SPECIAL GUEST Lauren Layne author of Frisk Me ~ GIVEAWAY

07 Aug

Today I’m thrilled to have author Lauren Layne back on the blog. She’s talking New York and the Moretti family. Afterward check out her latest release FRISK ME featuring Luc Moretti.

At the end of the post you can enter Lauren’s awesome giveaway by clicking the link 🙂

Take it away Lauren…


6 NYC Locations You’re Likely to Run into the Morettis

For those new to the New York’s Finest series, here’s a name you must know: The Morettis. In a nutshell, they’re NYPD royalty. Papa Moretti is the recently retired police commissioner, and four out of five kids became cops. Rounding out the cop portion of the family is the no-nonsense mother, the hot-yoga, bootie-call loving grandma, and the feisty sister, whose chosen profession of defense attorney puts her at constant odds with her cop brothers.

The Morettis are Italian New Yorkers through and through, and they’ve got a few haunts around the city that are definitely must-sees …

(1) Battery Park // The Moretti patriarch and matriarch live on Staten Island, which requires a ferry ride to get to. The Moretti children spend a LOT of time bickering as they wait for the ferry in Battery Park, but it’s a gorgeous place to fight with ones sibling as there’s a top-notch view of the Statue of Liberty.

(2) Church of St. Ignatius Loyola // For the Moretti clan, Sunday Mass is mandatory 🙂 The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola is this absolutely gorgeous Catholic church on the Upper East Side (84th & Park).

(3) Viand Cafe // My original inspiration for Darby Diner (which plays crucial part of the New Yorks’ Finest series!) was Viand on Madison, but it’s sadly closed! But don’t fret! If you’re over on the Upper West Side, you can hit up its slightly slightly classier sister restaurant, Viand Cafe on Broadway & 75th!

(4) dell’anima // In FRISK ME, Ava takes Luc out to a super sexy date in the West Village. The restaurant in my head is definitely dell’anima, one of my favorite places in the city. Their carbonara is just about the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

(5) Ottomanelli & Sons Meat Market // This is where nonna buys her pancetta, so you know it’s gotta be good 🙂 If you’re looking for an awesome NYC butcher, head down to Bleeker (between Commerce & 7th). It’s over 100 years old, and delightfully old-school.

(6) Pony Bar // For beer fans, the Pony Bar in Hell’s Kitchen is a must. It’s an awesome mix of cozy and modern; the space itself is laid-back and casual, but the tap list is updated on a fancy reader board behind the bar, that, let’s face it … is just cool. Also, the green bean tempura is ridiculously good. And healthy-ish.


Frisk Me
New York’s Finest #1  

By: Lauren Layne

Releasing July 28, 2015




After a photograph of Luc Moretti saving a tourist hits social media, he instantly becomes New York’s most famous and beloved cop. When a major network decides to run a special on the “American Hero,” Luc’s boss gives him no choice but to cooperate in the name of good exposure for the department. Luc doesn’t mind the celebrity status-what he does mind is the gorgeous brunette journalist who’s been assigned to follow his every move. Especially since she also happens to be the same knockout that rejected him rather publicly the week before.

Ava Sims is a woman who gets what she wants. And what she wants is to be CBC’s lead anchor-but to get there, she’ll need to nail the fluff piece on the playboy cop. Luc Moretti is everything Ava knows to stay away from: a stubborn charmer with a hero-complex. But the more Ava gets to know Luc and his oddball family, the more she realizes that beneath the swagger and the blue uniform is a complex man who makes her heart beat too fast. Soon, Ava’s doing the unthinkable, and falling for the best of New York’s finest …

Fashion portrait of sexy young man in white shirt poses over wall with contrast shadows.

Fashion portrait of sexy young man in white shirt poses over wall with contrast shadows.


“Holy crap! You’re like, that guy! You’re the cop!”

Luc Moretti deliberately ignored the high-pitched squeal.

He took a slow sip of his much-needed coffee and threw up a silent prayer that for once, the women would be talking about some other cop.

“Tina, it is him! The cop from the YouTube video!”


Pray as he might, it was never some other officer who was subjected to over-enthusiastic hero-worship. Not these days, anyway. It was always Luc who couldn’t do so much as get on the A train without hearing some form of, hey, aren’t you that guy…?

Yes. Yes he was that fucking guy. Unfortunately.

“Can we get a picture with you?” one of the women asked as they both closed in on him.

“Actually, I—”

Luc’s ready protest was interrupted by the deep voice of his partner.

“Ladies, ladies, let’s give Officer Moretti some space! The man likes to refresh his makeup before a photo op. Moretti, did you bring that special lip balm you like to use? The one you say makes your lips all rosy?”

Luc’s eyes narrowed at his partner as he reached up and scratched his nose with his middle finger.

Both women had already pulled cell phones out of their purses, ready for a shot with New York’s latest hero.

Beautiful woman against a wall in lingerie

Beautiful woman against a wall in lingerie

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Portrait of Young loving couple celebrating with red wine at restaurant

Portrait of Young loving couple celebrating with red wine at restaurant

Author Info

Lauren Layne is the USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance.

Prior to becoming an author, Lauren worked in e-commerce and web-marketing. In 2011, she and her husband moved from Seattle to New York City, where Lauren decided to pursue a full-time writing career. It took six months to get her first book deal (despite ardent assurances to her husband that it would only take three). Since then, Lauren’s gone on to publish ten books, including the bestselling Stiletto series, with several more on the way in 2015.

Lauren currently lives in Chicago with her husband and spoiled Pomeranian. When not writing, you’ll find her at happy hour, running at a doggedly slow pace, or trying to straighten her naturally curly hair.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Lauren is hosting a Tour/Blast Wide Giveaway for a $50.00 Amazon eGift Card


Young businesswoman leaning to colonnade pillar, looking at camera

Young businesswoman leaning to colonnade pillar, looking at camera


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2 responses to “SPECIAL GUEST Lauren Layne author of Frisk Me ~ GIVEAWAY

  1. ChristineWarner

    August 7, 2015 at 7:25 am

    Hi Lauren! Welcome back to the blog. Your latest release sounds like a lot of fun. I wish you lots of luck with it 🙂

  2. Tasty Book Tours

    August 7, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Thank you for hosting Lauren and FRISK ME!


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