So, I read this book…Double Down by Victoria Pratt

12 Dec

First let me start out with my disclaimer. lol I’m not a professional reviewer. Even though I’m an author, I also love to read. I read quite a bit and on occasion I like to share a book or novella that has really grabbed hold of me and pass it with along to my blog friends. 

Today I’d like to share Victoria Pratt’s debut mystery. This was a light hearted story kept me entertained and smiling. I believe this is the 1st book in a series, which is exciting.


A quick paced, light-hearted mystery featuring a fast talking heroine and a sexy as sin hero.

I really enjoyed Double Down, which is the debut book by Victoria Pratt. The author did a fabulous job building her characters. I loved the quick dialogue, the fast paced story, and basically everything about the book.

Written in 1st person, I was sucked right into the story from the first page. I liked that Cassidy Jones was a strong main character who knew her mind, and didn’t let the fact that some of her male co-workers didn’t take her detective skills seriously.

When she got the chance to prove herself—by pretending to be a stripper in order to find a murderer—the fun began.

It didn’t hurt that she had a bestie that acted much like her, and when they were together their conversations were a lot of fun. They played off each other so well. Very entertaining.

And then there’s Lorenzo. I can sum him up in one word. YUM!

I can’t wait to see what happens to Cassidy next. Will Lorenzo be in book 2, or will she find another hottie? Will she move up in rank, tackle another case, keep her cockiness and her bestie?

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned …



He’s her kind of danger…

Small-town-girl Cassidy Jones is a fast-driving, sharp-shooting, man-loving cop with a loud laugh. She’s also really good at her job—a fact that is completely irrelevant to the good ol’ boys at the station. So when a local mobster is murdered, and the Chief is forced to turn to Cassidy for help, she’s excited to get the opportunity to prove herself.

Sure, the only reason she’s going undercover is because she’s one of only two female cops on the force. Still, it beats the hell out of writing parking tickets. There’s just one little problem: she’s falling hard for Lorenzo, the mobster’s dangerously sexy brother—and possible murder suspect. With everyone at the station assuming she’ll fail, Cassidy cannot act on her attraction.

But when Cassidy’s instincts lead her to a shocking suspect, her reputation isn’t the only thing at stake.




Title: Double Down
Series: Cassidy Jones, #1
Author: Victoria Pratt
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 233 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63375-211-5
Release Date: October 26, 2015
Imprint: Select Contemporary

Price listed is for the U.S. digital format. Please confirm pricing and availability with the retailer before downloading.


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