COVER REVEAL ~ MacLean’s Passion by Sharon Cullen

16 Dec






Sharon Cullen for another beautiful cover for the 1st cover in your newest series.

MacLean's Passion_Cullen

In April 1746 the Scottish Jacobites were resoundingly defeated by the English in the Battle of Culloden. In the aftermath the Jacobites and their supporters were rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, their women raped and their land confiscated.

In response twelve clan chiefs come together to form a pact to protect the Scottish people. Three of those chiefs will find their beliefs put to the test, their lives endangered and unlikely friendships formed as they each fight the English in their own way. But in the end each earns the love of a strong woman that will transcend everything.


Sutherland’s Secret 1/19/16

MacLean’s Passion 6/28/16

Campbell’s Redemption 11/22/16
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