Special Guest Romy Sommer author of To Catch A Star ~ Giveaway

03 Oct

Please help me welcome author Romy Sommer to the blog today! She’s sharing her hero inspiration story about her latest release To Catch A Star…and she’s included pictures. Gotta love that 🙂

Afterward, please enter her wonderful giveaway.

Take it away Romy…


Hero inspiration: Christian Taylor



As I was writing the first book in my Westerwald series, Waking up in Vegas, an ancient ring sort of wrote itself into my book. It was one of those things that the subconscious throws up sometimes that seems insignificant at first. But an idea took root and grew.

This ring wasn’t the only one of its kind. It was one of a set of three, the rings that marked the heirs of Westerwald. Two were easily accounted for: Max, the hero of Waking up in Vegas, gave one to his Vegas bride. His older (and soon to be disinherited) brother Rik had the other. But where was the third?

By the time I’d written ‘The End’ on Waking up in Vegas, all I knew was that I had to do something a little different with this rather obvious plot line. Clearly, there was a third brother out there, a long lost half brother the other two didn’t know about. But who was he, and in what way could he be different from the other heroes I’d written?

The answer was that he wouldn’t be white.

And so Christian Taylor made his first appearance.

Christian was a mixed-race child, raised by a single mother on a backward Caribbean island where being illegitimate was just about the worst thing anybody could be. He may have escaped those rough beginnings, but he still has a chip the size of Westerwald on his shoulder. And a loathing for Westerwaldian aristocrats.

So naturally I had to pair him up with a Westerwaldian aristocrat. Teresa’s blood is bluer than blue, and she is everything Christian detests. His main goal when he meets her is to bring her down off that pedestal she lives on. But you know that saying ‘be careful what you wish for’? Yeah, Christian’s about to find out the hard way that payback is a b*tch.

My inspiration for Christian came from Jesse Williams, the actor with the mesmerizing eyes in Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve included a few images so you can drool along with me. And naturally, there’s a gratuitous shirtless shot. Despite the wintry setting for To Catch a Star, I managed to get Christian shirtless a few times.


If you’d like to have a say in which hero Romy writes next, keep an eye on the Harper Impulse blog. They’ll be running a Bachelor Auction with three characters who’ve appeared in Romy’s previous books, and you get to have your say in which hero you’d most like to read.




‘A fairy-tale romance to warm even the coldest of hearts.’ – Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

Teresa Adler is the ultimate Ice Princess, with a heart as frozen as the winter landscape of her beloved home, Westerwald. All her life, she’s belonged to the ‘inner circle’ of wealth, privilege and position.

Christian Taylor: Heartthrob. Movie Star. Bad Boy. The mischievous actor sets temperatures soaring in the picturesque baroque principality – and with a wicked glint in his eye and a chip on his shoulder he sets his sights on the one thing he’s told he can’t have. Teresa.

While Tessa holds the ultimate clue to the secret of Christian’s parentage, it is the heat of his touch that will make this Ice Princess feel more alive than she ever has before…


One woman tearing your clothes off was fun. Five at once? Not so much.

“Please, ladies…” Christian was only half laughing now.

Rip. There went an Armani sleeve. He shrugged away from the grasp, but there were still other hands pulling at him, tugging at him.

He’d known adoring fans before but they seldom pawed him. And this had gone way beyond pawing.

“I’ll sign autographs, but you really don’t need to take souvenirs.” He had to raise his voice over their squeals. This was definitely not fun. In fact, it was getting downright scary. The crowd surrounding him pressed in tighter. There seemed to be more of them now too.

Another rip. This time his shirt. The excited squeals increased in volume.

“He’s mine!” shouted one over-eager fan.

“Mine!” the others echoed.

“Well, actually, ladies…” He belonged to no one. But in the grip of mob mentality, they neither heard nor cared.

He had to get out of here.

With another rip, this time the rear seam of his evening jacket, he pulled away from the knot of admirers. One young woman tumbled to her knees with the impetus. Fighting every instinct to be a gentleman, he didn’t pause. He ran.

The sound of their pursuit spurred him on. He ran blindly. Now he knew how it felt to be the fox in a fox hunt.

A block or two further and the number of feet behind him seemed to diminish, but he still didn’t look back. He only hoped no-one had been trampled in the ruckus. Though if one or two of the fanatics broke a heel in the process, justice would be served.

He reached an intersection and looked both ways. This foreign city had turned into a maze and he had absolutely no idea where he was. Back where he’d been accosted, the streets teemed with life. He paused. He stood now in a deserted residential street, a terrace of imposing townhouses lined with trees stark against the night sky.

And no way out.

Cul-de-sac either side and a dead-end straight ahead.


He looked back over his shoulder. There were only three women left in the race, but they were gaining.

A car pulled out of a driveway within the cul-de-sac to his left, picking up speed as it approached his street corner. An open-topped sports car with only one occupant. Blonde was all he had time to register. Drawing on a lifetime’s worth of instinct, he took a running leap and landed face-first in the rear seat, just as the roof began to unfold and close over them.


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Author Info

I’ve always written stories for myself but didn’t even think of being an author until I realized that being over thirty and living in a fantasy world was a little odd. Writing those same stories for other people makes it a lot more acceptable!

By day I dress in cargo pants and boots for my not-so-glamorous job of making movies but at night I come home to my two little Princesses, and I get to write Happy Ever Afters. Since I believe every girl is a princess, and every princess deserves a happy ending, what could be more perfect?

Though my heart lies in Europe, I’m not too good with the cold, so I live in sunny South Africa.


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*Romy is hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card and eBook Backlist Romance*




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6 responses to “Special Guest Romy Sommer author of To Catch A Star ~ Giveaway

  1. ChristineWarner

    October 3, 2014 at 5:23 am

    Congrats on your release Romy! I enjoyed your blurb and wish you the best of luck 🙂 So glad to have you on the blog today 🙂

  2. Romy Sommer

    October 3, 2014 at 6:27 am

    Thank you so much for having me here, Christine!

    The Bachelor Auction is now up and running, and readers can vote for their choice of hero at

  3. Cerian Hebert

    October 3, 2014 at 9:01 am

    I don’t watch Grey’s but oo-la-la! Excellent choice! I’m not a heat person, but I’ll be envying you your warm weather when I’m shivering through another New England winter in a few months. 🙂

    • ChristineWarner

      October 4, 2014 at 3:29 am

      I’m so not looking forward to winter. Brrr…
      So glad you came by Cerian…thank you!

  4. Tasty Book Tours

    October 3, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    Thank you for hosting today!


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