SPECIAL GUEST ~ C.J. Fallowfield author of The Austin Series ~ Giveaway

22 Sep

Please help me welcome CJ Fallowfield to the blog today. She’s sharing 10 interesting facts about herself and then her awesome series The Austin Series….and a fabulous giveaway you can enter at the end of the post. Don’t miss out on any of the fun she’s brought to the blog!

Take it away CJ…


Ten things you didn’t know about C.J. Fallowfield.

  1. The idea for Gabe’s character came from my first crush. I walked into a lecture hall and saw his toned backside as he bent over while he searched for something in his rucksack. Sadly he turned out to be an actual arse, so we parted ways. Gabe is everything that my first boyfriend wasn’t! But I do have to credit him with the idea for the way Gabe and Mia meet in New Leaves, No Strings.
  2. I spent years searching for “the thing” that I would enjoy doing. I’ve worked as a Banker, Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Personal Assistant, Office Manager, Finance Manager and Accountant. I’ve done numerous courses and have qualifications in Social Sciences, Counselling, Financial Planning, Information Technology, Management and Accounting. I finally did evening classes in creative writing, loved it so much that I did an Advanced Diploma in it too, and that’s when I decided to write my debut, New Leaves, No Strings.
  3. My cat is my biggest help when I’m writing. She forces me to take breaks with one of three tactics. Lying on my keyboard and smirking. Meowing incessantly for food as she stares at me with big green begging eyes, or depositing the foulest smelling items in her litter tray and then racing out of the cat flap, leaving me with watering eyes to go and clean up the offending item.
  4. I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I eat nothing with a face. It started after my Social Science’s University module where I had to watch a film of a cow being slaughtered. I ran from the room and was physically sick. I was so upset that I couldn’t sleep most of that night, then I couldn’t bring myself to eat meat or fish the next day. That was thirteen years ago and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll ever eat meat or fish again. I never preach to others who do eat it, it’s simply just not for me and I hate when people try goading me into debates about vegetarianism. I wish that they’d just accept my personal decision that I don’t want to eat it. Simple as.
  5. I have very crappy instincts when it comes to men. I hone in on arseholes who end up breaking my heart, more fool me for staying with them too long. So I loved writing Gabe Austin. He was the guy I wanted to fall in love with, the guy I wished I’d had, the guy I hope I will eventually. I would prefer he be a bit closer in age to me, I don’t see myself as a cougar!
  6. My mother is French and despite having lived in England for over 50 years, still has a noticeable accent. She was a single parent, caring for my older brother and I at a time when divorce was a rarity, as well as being in a foreign country away from her family and friends. I have so much love and respect for her. As my sole parental role model growing up, I learned a lot from her, which is why I guess I’m a feisty independent female and like my female characters to be that way too. Unfortunately one of the things I learned from Mum was the French inability to pronounce their “TH’s”, so I still have this affliction now. Trying to say the number “three” to a voice activated answer system when you suffer from this is no fun at all and frequently leads me to have phone rage!
  7. I have mild OCD which manifests in me being super organised, which my friends find hilarious. Everything has to have its place. DVD’s and books are all in alphabetical order (this to me is just logical, how else do people find what they are looking for?!). My wardrobe is organised by colour groups and within the colour groups by length of garment. I have to have the same coloured pins on my notice board and just can’t cope with tubs of multi coloured paperclips. If I eat Jelly Belly’s, I have to separate the flavours into their own piles before eating any. My weird little quirks affect no one but me and don’t take over my life, so I don’t stress about them.
  8. C.J. Fallowfield is my pen name. C and J are the initials of my real first two names, but my surname is the street I first lived in as a child. Some of my family are super religious, so I feel like I have to hide my true identity for fear of offending them. I hope that one day I will be brave enough to show my real face instead of my “logo”.
  9. I have a phobia with rough cardboard. I can’t bear the feel of it. Some people hate nails on a blackboard, for me it’s rough cardboard. So I can’t buy eggs in boxes that aren’t plastic, and have to wear gloves to unpack printer cartridges, as they always wedge that damn stuff on each end of one.
  10. I’m a Joss Whedon fan girl! Or rather middle aged fan woman. Back in the day I was mad on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse and Firefly. I went to a Buffy convention in London many years ago and I managed to get to meet my three favourites, Spike (James Marsters), Graham Miller (Bailey Chase) and Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) and have my picture taken with them. And I’m not even embarrassed telling people! The man is a genius in my eyes.


New Leaves, No Strings

The Austin Series # 1
Released March 17th, 2014

 B1 New Leaves, No Strings E-Book Cover


She had a heart of ice and he wanted to thaw it. His mission, to use his sexual prowess to make him impossible to resist, until she was his and his alone.

Best friends Mia and Lexi start University and make a pact. Tainted by their pasts, they’re going to try and get over their commitment phobias. Mia’s going to lose her virginity with hot, no strings attached sex. Rebellious Lexi’s going to try ditching her one night stands and attempt to have a relationship. What Mia didn’t count on however, was Gabe Austin, confident and irresistibly gorgeous, who quickly inserts himself into her life. Inextricably drawn to each other, their desire soon leads to a passionate encounter. Gabe’s fears of abandonment and domineering attitude, combined with Mia’s own fears of attachment, threaten to derail his attempts to thaw her frozen heart. Despite her reticence, Gabe Austin’s a guy who is used to getting what he wants and he’s determined to make her his and his alone. Just as he seems to have won Mia around, he goes and does something that could ruin everything.


Goodreads Link:


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Baggage & Buttons

The Austin Series # 2
Released March 20th, 2014

 B2 Baggage & Buttons E-Book Cover


Their scorching sexual chemistry brought them together, but will their combined emotional baggage tear them apart?


The charismatic and gorgeous Gabe Austin had finally broken down some of Mia Page’s walls. His charms and sexual prowess coaxed her from sex no strings, to a committed relationship, but a misunderstanding threatened everything he had worked for. Gabe’s determined to make Mia forgive him, his ultimate goal, to possess not just her body, but her heart. Despite their incredible sex life, Gabe’s domineering and controlling personality really pushes Mia’s buttons, while she infuriates him with her stubborn and defensive nature. Their two personalities combined create fireworks.


To complicate matters further, Mia has to face up to her deteriorating health, while best friend Lexi also has a tough choice to make. Their decisions will not only affect their lives, but could affect those of the people who care about them.


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Forever & an Engine

The Austin Series # 3
Released April 16th, 2014

 B3 Forever & an Engine E-Book Cover


Mia and Gabe’s ingrained personality traits continue to rub each other up the wrong way, while Mia’s formal diagnosis creates even more tension in their relationship.

It forces them to start facing up to whether their love and raw sexual chemistry is enough to overlook their fundamental differences. Meanwhile Lexi starts having doubts about her plans for her pregnancy and she has to give the ever persistent Doug an answer.

Just when it seems that Mia and Lexi have made their decisions, something happens that will turn one of their worlds upside down.


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The Honeymoon Period

The Austin Series # 4
Released May 22nd, 2014

 B4 The Honeymoon Period


While Mia took her operation and diagnosis in her stride, it has taken its toll on Gabe. He desperately wants to convince Mia to change her mind, to one day agree to marry him and start a family, but Mia is still weighted down by the baggage of her past.


Gabe also struggles with his slow recovery from the accident, while Mia finds his increasing mood swings and possessiveness more and more difficult to handle. The friction only adds to their scorching sexual compatibility.


Robert Austin, aware that Gabe wants more, presents Mia with a difficult choice. Deal with her commitment issues, or walk away from his son for good.


Lexi however seems to be making remarkable progress in her personal life, handling not only her miscarriage, but a new relationship with Doug. Is she strong enough to sustain it all?



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Love & Loss

The Austin Series # 5
Released June 25th, 2014

 B5 Love & Loss


Physically scarred and emotionally tormented, Gabe struggles to deal with the way his accident is affecting his future and relationship. Mia is resolved to stand by her man, no matter what, and she reaches out to her father to try and deal with some of her fears in order to move forwards with Gabe. The results of their meeting are both shocking and illuminating, helping her take a major step in her healing process. Lexi struggles with the pressures of her past affecting her relationship as well as her University workload, and is forced to re-evaluate what she actually wants from her life.


The Campus Killer continues to evade the authorities and strikes too close to home.



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Infinite Love

The Austin Series # 6
Released July 25th, 2014

 B6 Infinite Love


With the Campus Killer having been revealed and life changing decisions having been made, it should be smooth sailing. As ever, nothing goes to plan. Much personal progress is made, but massive backwards steps are also taken. Will they finally get their happy ever afters?

Excerpt for INFINITE LOVE (Book Six)

‘Do as you’re told please, bed, now,’ he ordered as he pointed to it. I smiled to see bossy Gabe back and did as I was told. That was one of the things I really loved about our relationship. Once we did have a knock down bar fight, we always moved on quickly and forgot it. I looked back over my shoulder as he returned.

‘What do you have?’

‘A bag of chipped ice wrapped in a tea towel. Please don’t do that.’

‘Do what?’

‘Look at me like that while you kick your feet in the air. You’re all naked and sexy and we still haven’t had sex and I’m all confused about how I feel about that.’

‘Something else we need to discuss then.’

‘After. Bottom first.’ He yanked off his trousers and boxers and pushed my feet down, then straddled the back of my thighs as he placed the cold package on my hot flesh and circled it around. ‘Shit, did you hear that sizzle? We could fry some eggs on there.’

‘You always did make me hot,’ I giggled as I lay down on my crossed forearms and turned my head to the side. ‘Bottom’s feature heavily in our relationship.’

‘They do,’ he agreed. We remained silent as he gently massaged me with the ice until I could barely feel anything down there. ‘How’s that feeling now?’

‘Much better, thank you.’

‘I’ll go get you some pain killers.’

‘Don’t go, I like feeling you touching me.’

‘We touch all the time, we hold hands, we cuddle and we snuggle at night.’

‘Sympathy cuddles and snuggles, Gabe. I’m stronger than you think, please start treating me like me again. If I need hugs or a shoulder to cry on, I’ll ask for it.’ I inhaled sharply as he moved the ice out of the way and bent over me, his palms either side of my head as he kissed my temple.

‘I miss you,’ he sighed.

‘I miss you too. Please make love to me, I need you,’ I begged. He didn’t respond but his lips glided over my cheek, then kissed the corner of my mouth, then ran along my jawline and trailed up and down my neck, making me quietly whimper as my whole body tingled with pleasure and I felt his substantial erection against the back of my thigh. ‘Gabe?’

‘Are you happy to do it like this? With me behind you?’

‘No,’ I said quickly. ‘I want to look at you, to kiss you, to touch you. I miss you so much.’ I twisted my head to look at him and he nodded and rolled off me onto his side and held his arm out. I moved up to him, my chest pressed firmly against his as he wrapped his one arm around my neck and firmly held my chin with this other hand as his concerned eyes roved over my face. ‘I want this,’ I whispered as I looked up at him and saw him swallow as he closed his eyes for a second or two. When he reopened them my stomach did a somersault at the sight of the love and need for me inside of him, and I let out a gentle moan as he lowered his lips onto mine and began to kiss me.  He released my face and ran his hand down to the small of my back, pulling me closer to him. His other hand moved up onto the back of my head, his fingers knotting into my hair as his tongue explored every crevice of my mouth, as if it were new territory. My nipples peaked and puckered, I felt myself swell below as my clit started to throb. I’d missed him so much I was sure I could come from his kiss alone. ‘Gabe,’ I mewled against his lips.

‘I’m right there with you,’ he sighed before continuing to tease me with gentle nibbles of my lips, flickers of his tongue then deep, passionate, possessive kisses that rendered me a puddle of arousal in his arms. I managed to snake an arm under his neck to tug at the back of his hair, while the other gripped his firm backside, my nails gently denting the surface of his skin as I kneaded it, like a kitten trying to extract milk from her mother. ‘God Mia, I want you. I want you baby like I’ve never wanted anything before.’

‘Don’t make me wait, I’ve already waited weeks and I can’t bear it,’ I begged.

‘Eyes on mine every step of the way, Mia,’ he ordered. ‘You’re here with me, you’re safe and I love you.’ I nodded and bit my lip as he gently nudged his knee between my legs and positioned himself. He frowned as my breathing became hard and heavy but I nodded, it wasn’t panic, it was need, need for my man. I wanted to feel him inside me again, filling me, stretching me, owning me. I was his, completely.

‘Gabe,’ I whimpered as he slowly began to push his way inside me.


‘You’re … so … big,’ I gasped as my jaw went slack.

‘You’re so small,’ he groaned as he titled his hips and grasped the back of my thigh. My nails dug deeper into his bottom and he grunted as his eyes flared with male primal need. He thrust again gently, making me cry out as he buried himself completely inside me and reached a dead end. ‘God damn it Mia, you feel so … good.’

‘Hmmm,’ I groaned and he gently began to move with a hiss of air between his gritted teeth. I couldn’t form words, having him inside me again, so close, feeling his warm skin, the heat of his breath, his … passion for me was intoxicating. I was drugged again, I was a Gabe junkie and I’d been without my fix for far too long and felt like I was on the verge of an overdose. He began to move faster as he watched my face, my eyes beginning to close with ecstasy. He knew the signs, he could see that I was in a good place. I mashed my mouth against his as I started to kiss him forcefully, I needed more of him, he’d been sweet adorable Gabe for so many weeks I wanted him to let loose, to use my body and reclaim me, like I knew he wanted to. I hooked my leg right over his and yanked him as I rolled and he took a surprised gasp as I fell flat on my back with his full body weight crushing me.

‘Mia,’ he muttered. I held his gaze, letting him see that I was ok. And it wasn’t a lie, I was.


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Author Info

I am a very young hearted 44 year old female from the United Kingdom. I enjoyed writing fictional stories as a child but, like many, long working hours in my career meant that I had little time for anything else. Finding myself in the fortunate position of now being able to work from home part time, I have been able to rekindle this long lost passion for storytelling. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerrys and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider.


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*C.J. is hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for $10.00 Amazon or B&N Gift Card*



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