okay, I have to admit I’ve never heard of pretzel jello…and I’d like to check it out, not just because of your story, but because it might be something I have to add to my Thanksgiving table…if I dare! lol

  4. Callie Hutton

    November 12, 2011 at 4:12 am

    Can I cheat since I really never had a complete disaster? In my story, A Wife By Christmas, Ellie brings a dish to a church Christmas party that is way over-salted and causes her humiliation. Of course, it’s all good when the hero gives her their first kiss. Nice kind of compensation.

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 4:49 am

      That’s the best kind of support a guy can give…some affection!

  5. Brenda

    November 12, 2011 at 4:12 am

    LOL, I would have loved to see those dinner rolls. Hey, were they good?
    I’ve left the bag of giblets inside the turkey before too. Yep, felt like an idiot, hehehehe.
    But the most embarrassing Thanksgiving moment was 5 years ago. My sister was hosting the dinner and I was in charge of bringing dessert. I made a pumpkin pie and a blackberry pie–the blackberries I had picked in the summer and froze. Anyhow, while we were waiting at my sister’s door for someone to answer it, the blackberry pie slid out of my hands, and smashed to bits all over her beautiful fir door.

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 4:51 am

      Oh no..I can almost see the scene in my head! lol..great story 🙂 I think we all have something embarrassing like that.

      And the rolls were delicious…just a big overwhelming…a meal in themselves…lol

  6. Sheri Fredricks

    November 12, 2011 at 4:41 am

    Hi Christine ~ I’m dropping by to laugh along with everyone else. I have no zany tales to tell. My sister-in-law is a professional chef and creates holiday dinners fit for royalty. And she makes it look so easy, never a hair out of place. Her apron spotless. Darn her! If it’s our family and no guests, my husband will do all the cooking and thus, once again, I’m relieved of the chore. LOL at your roll story, and I’d be devastated in Brenda’s shoes, seeing blackberry pie everywhere.

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 5:03 am

      oooh Sheri…sounds like your dinners are something out of a magazine…lucky girl that you have a ‘real’ chef in the family!

      Glad you came by…I’m enjoying the stories too!

  7. Lynne Marshall

    November 12, 2011 at 4:56 am

    Hi Christine – Unlike my sister, I enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so over the years I have often been the one to host the holiday meal. One year, I had so many dishes and caseroles going I got a little mixed up. I had also put a pot of veggies to be steamed on the top of the oven. Long story short, while taking care of everything else, and while those fresh veggies sat on top of the stove – I forgot to cook them. HOWEVER when I lifted the lid to see if they were done, they had changed color due to sitting on the burner above the oven which was cooking the turkey.
    i THOUGHT they were done because they had changed color – so I served them along with everything else. It didn’t take long to realize we basically had raw veggies along with all the other Thanksgiving fixin’s.
    Good thing there was a lot of other dishes to fill us up!

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 5:06 am that story Lynne! It’s crazy how you can run around with so many things going…and if you don’t forget something you’re a wonder woman for sure.

      Your story reminded me of one year when I placed the corn in the microwave to warm it up, got busy with something else and forgot about the corn. After the mean was finished and I was cleaning up and went to wipe out the microwave, there was my beautiful dish of corn.

      Thanks for commenting Lynne!

  8. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    November 12, 2011 at 5:16 am

    I hate to let you down, but I can’t think of a Thanksgiving incident. I am not a good cook, hate it, but for some reason, the task of turkey dinner has fallen to me, and i love it. However, my family is estranged and it will only be me and my daughter at our table this year.

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 7:35 am

      It doesn’t matter how many people are at your dinner…it’s the enjoyment of being together! Wish you lived closer D’Ann..I’d have you over to join in here! Have a great turkey day 🙂

  9. Sharon Cullen

    November 12, 2011 at 5:58 am

    LOL. The raw vegetable story made me laugh. How funny. My family would have never let me forget that! I don’t do Thanksgiving at my house. We’re the ones who tromp around to everyone else’s house to eat. So I have no disasters regarding Thanksgiving.

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 8:21 am

      Sounds fun making the rounds…haven’t done it in….forever! lol….thanks for coming by Sharon 🙂

  10. Calisa Rhose

    November 12, 2011 at 6:05 am

    Rolling at these stories! And I can because I’m perfect. Nope. Never a mistake one. I deliberately left the giblets inside the turkey neck hole for a laugh- and to keep hubby from trying to make stuffing with liver in it. Those rolls that never made it to the table at all weren’t any good. I saved the family from food poisoning. That pie I ‘forgot’ at home when sister in-law hosted Thanksgiving dinner two years ago? Oh- well, hubby was afraid he wouldn’t get any, so I saved it for him to consume at home. Pineapple is his favorite.

    So you see? Perfect. I’m thinking Indian Tacos this year, and you really can’t mess up with those. 🙂

    Seriously though, one year (on Christmas so I’m jumping ahead a bit) we forgot to shop for regular food- can’t live on Turkey alone. Went to in-laws for a scrumptious, beautiful dinner and decided not to take any left overs home that year. Bad idea. We had, I kid you not, NOTHING at home to eat! No bread, ran out of eggs preparing deviled eggs that morning. Nothing. Not even a box of mac and cheese! Worse, the ONLY thing open was a gas station quick stop. Chips and snack food was all they had! Talk about a holiday diet! We took the girls out to breakfast the next morning and they actually ate!

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 8:26 am

      lol….you are a saint when it comes to protecting those you love…great stories! It’s fun being perfect isn’t it?

  11. mirriamsmyth

    November 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Pumpkin pie and banana cream pie.

    A cousin made them one year and they were B-A-D. Just…bad!

    The pumpkin pie crust was burnt and the filling too sweet. The banana cream pie’s crust was perfect… But the custard was sour and the bananas… I don’t know. They didn’t taste like bananas.

    I don’t cook for Thanksgiving. My husband, our daughter and I travel a lot so we’re unable to make anything for the dinner(s) we attend. *sigh* It sucks ’cause I always feel bad showing up with nothing, even though everyone’s understanding and such.

    Oh well… I’m baking a storm for the police and fire departments in the city I work in. 🙂 It’ll relieve the baking itch I have.

    • ChristineWarner

      November 12, 2011 at 3:07 pm

      That’s wonderful of you Mirriam to bake for the police and fire departments…lovely gesture! I never have the urge to bake until this time of year…it last for about 2 months then I’m done until next year.

      Glad you stopped in to comment!


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