Reviews For My Books


Review Links for A Friendly Arrangement

Review on Goodreads from Heather A 5 stars

600dpibookcover (1)

Review Links for A Friendly Engagement

Review on Amazon from Sarah B 5 Stars

Review on Amazon from Fizzah Younis 5 Stars

Book Gannet 4 Stars

Splashes into Books 4 Stars

Review on Amazon from kittycat6011 5 Stars

wrecked_life Reviews  5 Stars

Review on Goodreads from Bette Hansen 4 Stars


Review Links For Secret Love

Review on Amazon from Upstate C 5 Stars

Kristen Brockmeyer, Romance Author blog 5 Stars

Storm Goddess Book Reviews 4 Stars

Amy’s review on Goodreads 5 Stars

Tereasa A. Bellew on Amazon 5 Stars

Romance-a-holic on Amazon 5 Stars

Lisa’s review on Amazon 4 Stars

bs 200 x 300

Review Links For Bachelor’s Special:

Redheads Review It Better 4 Stars

Fictional Candy

Sapphyria’s Book Reviews 5 Hearts

My Book Addiction and More 4 Stars

Harlequin Junkie 4.5 Stars

Storm Goddess Book Reviews 4.5 Lightening Bolts

Lori-Lusty Penguin Reviews 5 Stars

Authors and Readers Book Corner 5 Stars

2Review Links For Some Like it in Handcuffs:

Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More 5 Stars

Romance Me (5 Swans)

Let’s Talk Romance 5 Stars

Smitten with Reading (by Christina Snow) 4 Stars

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews (5 Hearts)

Romance Writers Reviews (5 Stars)

Night Owl Reviews (4 Stars)

The Romance Reviews (5 Stars)

Romancing the Book (Lovely Rose…comparable to a 4 Star)

The Romance Studi (4 Hearts)

Harlie’s Books

twotimingtheboss_w7107_680-31Review Links For Two-Timing the Boss

Sizzling Hot Book Review (5 Stars)

Storm Goddess & More Book Reviews (4.5 Stars)

Romancing The Book (5 Stars)

Single Titles Review (4 Stars)


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