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15 Feb

Hello readers!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I’m pretty excited because today is RELEASE DAY for book 3 in my Friends First series titled A FRIENDLY FLIRTATION 🙂

I love every story in this series and had a great time getting to know the characters and their family and friends.

A lot of people think an author’s life is pretty glamorous, so I thought I’d take a moment and share with you what an author–me to be exact–did the weekend before her release of her latest romance.

Now you’d think your book being released the day after Valentine’s Day would make the weekend pretty spectacular. Alas, not so–at least not for me. lol

Saturday started out like every other Saturday. The hubs and I got up, he rushed me around so we could actually beat the breakfast rush and not end up having lunch. We have a constant debate on that. I love lunch, and he loves breakfast. We try and compromise 🙂 Then we went house shopping in a few neighborhoods that we think we might want to live in. Yep, we’re hoping to list our home this spring and move out of the country and back into town. Why, you ask? Well, we both have long commutes to work and in the winter it’s just a little crazy. So, until we retire we’ll be city dwellers again. Pros and cons to that one.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. After that we went to see DEADPOOL. I love going to the movies, and so does hubs. Not a very romantic choice but so funny. I’m glad we went. After that we were drawn into the excitement and bright lights of the grocery store.

Are you yawning yet? teehee

By the time we got home we fell in front of the television after I threw in a load of laundry and did up the few dishes in the kitchen. I think I was in bed by 9:30pm.

Sunday, the sun rose into a gray, dreary, and snowy sky. Hubs and I chatted over a cup of hot coffee–well, okay I had hot cocoa. Salted Caramel from my Keurig to be exact. That’s my new addiction. I tend to trade them out every few weeks. lol My last addiction was Junior Mint hot cocoa courtesy of my Keurig 🙂

After that, since it was Valentine’s Day–I left the hubby home and I met my daughter for another movie. I usually don’t see 2 movies in one weekend, but what the heck. You only live once, right? We went to Zoolander 2. We are both huge fans of the original movie so this was a must see for us. Although it was funny and I did my fair share of laughing, the original was way better. After that we ran across the windy and cold parking lot to the Chinese restaurant to have dinner.

I got home about 9:30, played fetch with the dog for a few minutes, washed up dishes again, texted my daughter I was home safe, she returned the favor and then I settled in to the watch the one show on television that I truly love. The Walking Dead. Good thing they play it again at 11 p.m. because I missed the 1st 1/2 hour. Love that show.

This morning I awoke to more gray, snowy skies. I’ve been visiting blogs, chatting on facebook, tweeting, working on a synopsis for a future book, and lounging in my pj’s while I bask in the excitement of release day 🙂 My awesome street team is so supportive and excited for me, and I can’t thank them enough for helping me spread the word. I’m also loving some of the early reviews going up. I posted a few excerpts of those below. It’s a good day!

So, as you can see an author’s life isn’t all glamour and bon bons. Although I could always go for some bon bons.

If you want to check out my latest book — A FRIENDLY FLIRTATION — you can read the 1st chapter here.


One kiss can change your life…

Allison Hall is fed up with being a social outcast. Even at the tech company where she works for her brother and his best friend, Jared, she’s the invisible nerdy girl. What she needs is confidence—and that requires a makeover and dating tips. And she knows just the man to help…

Jared Esterly is shocked when Allison asks for his assistance and turns her down, knowing that her brother—his business partner and best friend, Nick—would kill him if he dated her, even if it is just for practice. But when Al’s attempt to make changes on her own fails spectacularly, Jared reluctantly steps in. Things heat up quickly, and soon lessons move from the salon to the bedroom.

When overprotective big-brother Nick discovers Jared is dating Allison, their friendship and business partnership sour. Allison, consumed by guilt, must make a choice: stay with Jared, even though that means ruining his friendship with Nick and possibly his career, or leave the one man who sets her on fire.


“Witty, fun, and sizzling – Christine Warner never disappoints!” ~ Nikki Lynn Barrett, USA TODAYbestselling author

This book is one of thesweetest, cutest, most fun books I have read in a while.”Lori @ Goodreads

Holy swoons! This friends-to-lovers story made my heart pitter-patter with pure joy. Readers are going to love clumsy, sweet Allison and suave, sexy Jared. Equal parts sweet and sexy, this was just what I love about contemporary romance.” Riki @ Goodreads

It left me all tingly inside and you bet your boots I snuggled up to hubby afterwards.” MichelleFerrari-Johnson @ Goodreads

This book is truly a treasure and is a must have for anyone who cheers for the underdog.” ~ Teresa @Goodreads

Goodness! I loved this book. So exciting. I love the fact friends first. I know all about awkwardness. And wanting to fit in. She needed a change and Jared helped her with it. But ended up falling in love, hard!” ~ Karla Andrews @ Goodreads
“Allison and Jared’s story was packed with emotion, heart, humor, and romance, and made for one truly exceptional friends to lovers story!! Highly recommend this one, it is sure to warm your heart, and reaffirm your belief that true love does exist…no matter how unconventional your journey to finding it happens to be!” Misty @ Goodreads

This book is truly a treasure and is a must have for anyone who cheers for the underdog.” ~ TeresaMartinson Jensen @ Goodreads

Absolutely a book I would recommend to everyone.” ~ Bette Hanson @ Goodreads


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