What to Read Wednesday with Katie Rose and GIVEAWAY

03 Sep

YAY! Thank you for joining me for What to Read Wednesday 🙂 Today we have author Katie Rose on the blog. She’s sharing a wonderful story about her daughter, her muse, her inspiration. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Afterward, check out her release BRING ON THE HEAT! And she also has a wonderful giveaway that you can enter at the end of the post 🙂

Take it away Katie…


                                My Daughter, My Muse

Readers often want to know what is the inspiration behind your story, the spark of an idea that grew into a book? For me, it’s my daughter. Not just because she’s beautiful, funny, and smart, but she is an artist and a jewelry designer by trade.

Now I don’t mean she strings beads together, or makes earrings from a kit she bought in a hobby shop. Instead, she has a background in metals and computer science, so she understands how titanium is different than gold in building a wedding ring, how to create the perfect setting so that the light will catch every facet of the stone, and how to structure a design in keeping with an individual aesthetic, or the look of the line.

She does a part-time work at home, and travels to New York a day or two week to meet with her management team. The company does high-end platinum and diamond jewelry, the kind you see draped all over celebrities on the red carpet, or models during fashion week.

So when we had the occasion to attend the Shane Victorino fashion show and charity event several years ago, she borrowed a pair of earrings that she had designed from her company for the event.

I was stunned when she stepped into the light; the earrings simply exploded with color. It was like seeing rainbows everywhere, with every tilt of her head, with every change of expression. The earrings were simple platinum hoops, but instead of the diamonds being set just on the outside of the ring, they were placed inside on the back, so when you looked at her face on, you saw both rows of gems.

They were gorgeous. There was no other word to describe them. I asked her if someone wanted to buy them what they would cost, and she shrugged and guessed about fifty grand. My jaw dropped, but seeing these perfect diamonds, selected to match and set by hand, I understood.

My daughter wore a black sequin gown for the event, and between her dark hair, blue eyes, and sparkling jewelry, she looked every inch as beautiful as any celebrity. So when I took her picture with several of her beloved Phillies, I started thinking what would happen if a girl was invited to an event like this? A regular girl like my daughter, who by chance was given an invitation by a socialite like Paris Hilton? And this girl not only borrowers the heiresses’ identity, but also her earrings?

It was a fun idea. This girl next door would not be a party type, so I could see where she might get into trouble between the intoxication of the event, the alcohol, and just being in the presence of her dream guy, one of the hottest pitchers in baseball. And like all writers, I started with what if: what if she had too much to drink, woke up the next morning in her dream guy’s bed? Of course she would be mortified, and think just one thing: escape. But she leaves those hearings behind, jewelry she cannot possibly afford to lose. . .

I hope you enjoy BRING ON THE HEAT! So my question is: who is your dream guy?


In Katie Rose’s irresistible battle of wits, a case of mistaken identity lands a female fan in bed with a sexy superstar—and in major-league trouble.

House-sitting for a rich and famous friend has its perks, and Darcy Hamel isn’t shy about enjoying them. Especially when it means scoring a ticket to an exclusive fashion show hosted by the New Jersey Sonics. An avid baseball fan, Darcy has always dreamed of meeting the team—especially the starting pitcher whose body is as hot as his fastball. But there’s a catch. The gala is by invitation only. To get behind the velvet rope, mild-mannered Darcy will have to pose as party girl Lydia Logan.

Schmoozing is one of the downsides of fame, but Chase Westbrook knows how to liven up even the dullest event. And nothing spices a night up more than a beautiful socialite with a naughty reputation. What Chase doesn’t expect is a hint of sweetness beneath her sultry façade. Flirtation turns to seduction and leaves him aching for more. Chase just doesn’t know who the real Lydia is: the spoiled tease crying foul over some missing diamonds or the alluring woman making a play for his heart.


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Author Info

Award-winning historical author Katie Rose makes her contemporary debut with the Boys of Summer novels, Bring on the Heat and Too Hot to Handle, which combine Katie’s true loves: baseball and romance! When not watching baseball, Katie is at her lake house in New Jersey, hard at work on her next book.

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5 responses to “What to Read Wednesday with Katie Rose and GIVEAWAY

  1. ChristineWarner

    September 3, 2014 at 5:30 am

    Thank you so much for joining me on the blog Katie. I enjoyed learning about your daughter and your muse. Congrats on your release…and your very sexy cover!

  2. cowboysfan39

    September 3, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Just a quick f.y.i. I clicked on the link and it’s telling me Page Not found. Would love to enter the giveaway though.

  3. Tasty Book Tours

    September 3, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Thank you for hosting today!

  4. marcyshuler

    September 3, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    The book sounds great, Katie! I put it on my wish list. I would love to see a picture of your daughter in her dress and earrings. 😉 As for a dream guy…I wouldn’t say no to Jude Law. LOL

    Christine – I also get the error message on the rafflecopter and have had trouble with the links to the contests for the last couple giveaways here.


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