INTERVIEW with Vivienne Lorret author of The Maddening Lord Montwood ~ GIVEAWAY

27 Jul

Thank you for joining me on the blog today! Please help me welcome author Vivienne Lorret who penned the novel The Maddening Lord Montwood. Don’t you just love her cover? Well, wait until you read the blurb and excerpt 🙂 Vivienne has agreed to take the hot seat and answer some questions so we could get to know her a little better.

Afterward, don’t forget to enter her wonderful giveaway. The link is at the end of the post.

Now let’s get started…


Describe yourself in 3 sentences?

Nearly normal writer of romance. Excels at drinking copious amounts of tea. Enjoys using dark sense of humor to torture family.

Love it Vivienne~ lol  If we opened your refrigerator, what would we find?

Tea and milk. Everyone else has to fend for themselves.

I like how you think 🙂 What’s your favorite food to cook?

I love to bake scones and come up with my own recipes.

I’m a huge advocate for experimenting in the kitchen, too. I love making up recipes. What’s under your bed?

Fluffy carpet—the boogeyman likes a soft, clutter-free place to sleep.

I love choosing my character names. How did you go about choosing your hero and heroine’s names?

For THE MADDENING LORD MONTWOOD, I’d given Lucan his name in the first book he appeared, Winning Miss Wakefield (Wallflower Weddings Series, book 2). I wanted a character that was dark and charming, and I thought “Lucan” fit that description perfectly. The heroine I had in mind was slightly prickly on the surface, but passionate and driven on the inside. “Frances Thorne” seemed to fit.

Great name choices! What’s the first sentence in your book?

Lucan Montwood wanted to get drunk.

Now the last sentence.

“Would you care to wager on that?”

Describe your hero through your heroine’s eyes.

Dark. Sexy. Spectacular backside. Tortured soul. Tender heart.

Where is your favorite place to write?

I enjoy the energy in my office. It’s usually quiet. A wall of books hugs the west wall, while a “flop spot,” complete with an assortment of pillows, lines the east wall.

Sounds perfect. Do you have a writing ritual—for example, do you wear a lucky pair of socks, have to have a certain drink, light a candle, or only sit in a special chair?

I do have a ritual. It involves an extra large mug and a lot of chai (aka, writer fuel).

Chai is awesome! Let’s play lucky seven.  Describe your book using only 7 words.

Fun. Rakish. Dark. Sexy. Wager. Danger. Love.

You got me with “wager”. I love stories that have a little betting going on. What’s your favorite part about writing?

Everything from the beginning—when there’s only a blank page and a hint of an idea—to the end—when the hero and heroine begin the rest of their lives together.

Care to share with us what you have coming up?

Thanks for asking! I’m so excited about my latest story—a novella for the Avon Christmas anthology, All I Want for Christmas is a Duke (coming out this December). This Regency anthology will also feature stories from USA Today bestselling author, Ashlyn Macnamara, along with Valerie Bowman and Tiffany Clare.

My novella is about a logic-minded duke who develops a formula for marriage—sort of a for the Regency era. He’s very sure of himself… until he meets Ivy. Then the real romance begins.

Thank you so much for answering my questions, Vivienne.

Thank you for having me here today!

The Maddening Lord Montwood

The Maddening Lord Montwood
The Rakes of Fallow Hall # 3

By: Vivienne Lorret

Releasing July 14, 2015
Avon Impulse


Frances Thorne learned at an early age to rely on herself. Yet, losing her job and her home and watching her father carted off to debtor’s prison all in one day, is too much for her to bear alone. When a generous offer of assistance falls into her lap, she ignores her better instincts and decides to take a chance. The last thing she needs is for the infuriating Lord Lucan Montwood to stand in her way.

The end of the bachelors’ wager is near, and Lucan Montwood can taste victory. Yet, on the precipice of finally gaining freedom from his debts, he’s incensed to learn that the beautiful Frances Thorne has fallen into an insidious trap in the guise of a new position. Lucan can’t deny the way her lips call to him and knows he must risk his own future to ensure her safety.

Convincing her to trust him is the hard part and resisting her is next to impossible. But falling in love with her? That’s far too simple.


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“You are putting your faith in the wrong man.” Something akin to irritation flashed in his gaze, like a warning shot. He took another step. “Perhaps those spectacles require new lenses. They certainly aren’t aiding your sight.”

“I wear these spectacles for reading, I’ll have you know. Otherwise, my vision is fine,” she countered, ignoring the heady static charge in the air between them. “I prefer to wear them instead of risking their misplacement.”

“You wear them like a shield of armor.”

The man irked her to no end. “Preposterous. I’ve no need for a shield of any sort. I cannot help it if you are intimidated by my spectacles and by my ability to see right through you.”

He stepped even closer. An unknown force, hot and barely leashed, crackled in the ever-shrinking space. She watched as he slid the blank parchment toward him before withdrawing the quill from the stand. Ignoring her, he dipped the end into the ink and wrote something on the page.

Undeterred, she continued her harangue. “Though you may doubt it, I can spot those snakes—as you like to refer to members of your own sex—quite easily. I can come to an understanding of a man’s character within moments of introduction. I am even able to anticipate”—Lucan handed the parchment to her. She accepted it and absently scanned the page—“his actions.”

Suddenly, she stopped and read it again. “As soon as you’ve finished reading this, I am going to kiss you.”

While she was still blinking at the words, Lucan claimed her mouth. The parchment crinkled. She heard an indrawn breath but wasn’t sure if it was hers or his. All she knew was that the first press of his lips sent a ripple through her—her body clenching on a sigh of rapture as if she’d been waiting a lifetime for this. Her eyes closed.

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Author Info

USA Today bestselling author VIVIENNE LORRET loves romance novels, her pink laptop, her husband, and her two sons (not necessarily in that order … but there are days). Transforming copious amounts of tea into words, she is proud to be an Avon Impulse author of works including: “Tempting Mr. Weatherstone”, The Wallflower Wedding Series, and the Rakes of Fallow Hall series.


Author Links:  Website | Facebook | TwitterGoodreads


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    Thank you so much for joining me on the blog Vivienne! I always enjoy your visits and wish you much success with your latest book!

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    Thank you for hosting Vivienne today!


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