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06 Oct

Thanks for stopping into the blog today 🙂 Please help me welcome author Kimberly Lewis, author of What’s Left of Me. Kimberly has agreed to answer a few questions about herself and her writing as well as sharing her release What’s Left of Me. I love the cover, don’t you?

Afterward, please enter her giveaway.

Let’s get started …

  1. How would your friends describe you?            In the words of my best friend I’m witty, funny, smart, artsy, and crafty—and she would know because we’ve known each other forever.
  2. What’s your favorite food and why? My favorite food is and always will be chicken and dumplings (not the biscuit style dumplings, but the flat dumplings). I’m a sucker for down-home comfort food and this one definitely tops the list 🙂
  3. One of my faves too! I love naming my characters. Tell us how you came up with the names for yours. Naming my characters is definitely one of my favorite parts of writing. A lot of the names I’ve chosen so far for my characters are names my husband and I couldn’t agree upon when we were naming our children 🙂 But usually I just pick a name I like go with it. I really try not to pick anything too crazy, but never say never, right?
  4. What is your favorite type of scene to write? I really love writing scenes that put a smile on my face. I know that’s being vague but it’s true. It could be a scene that’s filled with humor, or a first kiss, or sweet and romantic … or even super sexy 😉
  5. Those are all great scenes to read and write 🙂 When did you first know you wanted to become an author?        I’ve honestly always loved reading and writing, but I kind of gave up on the writing part for years before something clicked inside of me and I decided “Why the heck not?” About five or six years ago I got an idea for a book and just went with it—writing it just for fun and just for me. But I got caught by my husband, who was extremely surprised, and from that day forward he’s done nothing but encourage me to keep going.
  6. What was the first thought that popped into your head when you saw your cover? I actually make all of my own covers, so I guess I’ll answer this one as “How did you come up for the idea for your cover?” For this particular book, What’s Left of Me, I knew I wanted a couple on the cover. It’s a little sexier than my other published novels so the first draft was actually an intimate close up of a couple in bed. But then I got thinking that the cover mainly focused on the sexual relationship more than their actual relationship and the healing that happens within the story, so I found the picture of the couple that is on the cover now and thought it fit the story perfectly. It’s still sexy (I think) but sweet too because of the way they’re embracing. The way he’s holding her shows that he needs her, and the way she leans into him shows that she cares for him and wants to help him work through his flaws.
  7. Would you like to tell us what you’re working on now? I would love to! I’m currently working on the third book in my McKades of Texas series. This book follows the middle McKade, Luke, and his love interest Karlie. I’ve been working on this book for quite a while now and hit some snags, so it’s taking me a lot longer than I’d like to get to my readers. But I amworking on it and really hope to get it out sooner rather than later 🙂  I also have plans for another novella since I had so much fun writing this one!




Someday I hope to: get off the East Coast and see more of the world.

Dessert should always include: New York Cheesecake! (But plain … don’t go messin’ up my cheesecake by trying to make it chocolate or smother it in fruit … except for cherries, I’ll accept cherries.)

My car is: old but gets me where I need to go 🙂

The first thing I do when I wake up is: hit the snooze button and go back to sleep (repeat this until I have the most limited time to get ready and leave the house for the day).

The next book on my tbr pile is: I have so many books waiting for me on my Kindle … so I’m honestly not sure which one I’ll pick next. Depends on my mood really. But I’m thinking I need a healthy dose of cowboy 🙂

I will never eat: bugs, frogs, or any of the weird stuff you see people on these travel shows trying. Bleck!

Love is: magical.


Thank you so much for coming on the blog. I enjoyed getting to know you and wish you great success with your writing!


Letting go of the past is never easy…
Kimberly Lewis
Releasing Oct 4th, 2016


Letting go of the past is never

Jenna Olsen has spent the last four years trying to move on from the heartache
that tore her world apart, but when Cole Sullivan suddenly shows up back in
town all of those feelings come flooding back…and even some new ones she didn’t
know were possible.

Leaving town all those years ago was necessary, but now that Cole finally has a
handle on his life he decides to return home to his family, friends, and the
woman he just can’t forget.

Coming back home though comes with its costs, and Cole ultimately has to
decide…will he be able to fight his inner demons to keep Jenna in his life, or
will the chance of hurting her again be too much to risk?


Rain continues to pelt against the side of the house. Thunder rumbles low in the distance, and lightning flashes—its brightness fills the small bedroom. There’s no way I’m falling asleep in this mess. Even if it weren’t storming like crazy, I still wouldn’t be sleeping. The only reason I came to bed in the first place was because the lights went out.

Watching the movie was safe. It kept my focus off of Cole—of his mouth and hands. The popcorn helped too, and I’m so glad I thought to bring it over when I did. But now, lying here all by myself in the dark, all I can think about is him. My mind refuses to give me any relief, and my body begs for it. Being in his arms earlier? I can’t explain it, but it just felt right. The only other man I’ve ever been that close to was Mark, and he never made me feel the things I felt with Cole. It makes me sad to think I wasted so many years with someone only to walk away realizing the feelings I held were mediocre. These new feelings I have for Cole are hardly that way, but they make me nervous—not that anything bad is going to happen, but that something more could happen. Something good. Something amazing.

And I know that makes me sound crazy. Who knows? Maybe I am. But I can’t get involved with Cole. I feel like I barely know who he is anymore. Sure he’s still the same Cole I remember, but he’s changed, he’s … distant. I guess war does that to people.

When he disappeared four years ago, without a goodbye, without telling anyone where he was going, a piece of me left with him. He was the last thing in my life that made me feel like my brother was still alive, and without him around I just felt lost. I understand he was dealing with a lot of demons during that time—we all were. The effects of what happened in Afghanistan weighed heavily on his shoulders, but why he didn’t stay around and let us help him get through it just baffles me. We all lost something—someone. I just don’t get why he felt like he needed to deal with it alone? I could’ve helped him. I can help him. I just need him to let me.

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Bestselling author Kimberly Lewis writes sweet, sexy contemporary romances filled with heart and humor.

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, this country girl caught the creative bug at an early age, doing everything from drawing to writing short stories. After dabbling in many genres, Kimberly rediscovered her love of romance stories and soon after published her first novel.

Kimberly still lives on the good old Eastern Shore of Maryland with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and spirited Doberman Pinschers. Along with writing, Kimberly enjoys reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her amazing family.



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