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What to Read Wednesday with Synithia Williams ~ Giveaway

Thank you for joining my guest and I for What to Read Wednesday 🙂 Today author Synithia Williams is joining me on the blog. She’s talking about office romance and her release JUST MY TYPE! Don’t you just love her cover?

Synithia is also offering up a nice giveaway…so don’t forget to enter at the end of the post 🙂

Take it awaySynithia…


Love in the office

Another writer once asked me, “Girl, what are you doing in your office?” Referring to my love of office romances. The answer is: nothing, my office is not exciting at all. Having met my husband in the work place, I guess I am kind of partial to putting the hero and heroines in my novels in the same work environment. There is just so much potential to make sparks fly.

I did that in Just My Type. The heroine, Janiyah Henderson, needs to find a way to show her parents she’s not the baby girl they keep treating her like. So she gets a job at the accounting firm of her brother’s best friend (and the guys she’s been crushing on since her teen years) to prove them wrong. Though Fredrick believes he needs a woman similar to him in order to be happy, he can’t shake the feelings Janiyah stirs up in him that he’s tried to ignore.

So what did I have to do … put them in the office together and make it even harder to ignore what’s simmering between them. Late nights working together, the close proximity of having that person nearby, all up the tension that they’ve pretended wasn’t there. Though I did rein myself in and not include an “oops, I dropped the pen” scene in the book.
Not only does working together give the hero and heroine a good excuse to be close to each other, but it can bring out qualities in a character that make them shine in their love interest’s eyes. For Fredrick and Janiyah, working together makes them realize that differences complement each other. Janiyah discovers that there’s more to Fredrick that the “good guy” she always took him for, and Fredrick realizes that there’s more to Janiyah than the pretty girl who drives him crazy. And me, I get another chance to write a sizzling office romance.
Do you like office romances?


Janiyah Henderson may be an adult, but her dad doesn’t see it that way. Granted, she’s enjoying her post-college life of little-to-no responsibility, but when her dad announces at a family meeting that she can’t handle working a “real job”, there’s only one thing to do: land a desk job and prove him wrong. When her brother’s best friend, Fredrick Jenkins, needs a new assistant, she knows she’s the perfect candidate. So what if she’s had a crush on the conservative accountant since she was nine? She’s the last woman Freddy would fall for.
But Fredrick is far from impervious to Janiyah’s charms. Though he can’t help but be attracted to her, he knows Janiyah is more interested in eating his cereal and teasing him than viewing him as more than the good guy next door. When he offers her the job, he can’t imagine her giving up her late mornings and colorful outfits for 8:00 a.m. meetings and pantyhose for too long. But as Janiyah excels as his employee, he fears he’s in danger of falling hard for a woman he shouldn’t care for.
Pretty soon the attraction they’ve tried to ignore boils to the surface. And after Fredrick shows Janiyah the man behind the numbers, she’s ready to show him that she’s just the type of woman he needs.

Just My Type Cover

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Author Info
Synithia Williams has loved romance novels since reading her first one at the age of 13. It was only natural that she would begin penning her own romances soon after. When she isn’t writing, this local government gal balances the needs of her husband and two sons.
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*Synithia is hosting a TOUR WIDE Rafflecopter Commenter Giveaway for a Print Book Bundle including: YOU CAN’T PLAN LOVE, WORTH THE WAIT and A HEART TO HEAL*



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BLURB TOUR ~ A Week in Milan by Aimee Duffy

A WEEK IN MILAN Tour Banner2

A WEEK IN MILAN Cover Image2

Title: A Week In Milan

Author: Aimee Duffy

Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 16, 2013
Published by: Beachwalk Press
Format: eBook
Pages: Novella
Blurb Tour Sponsored by:
Book Blurb:

Getting what she wants isn’t going to be easy…

Designer department store owner Giovanni Monastero thought moving to LA would help him forget the nightmare of his childhood. Until he visits Milan during Fashion Week with one of their designers he doesn’t realize how much his past still haunts him.

Fashion designer Amanda Hart’s been chewed up and spat out by her son’s father. The only dating she does now is in her dreams. None of the guys she fantasizes about can hurt her. When the star of those fantasies offers her the career chance of a lifetime, no isn’t an option even though it means spending a week in close contact with him.

With one dream coming true, will Amanda have the courage to go after another?

Content Warning: contains smoldering sex, enough doubt to keep an island afloat, and more persuasion than a guy should need.

Amazon UK:



About the Author…

About me (snooze—can you tell I hate the me stuff? Lol)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a good book in my hands. In primary school I loved Roald Dahl. In high school my English teacher introduced me to Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Jane Austin, Emily Bronte, and Shakespeare. It was then that I discovered my love for romance and I’ve wanted to pen my own imaginary heroes and heroines for others to enjoy ever since. Only in the last few years was I lucky enough to meet some fabulous and encouraging people to help me gain the skills to make that dream possible.
I live in sunny Scotland in a small town near the Ochils and work nine to five in a solicitors office. In my free time, you’ll find me on Facebook, stalking *cough* following friends on Twitter, and may even catch me shoe shopping.
Contact the Author…

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One Night One Mistake BOOK BLITZ TOUR



A moment in time, and a mistake that caused two people irretrievable damage.

Eva McDonald comes home from London to visit her dying father. Knowing that she will see her nemesis she tries to prepare for the inevitable meeting. However the sizzling attraction that ignites with Gabe Fitzgerald has her trying to flee once again.

He knows he made a mistake but will she allow him to rectify it?

Circumstances trap her in Gabe’s house and she will do anything to hide her long held secret from him…the real reason she left him eight years ago.


Portrait young beauty girl against black background


He stood and walked round the table between them and pulled her into his arms, careful of her ankle he breathed in the warmth of her, his nose buried in the soft skin of her neck and he knew he had done the right thing by telling her. It felt so good to finally relinquish some of the weight from his shoulders the tension inside him ceased. He felt at peace for the first time in years without the burden so heavily etched onto his shoulders.

“You have to tell your brothers,” she whispered against his ear.

His head shot up. “No never, I promised Mom.”

“So you are just gonna continue to take the blame for something you didn’t do?” She gripped his arms tightly and he could see the disbelief on her face.

“I thought you would understand.” His eyes narrowed. “It has nothing to do with blame; it was Mom’s dying wish. I could never and won’t ever tell the others…ever.” His voice was emphatic; he wanted Eva to understand this was between the two of them and no one else.

“I told you because I don’t want there to be any more secrets between us.” He lifted her chin with his fingers sighing. The confusion in those beautiful green eyes broke his heart. Her lips quivered and he sucked in a breath.

“I will not say a word…you can trust me; however, I think you’re wrong. I think you should tell the others, but it’s you’re decision and I will respect it.”

He nodded stroking the corner of her mouth with his thumb. His eyes tried to search for her innermost secrets. “Now I have divulged my innermost secret how about you do the same?”

She pushed him and the sudden pallor of her face shocked him. He pulled her back holding her tightly. She whispered against his chest, “I have no secrets.”

He dropped his hands to her waist lifting her so she was forced to make eye contact with him.

“Look at me, Eva, look at me and tell me that.”

“Gabe, for goodness sake put me down.” She gripped his shoulders and her fingernails dug into his skin through the thin fabric of his shirt.

“I know you’re hiding something, in time I hope you will trust me enough to tell me, as I have trusted you.”

“Honestly, there is nothing.”

Her eyes were level with his and he knew, behind that blank expression, she was hiding something. He knew her too well.

He pulled her closer to him, brushing his lips softly across her closed eyelids. If she couldn’t tell him, he didn’t want to see the sadness in her eyes. His own feelings were tumbling around inside him like an emotional roller coaster. He had revealed a secret he had

held close to his heart since that horrendous day not telling a living soul. She had him with the soft scented warmth of her body; every time he got close to her his emotions went haywire. It only happened when he was with her.

Suddenly, he was overwhelmed by her closeness the softness of her body pressed against his. He drew in a harsh breath when her lips parted and the tip of her pink tongue moistened her lips, he lost control. His body was wracked by a shudder as he bent down and her mouth opened under his he groaned when she pushed her tongue into his mouth. Her arms slid around his neck clinging to him as he deepened the kiss.

“Gabe, oh, Gabe.” She moaned as his mouth teased hers.

“God almighty.” He pulled away staring down at her. “I want you so bad; I can’t take it anymore.” With his lips against hers once more he murmured, “Feel me.” She pressed into his hard arousal and his world rocked around him.

He heard a voice near them, it penetrated his brain and he froze.

“I’m all for free love but some of us are too old to think about that now, and you would surely be more comfortable if you weren’t on public display.”

Gabe froze, he lifted his head a centimeter away from her soft trembling lips and mirrored her panting breaths and for the second time that day he’d lost control. Eva’s skin took on a glow of a burning furnace, and he could feel her chest heave against his. Turning his head he focused on an elderly woman with a blaze of white hair who sat at the nearby picnic table with an amused expression on her face.

“Put me down.” Her voice wavered in his ear. For a split second he focused on her glazed eyes as if mesmerised and he shook himself as he gently lowered her. Holding her until her feet touched the ground. Hobbling away from him, she picked up her crutches and returned to the truck.

“You know it would pay you to get a room, not as exciting but much more comfortable.” A titter came from the elderly woman who had interrupted them.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered. He chuckled following Eva back to the truck.

* * * *

Eva struggled to get back into the truck and was breathing heavily by the time she set her foot on the stool. She was totally embarrassed at once again having lost control, in full view of everyone. She brought her hands up covering her burning face. Mortified at the way she had let him do as he wanted; she hadn’t even tried to stop him.

The man totally confused her, not just with his touch, the way his lips felt on hers. Every time he touched her, her stomach contracted, thighs clenched and the moist pressure throbbed between her legs.

Now he had revealed a secret her heart filled with sadness for him. He had carried it with him for so long and his brothers had no idea—no one did.

When Gabe got in, she turned toward him. He leaned his arms on the steering wheel and laughed.

“I’m glad you find it all so funny,” she chided. “I don’t enjoy being a tourist attraction.” Her face heated up even more and she turned her head to stare out of the window before turning back to him, the intensity of her embarrassment subsided a little when she caught the look on his face.

He turned to her with raised eyebrows, his smile somewhat mischievous.

“You just didn’t get a sex lesson from an old lady with white hair.”

“What do you mean?” She had no idea what he was getting at.

“Well she suggested sex was exciting outside but more comfortable inside,” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh my God, that’s it. Don’t ever bring me back here again.” They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

He reached over touching her lips, parting them with his thumb and she held her breath for a second. “You know it totally scrambles my mind when you kiss me,” he whispered softly.



As a young child I loved to write. I always carried a notebook and pen around with me and wrote about everything. It was a dream to become a published author. However sometimes in life our dreams get pushed to one side as mine did. So, dare I say at the young age of fifty I think it is time for me to see if those dreams are everything I hoped they would be…and hey it’s never too late to go and grab that dream!

I have been through many major changes in my working life ranging from a Diana nurse, running my own skin care business, helping with the family run bus company and even hairdressing but my heart as always belonged to putting words on paper and making them come to life.

Recently I managed to get in contact with my best friend from Scotland who I hadn’t seen for over forty years. She lives in America and every year without fail I make the trip over to North Carolina and visit with her and her gorgeous family. This is where I have gained a lot of inspiration for many of my stories. I am lucky that my mum and two sisters live close by and I can say that we are all best friends. I lost my dad four years ago and if it wasn’t for the story I wrote after his death where I came second in a competition I probably wouldn’t have started writing with a view to publication.

I am living my lifelong dream of becoming an author something which I never imagined happening. If I had to give any advice to an un-published author it would be ‘Never give up the dream’ because I never did…


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Hungry Hearts Holiday Hop (part 2)

hungryhearts badge (STATIC300x250)

We are so excited to CELEBRATE the holiday season with mouthwatering cookie recipes and delicious EXCERPTS from today’s hottest food-loving ROMANCE writers! Hop around and fill out the Rafflecopter form on each author’s site to enter our GIVEAWAYS: a spectacular mix of Harry & David Truffles, books, gifts cards, and Hungry Hearts author swag! Lots of awesome prizes to win!
In addition to the HUNGRY HEARTS HOLIDAY HOP prizes, Amanda Usen will be featuring Hungry Hearts authors on her site and giving their books away to lucky winners. Visit Writer.Chef.Romantic to get in on the fun!
When the holiday season arrives, our hearts fill with CHEER. Life is a gift, isn’t it? Hop with us for the chance to win, and share your holiday JOY while we share our favorite COOKIE recipes with you!
~~There are a total of 13 authors participating with delectable recipes for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday~~ (click links in collection below)

~~Click HERE for a link to the Rafflecopter and see the amazing gift basket you could win~~

Today I’m sharing an old time favorite cookie recipe. I know everyone has a favorite sugar cookie recipe that has become tradition…and this one is the tradition at our house.



First the boring stuff:  Calories 88…..%Calories/fat 47%…..Carbs 10.5 grams…..Cholest 13 mgrams…..Protein 1.2 grames…..Fat 4.7 grams…..Fiber 23 grams…..Sodium 42 grams

Now the good stuff:  Ingredients:

4 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup shortening

1 (8oz) package cream cheese

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 egg

1/2 tsp vanilla


Combine flour, baking powder, salt and nutmet…set aside.  Cream together butter and shortening; add cream cheese and sugar, beating until fluffy.  Add egg and vanilla; beat well.  Gradually beat in flour mixture.  Divide dough in half.  Cover and chill 1 to 2 hours.  On lightly floured surface, roll dough 1/8 inch thick (my preference but I leave it a bit thicker because I like the cookies thicker and for some reason they are almost cake like…soft and yummy).  Cut with cookie cutters.  Place on ungreased baking sheet.  Bake at 375 for 7-9 minutes.  Cool on wire rack and frost…if you have any left.  LOL…they are delish unfrosted or decorated.

Hope you enjoy this recipe….they are awesome!



(Thank you to the amazing Amanda Usen for baking, decorating, and photographing the cream cheese sugar cookies…As you can see from the picture she is a professional and makes my attempts at decorating look like a four year old did the job…so I posted her pictures instead of mine…lol)

Please let me know in the comments what your favorite holiday cookie recipe is…and if you want to go the extra mile feel free to share the recipe!


Author bio:

Christine Warner is living her dream in Michigan along with her husband, three children, one laptop and a much loved assortment of furry friends.

Besides laughing and a good round of humor, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing but no arithmetic.  A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities.  She loves to read and write about strong heroes and determined, sometimes sassy, heroines.

bs 200 x 300


 Saute, simmer, and flambé…

Jill Adgate wants three things from life: a successful catering business, the devoted love of an exceptional man, and a family. What she has is no job, a mounting pile of bills, and her outspoken best friend—who sets her up on a blind date with the man who inadvertently ruined Jill’s life.

 Chet Castle is a prosperous businessman who has everything, except the ability to trust. Burned by a money-hungry fiancée, he refuses to get involved with any relationship that has a shelf life longer than a head of lettuce.

Intrigued by her ambition–and determined to get her in bed–Chet offers Jill the chance of a lifetime: Work for him for the next eight weeks as his live-in chef and he’ll help her get her catering business off the ground. When sparks fly in the kitchen, Jill realizes what’s cooking with her commitment-phobic employer is a recipe for disaster…but it’s just too tasty to not take a bite.


Barnes & Nobel:





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What to Read Wednesday

Welcome to What to Read Wednesday!

Today we have my awesome friend and fellow author Kristina Knight guest blogging. She’s written a great post I think we can all relate to, and she’s also celebrating her latest release Mr. Right Now. I just love that title and love the cover even more.

So, grab your favorite drink and snack and sit back for a treat 🙂

Take it away Kristi…

Calgon, Take Me Away!

I live in a fictional world 75% of the time. Playing with my characters, ‘seeing’ new sights, getting emotionally overcome because my hero (or heroine) does something really, really … um…unheroic. The other 25% of the time I’m a mom and wife. Housekeeper. Cleaner of the toilet. Shopper for the groceries who gets the, ‘why can’t we eat hotdogs all the time?!?’ questions that make her want to poke her eye out with red-hot spoon.

Good, I see you’re all still with me!

As much as I love bebe and RadioMan, there are days when I just want to stay in my insular little fiction world. Like, maybe forever. I don’t want to clean puke off the carpet and if I have to fold one more load of laundry I’m going to lose it. Those are the moments I look for a little escape. Sometimes I’ll escape back into my fictional world. Sometimes I’ll go scouring Pinterest for a little eye-vacation. Because, for me, dreaming about a fabulous tropical vacation is almost as good as actually going to that paradise. Note I said ‘almost’ there.

My favorite vacation spots have always been tropical – I blame my mid-west upbringing with that. When you’re surrounded by Oak and Elm trees, a nice palm sounds heavenly. Plus, there is the beach aspect and maybe a hot cabana boy to help you while away the time. These days I’d rather take RadioMan along and skip right over the cabana boy … and we could all play on the beach away from social networks and pinging email and ringing phones.

That sounds heavenly.

In my new book, MR. RIGHT NOW, Casey needs a vacation from her life. She’s got reporters hanging out on her doorstep, a constantly ringing phone and jangling nerves. So when her best friend and agent suggests a cruise she goes along. Little does she know there is more to this cruise than she expected….

Tell me, readers, do you have a favorite vacation spot? And, what is your favorite thing about vacations – seeing something new? The ability to avoid email/social networks without guilt? What?



The wrong guy might be just right for her. When her celebrity boyfriend of three years dumps her and claims he’s now gay, unlucky-in-love author Casey Cash decides to get out of New York. A cruise seems like the perfect escape: everyone onboard will be locked away from television, newspapers and internet gossip pages, allowing her some much needed relaxation. There’s only one problem: her oh-so-helpful agent has hired a male escort for her…and a big NYC paper has sent a pesky reporter on-board, vowing to get the dirt. Mason Drury doesn’t want to write an expose on Casey, but he’s in a bind. After a source flipped on him, he’s persona non grata at his newspaper. Celebrity trash or not, this story will put him back on top. Too bad he finds himself breaking the first rule of reporting by getting attached to his subject and letting bias influence his story. Casey’s much more interested in sexy Mason than the annoying escort who’s bunking in her room. Mason might even have romantic potential if she can shake her well-meaning-but nosey-fans. Oh, and that reporter. She’s got to avoid him at all costs…

CONTENT WARNING: A smattering of sass, sex and a heaping happily ever after. A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance


Casey needed things to slow down. And she desperately wanted whatever was happening to speed up. She didn’t know who Mason was. Didn’t know if he was the reporter or just some random guy. Her head said he was the reporter. Why else would he have hit on her so hard from the time she came on board? It had to be part of his plan.

But then, why would a reporter waste time talking to a random woman about her life? Setting her up with another harmless guy who would bolster her self-confidence and help her bounce back from rejection. That was something a nice guy would do. Casey wanted badly for Mason to be a nice guy. Just for a little bit.

Then she’d go back to the craziness of Tyler and figuring out who the reporter was. How to avoid him and save what was left of her reputation.

Surely her future could spare her a few more minutes with Mason Drury.

“What’s your plan?” he asked, his eyes intent on hers.

What was her plan? She knew she had one. It was a good one, too. What was it again?

He pressed his lips to hers, and she didn’t care about plans or who was following whom.

One little kiss.

What could it hurt?

Buy Links:




Author Bio/Links:

Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police—no, she wasn’t a troublemaker, she was a journalist. When the opportunity to focus a bit of energy on the stories in her head, she jumped at it. And she’s never looked back. Now she writes magazine articles by day and romance novels with spice by night. She lives on Lake Erie with her husband and daughter. Happily ever after.

Kristina’s Links:

TW: @AuthorKristina


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BOOK COVER TOUR: Still the Best Woman for the Job by Sharon C Cooper


Joint heir to the largest construction company in the state of Ohio, master plumber, Toni (TJ) Jenkins has been groomed to behave in a way that is befitting of the respected Jenkins’ family name. But after she breaks up with the only man she’s ever loved, to protect a secret she holds close to her heart, poor decisions lead her down a path of destruction that risks ruining the reputation of the company her family has worked hard to build.

Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, knows Toni is the woman for him. They’ve been apart for months, but when they run into each other at a party, the passion between them sizzles stronger than ever. She says she can’t handle dating a cop, but he senses that something else keeps her from rushing back into his arms. Craig wants her to be his wife, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove no matter what she’s hiding, she’s still the best woman for the job.



A wave of giddiness gripped Toni the moment she pulled up to Craig’s house. She wasn’t sure what had come over her. She grinned like she’d just learned the secret to keeping a manicure fresh for a month. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen Craig every day for the past week and a half. Maybe the joy flowing through her veins had something to do with the fact that they were meeting for their first afternoon rendezvous at his place.

She climbed out of her work van and practically floated to the door, and then rang the doorbell.

“Who is it?” Craig asked through the closed door.

“It’s the plumber. I’ve come to fix the sink.”

She heard him laugh before he pulled open the door. “You’re crazy. Get in here.” He tugged her inside and into his arms. Toni couldn’t think of any other place she’d rather be than right there molded against his lean body.  “Well hello,” he mumbled, his lips brushed against hers as he spoke. “I have to admit, you’re the finest plumber I’ve ever laid eyes on. But,” he broke off the kiss suddenly and released her, “you have to hurry and take care of that sink problem before my woman gets here. She’s the jealous type and doesn’t like fine-ass plumbers hanging out in my house.”

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny. I see you’ve got jokes.” Toni took off her work boots and followed him into the kitchen.

“So do you use that ‘I’m here to fix the sink’, line often?” He glanced over his shoulder as he removed a long pan from the oven. “Maybe to pick up unsuspecting men like me?”

“Actually my dear, you’re the only man I’ve used that line on.” She wiggled her eyebrows at him and grinned.

He flashed a goofy I’m-the-luckiest-man-in-the-world smile that lit up his hazel eyes and jump-started the giddiness that swirled around inside her body. When he turned back to his delicious smelling dish and sprinkled additional cheese across the top, Toni couldn’t help but recall the first plumbing job she did for him, he was cooking then too. A small smile tilted her lips as she admired how easily he moved around the kitchen. Unlike the first time they met, today he didn’t have his police uniform on and didn’t look as intimidating. She loved a man in uniform, but Craig’s tall figure in blue jeans hanging low on his hips and a white tank top showing off thick muscular arms and washboard abs were just as sizzling.


Toni’s gaze shot up to find Craig checking her out and wearing a crooked grin. She swallowed hard and rubbed her sweaty palms down the thighs of her jeans. Hopefully he couldn’t read minds. If he could, he would know that she was now imagining him naked.

“Uhh … so what’s for lunch?”

Craig sauntered across the room. He pulled her close and nuzzled the side of her neck, his hands easily sliding underneath her T-shirt. “My version of baked Ziti, but now I’m thinking that maybe I should have you for lunch, and we save the Ziti for dessert,” he mumbled against her burning skin. “We have about fifteen minutes before I have to take it out of the oven. Just enough time for a quickie.”

He backed her up to the granite countertop and her entire body went liquid with anticipation when he lifted her shirt over her head and cupped her breasts, sending a spark of desire straight to her midsection. His mouth covered hers in a deep penetrating kiss as he skimmed his skillful fingers over her lace bra, tweaking her nipples, immediately making them rise to attention. All thoughts of food flew out of Toni’s mind and was replaced with a yearning desire to have their bodies joined as one when he paid her other breast the same attention as the first.

Craig lifted his head. “I have to get you out of these clothes,” he said, his gruff voice turning her on almost as much as the quick work he did in stripping her out of her jeans, leaving her with only her bra and bikini panties on. He stood back, his hungry gaze raked over her body and lingered on her breast. “Damn, girl, you’re sexy with or without clothes, but right now I need you up higher. Sometimes I forget how short you are without your heels on.”

“Craig!” she yelped when, without warning, he lifted her and placed her on the cool granite countertop. “My grandmother would have a fit if she saw me sitting on a kitchen counter. Especially if she knew what we were about to do.”

“Well, it’s a good thing she’s not here.”

Bestselling author, Sharon C. Cooper, lives in Atlanta with her husband and enjoys reading, writing, and rainy days. She writes sweet and contemporary romance, as well as romantic suspense. Sharon is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), member of Georgia Romance Writers (GRW), and a member of the Page a Day Writers Group. To read more about Sharon and her novels, visit


Sharon’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Still the Best Woman for the Job on Amazon
Publication Date: September 25, 2013

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COVER REVEAL Finding The Right Girl: A Nice Guy to Love spinoff by Violet Duke


Brian Sullivan has been in love twice in his lifetime. He lost his first love to early-onset Huntington’s, and the other to his brother.  And somehow, his heart has managed to heal itself after both. Amazingly, without therapy. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten a bit more cautious, however. Lately, Brian’s been thinking that maybe his brother’s now retired nothing-but-flings rule wasn’t such a bad idea after all. But as the unofficial nice guy poster boy, Brian needs some help with the whole thing. So he looks to the outrageously ‘unique,’ inexplicably enigmatic, provokingly button-pushing Tessa Daniels.

There’s absolutely no way he’s falling in love with this one…right?

Tessa has no idea what she was thinking telling Brian that she was some sort of fling expert. She’s never been flung and she sure as heck doesn’t know where or how to begin flinging a guy like Brian. Tessa blames her temporary lapse in sanity on the can’t-help-but-fall-for-him brain fuzz that hits her whenever she’s around him. Not only does he have her being more herself than she’s ever been in her life, but he’s the only man that seems to have as many demons and skeletons in the closet as she does. What’s more, he’s got her thinking of the one thing she stopped letting herself even hope for years ago.

A happily ever after.


About Violet
National bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels.  Besides writing and feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, she can often be found tackling reno projects with her power tools and trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first, or cooking ‘special edition’ dishes that laugh in the face of recipes.  Violet lives in Hawai’i with her two cute kids and similarly adorable husband.

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