Interview with Codi Gary author of Bad for Me ~ Giveaway

17 Apr

Thank you for joining me on the blog today. Please help me welcome author Codi Gary who is the author of Bad For Me, book 5 in the Rock Canyon series. We’re going to get to know Codi a little better with some questions below and then get a peek at Bad For Me.

Afterward don’t forget to click on the link at the end of the post to enter Codi’s giveaway!

Let’s get started…


Tell us five little known facts about yourself.

  • I once sold adult intimate enhancement products.
  • I dated a guy in a rock band who wrote a song for me.
  • I dated two separate men who both came out after dating me.
  • The first time I fell in love I was 15 years old.
  • I had a Robert Powers Agent approach me at a Enrique Iglesias concert when I was sixteen.

 What would we learn by looking at your bookshelves?

That I am a book hoarder who loves romance!

What makes you love a book?

The hero is a big part of it, and the plot. If I laugh and squeal because of the chemistry between the characters, then I fall hard.

What character in your book did you have the most fun writing and why?

Gracie and Eric. I have the most fun with them because they are funny and stubborn!

What is the best part of the writing process for you? 

The best is the first round of edits when my Awesome Editor leaves me little notes on parts she loves.

The Worst?

My least favorite is a tossup between the first draft and the copy edits. Both are hard.

Do you prefer to write in the morning, afternoon, evening, or doesn’t it matter?

I prefer 9 a.m. or after and before 9 p.m. anything earlier or later and I am a zombie.

Let’s play lucky 7…pick 7 words to describe your book.

Heartwarming, flawed, funny, crazy, realistic, swoonworthy, and frustrating.

Why should we read Bad For Me : Rock Canyon #5?

Because I put a lot of heart into it, and Callie and Everett broke my heart, made me laugh, cry, and squeal, and I hope they do the same for you.

What inspired you to write the fifth book in your Rock Canyon series?

Callie’s story has been in my head for over a year, but it wasn’t until Everett, who was inspired by a news story I saw, that I had my story inspiration.

What is the first sentence in your book?

“And that was John Michael Montgomery, with ‘I Swear,’ ” Callie Jacobsen said into the microphone.

Now the last.

“I’ll never make you wait again.”

Describe your hero using five words.

Strong. Caring. Selfless. Protective. Loyal.

Care to give us a sneak peek into what you are working on now?


An Excerpt from



Mike Stevens has been the good guy all his life—and though he’s never had a problem getting women, he’s ready for something more. So when he hatches a plan to change his image from nice to naughty, that last person he expects help from is his nemesis, Zoe Carver. Zoe doesn’t like or trust Mike but as his transformation takes shape, she starts to doubt her first impression. There are some great guys out there, but if she’s grooming this one for someone else, is she making the biggest mistake of her life?


Zoe was at Mike’s door forty-five minutes early, with several shopping bags and an eager smile on her face. She knew he would probably hate the leather chaps and at least one of the shirts, but she’d wanted a variety so he would have some choices.

Though really, there was no wrong choice.

She knocked hard and heard something crash inside. Mike answered the door a few seconds later, rubbing his hair with a towel. His scowling face was covered in shaving cream, but her attention was immediately drawn down to his bare, sculpted chest—and the fact that lower, he was wearing only boxer shorts. None of those stuffy collared shirts he wore at work had prepared her for those pecks or the ridges of his abs.

Holy hell, those are some nice abs.

Some male models had to rely on airbrushing to get muscles like that.

Mike’s skin shone like he was still damp from a shower and when her gaze finally met his, he wasn’t glaring anymore.

No, his expression was intense. Hungry.

She almost gulped, but that might’ve given him the impression that he affected her. He didn’t, of course; she was just observing him. Closely.

“You’re early.” His voice was deeper and surly, but his obvious irritation didn’t bother Zoe. He tossed aside the towel.

“Yes.” But the shiver that shot through her lower belly did.

Still, she shouldn’t be getting turned on by Mike, no matter how nice his body was or how rumbly his voice seemed. She had Tom, and he was exactly what she wanted: no surprises, an open book.

But even on his best day, Tom doesn’t give you quivery, naughty feelings, now does he?

Mike reached out and took the bags from her hands, startling her out of her thoughts. When his cool fingers brushed hers, the simple touch burned her skin. His hair glistened with moisture, and the spicy, clean scent of his soap was delicious, intoxicating. Zoe almost leaned into him, but he was already pulling back, carrying the bags inside.

Ever the gentleman.

The thought sobered her somewhat as she followed him inside. Mike was a good guy, or so he said. Raised right, loved his mama, held doors open for ladies . . .

And yet the expression in his eyes when he looked her way wasn’t good at all.

It was bad in the melt-her-panties-and-made-her-want-to-find-out-what-was-under-those-shorts kind of way.

“You look really good,” he said.

She smoothed her hands over the black skinny jeans that disappeared into knee-high lace-up boots. She’d wanted to be comfortable yet sexy when they walked into the bar together, so she’d left her long hair down around her shoulders. She wore a purple sleeveless top with a low-cut neckline and her leather jacket.

She hated how pleased she was by the compliment.

“Thank you.” Desperate to change the subject, she stepped up to him and ran her finger through his shaving cream. “Why is your face covered in shaving cream?”

“Because I wanted to dress up like Santa Claus. Why do you think?”

She knew she was playing a dangerous game, but she couldn’t fight the overwhelming desire to tease him. Taunt him. Stepping into his body, she watched his eyes stray down to her lips and a zing of pleasure made her mouth tingle.

“If you’re trying to shave off this prickly, dark hair”—she scraped off more, the fluffy wetness and scratchy hair beneath delicious against her finger—“don’t. Bad boys nearly always sport a little scruff.”

God, she wished she could touch him. She’d love to rub the palm of her hand across his cheek. Maybe slide her fingers up to grip his short hair and pull his mouth down to hers.

“Zoe.” A dark threat lingered in his curt use of her name, and she bit her lip to keep from sighing.

“What?” she said when she finally trusted herself to speak.

“Whatever game you’re playing right now, don’t.”

“Don’t what?” She wiped the shaving cream on her finger off on his shoulder dismissively, watching his face for the irritation. Mike radiated anticipation instead.

Mike reached out and grabbed the towel he’d thrown off the couch, wiping the shaving cream off his face. “Don’t think I won’t give you exactly what you’re asking for.”

“And what’s that?” Why did she sound so warm and inviting? It sounds like she was practically begging him to—

Suddenly, he grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him as he sat down in a kitchen chair, making her heart thunder in her chest. Before she could protest, he yanked her face down across his lap, and his arm held her in place as a hard smack came down on her ass.

“Ow, what the—fuck!”

Another whack.

“You son of a bitch, I will have your balls—”


“Stop it!”

He released her, and she scrambled to her feet. As he stood up, she cranked back her arm and would’ve let it fly, but he caught it before she could, his chocolate-brown eyes boring into hers.

“Now go sit down and think about what you did.”

Zoe caught the twitch at the corner of his mouth, as if he was trying not to laugh, and she might have been amused too, if her ass wasn’t stinging.

And if a small part of her wasn’t whispering that he’d surprised her.

But you hate surprises, don’t you?

“You’ll pay for that.”

“Probably,” he said, releasing her hand. “But it was worth it.”

And as he strode past her toward the bathroom, she rubbed her posterior. It didn’t hurt any longer, but she’d never been spanked in her life. She might have thought of it once or twice, but she had never imagined a sexy-as-hell, slightly nerdy nice guy would be the one dishing it out.

Great. Now she thought he was sexy.


Bad for Me
Rock Canyon # 5  

By: Codi Gary

Releasing April 7, 2015

Avon Impulse



Codi Gary returns with another fabulous Rock Canyon romance: when veteran marine Everett Silverton meets the town’s smooth-voiced DJ Callie Jacobsen, sparks fly—but is passion enough to give these wounded souls another chance at love?

Callie Jacobsen isn’t about to open her heart to just anyone. Not so very long ago, trusting someone changed her life forever—and not in a fun way. Now she’s better off focusing on her career, her friends, and her dog. So when former Marine Everett Silverton takes an interest in her, Callie’s more than a little wary. No matter how charming he is, men are a bad idea. In fact, she’s got the scars to prove it.

But Everett isn’t convinced Callie should shut everyone out—especially not him. He may be a hero to the people of Rock Canyon, but he’s got his own demons, and he bets they’re not that different from Callie’s. Still, he knows it’s going to take more than chemistry to get her to let her guard down. Everett will do whatever it takes to show her she’s safe with him. All she has to do is take a chance, take a step … and take his hand.


“Looks like you could use a hand.”

“Son of a bitch!” Surprised, Callie spun around from her kneeling position so fast that she fell over, landing in the softening muck with a splat. She’d been too busy cursing the shredded tire and the pouring rain to hear Everett behind her until he spoke.

Callie shook her mud-covered hands and was sure she heard a snort of laughter from Everett over the pouring rain and Ratchet’s muffled barking inside the Jeep.

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you that sneaking up on someone is rude?” Callie glared up at Everett, who was holding his hands down to her. Even though he wasn’t smiling, she’d have to be blind not to catch the amused gleam in his eyes.


Ignoring his offer of assistance, she climbed to her feet, but her bruised pride earned her even more mud as her jeans were soaked through. She tried to wipe off the muck, but it just smeared.

“They have, which is why I didn’t sneak; I walked. I saw you huddled over and figured I could help.”

“Thanks, but I’ve got this,” she said.

Thunder erupted over their heads, and Callie felt like the sky was laughing at her too.

“You sure? You’re shivering like crazy, and I can have this changed in under four minutes. I’ll have you know I hold the Silverton family record for fastest tire change.” Lightning lit up the sky, highlighting his cheeky grin. “And I’ve been told more than once that I’m good with my hands.”

She didn’t want to smile at his gentle teasing, but she was cold and miserable, and he was offering her a way out.

“I was just going to call triple A for a tow—”

“It will be faster if I just change it; believe me. Here.” Everett reached around her and opened the door to the Jeep. “Hop in, and I’ll grab the spare from the back.”

Callie’s face burned with embarrassment. “It’s not there.”


“I meant to buy another one, but these suckers aren’t cheap and I just . . . I never got around to it.” She leaned her head against the door, laughing humorlessly. “Pretty stupid, huh?”

“Well, yeah, but there’s no use in me lecturing you when you already know.”

Callie glanced at him sharply. “Thanks a lot, Dad.”

“Come on; I’ll take you to Jose’s Tires, and we’ll get you a new one.”

“I told you; I can’t afford it right now—”

“I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry.”

“Um, no. I don’t like being in anyone’s debt.” She squirmed under his thoughtful gaze and added, “Thank you, but I must decline.”

“Well, I must insist. You can’t just sit here on the side of the road until payday, and triple A will ding you for using one of your get-out-of-trouble calls.” Another crack of thunder shook the sky. “Look, I get it. You don’t know me from Adam, but I can get you over to Jose’s and get you a line of emergency credit. That way, you won’t owe me anything, and I don’t have to stand out in the rain. Sound fair?”

Her insides churned, and she cursed. If she’d just gotten a new spare when she’d bought her last set, she wouldn’t be sitting in the rain at the mercy of a large former marine.

Who you can’t seem to get out of your head.

And now she was about to get into a car with him and have to make small talk. What if he started flirting with ideas that she was interested in him as anything more than an acquaintance?

Why? Because you actually feel something for him, unlike every other guy since Tristan? You gotta start to move on sometime.

But moving on meant putting her trust in another man, and she wasn’t sure she could ever make that mistake again.

“Okay,” Everett said. “I really don’t want to stand out in the rain while you debate whether or not I’m some dirt bag trying to scam you, so how about I run up to Jose’s, get the tire, and come back?”

He was giving her an out and still offering to help her. If she was smart, she would take him up on the offer and climb up into the safety of her Jeep, away from him and his warm brown eyes.

He’s Fred’s son, and everyone says he’s honorable. It’s not like you’re driving to Mexico. It’s right up the road. He didn’t even have to stop—most people wouldn’t have.

“Wait,” she said when he started to turn away. Grabbing Ratchet’s leash and her purse from inside her car, she ignored the voices in her head. “We’re coming.”

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Author Info

An obsessive bookworm, CODI GARY likes to write sexy small-town contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows, and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family.
Codi Gary Author Photo

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Avon is hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway: Two Winners will receive a Rock Canyon Digital Book Bundle, including: RETURN OF THE BAD GIRL &  BAD GIRLS DON’T MARRY MARINES*




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