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INTERVIEW with Tamara Gill author of Only an Earl Will Do ~ #Giveaway

Welcome to the blog! Please help me welcome Tamara Gill, author of Only an Earl Will Do. If you haven’t had a chance to read any of Tamara’s books you should run and grab a copy. You’ll enjoy her writing style!

Tamara has agreed to answer a few questions so we can get to know her a little better. Afterward check out the blurb and excerpt for Only an Earl Will Do, and then enter her awesome giveaway!

Let’s get started …

Describe yourself in tweet form. That’s right, you get 140 characters🙂


Author of Regency, historical & time travel romance. Mum and Aussie.


Great job, you got in some great details🙂 What’s your favorite room in your house?


My office.


Tell us the last thing you cooked?


Dinner last night – steak and vegetables. Sounds quite boring when you write it down.


Nothing boring about steak🙂 What was the first word that came to mind when you saw the cover for ONLY AN EARL WILL DO?


Love!!!! I really loved it once it was done. Just beautiful.


It is a fabulous cover! How do you feel about writing love scenes?


I like writing them, but the trick is to keep them different from all the others you’ve written before. That’s the hard part. There are only so many things people can do. *wink*


lol…I feel the same. I love naming my characters. How did you go about choosing the hero and heroine in ONLY AN EARL WILL DO?


I looked up names used in the Regency era and picked two that went together and that I liked. I have more trouble coming up with titles than first names.


Would you like to tell us what you’re working on now?


I’m working on a Scottish time travel romance series, book one TO CONQUER A SCOT is out on submission now, and book two, TO SAVE A SAVAGE SCOT, is coming along nicely. I’m also working on a Regency romance series proposal.

I love a good time travel. I can’t wait to read them🙂


RANDOM FUN : Finish this sentence:


When I was young I wanted to grow up to be: Archaeologist

The next book on my tbr pile is: I’m trying to finish Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series.

I will never: Steal.

My favorite television show is: Outlander and Game of Thrones. These are equal in my estimation.

I wish I could: Get over my fear of flying.

Chocolate: Always



Henry is determined to make the only woman who captured his heart his wife.


To Marry a Rogue #1
Tamara Gill
Releasing July 25th, 2016
Entangled Select Historical


The reigning queen of London
society, Lady Elizabeth Worthingham, has her future set out for her. Marry
well, and marry without love. An easy promise to make and one she owed her
family after her near ruinous past that threatened them all. And the rakish
scoundrel Henry Andrews, Earl of Muir whose inability to act a gentleman when
she needed one most would one day pay for his treachery.
Returning to England after three
years abroad, Henry is determined to make the only woman who captured his heart
his wife. But the icy reception he receives from Elizabeth is colder than his
home in the Scottish highlands. As past hurts surface and deception runs as
thick as blood, so too does a love that will overcome all obstacles, unless a
nameless foe, determined with his own path, gets his way and their love never
sees the light of day…


Elizabeth hid a repulsed shudder over Lord Riddledale, who stood pompous and proud across the floor, the ever-present scowl on his face no surprise. No doubt her stepping out with another gentleman other than himself had put him out of countenance. She turned back to her sister. “I cannot summon any remorse for annoying Riddledale. As for Lord Dean, I’ll be sorry to hurt him, but no, I will not marry him no matter how much his heart breaks over my decision.”

“Could your feelings change in time, do you believe?” Victoria asked.



Elizabeth shook her head. “No.”


She swallowed the familiar lump which formed in her throat every time she thought of him, the man she refused to name, even in her own thoughts. “I’m not the loving kind. I don’t believe it’s healthy to rely on such feeble unstable emotions when someone is entering the marriage state. Men and their need to be adored, looked up to in awe, can go hang. Lord Newland’s name protects me now. I have no need to marry again.”

Victoria threw her a dubious look. “I believe there is nothing purer and good than love, especially if you are fortunate enough to have it in a marriage.” Her sister sighed, the sound tinged with sadness. “You promised Papa you would try.”

“I am well aware of what I promised Papa, but he did not stipulate marriage is what I should try. I’m friendly and affable. That is enough.”

   Amazon | B&N | Kobo iTunes


 is an Australian author who
grew up in an old mining town in country South Australia, where her love of
history was founded. So much so, she made her darling husband travel to the UK
for their honeymoon, where she dragged him from one historical monument and
castle to another. A mother of three, her two little gentleman’s in the making,
a future lady (she hopes) and a part-time job keep her busy in the real world,
but whenever she gets a moment’s peace she loves to write romance novels in an
array of genres, including regency, medieval and time travel. Tamara loves
hearing from readers and writers alike. You can contact her through her
website, and sign up to follow her blog or newsletter.

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BOOK BLAST ~ An Artful Seduction by Tina Gabrielle ~ #giveaway

lust for revenge will be his downfall…


Infamous Somertons #1
Tina Gabrielle
Releasing June 20th, 2016
Entangled Scandalous
His lust
for revenge will be his downfall…
London, 1815. Eliza Somerton has a dangerous
secret. As the daughter of the infamous art forger who duped half the ton,
she’s rebuilt her life under a new name. But when an old forgery goes up for
auction, her father’s enemy, Grayson Montgomery, outbids her and presents her
with an unimaginable choice: help him find her father or he’ll ruin her.
For years, Grayson, the Earl of
Huntingdon and one of London’s top art critics, has sought justice. His
well-laid plans finally come to fruition when he learns of his enemy’s
beautiful daughter. But Eliza possesses a sensuality and independent spirit
that weakens his resolve, and as the heat between them sizzles, what started as
revenge soon blossoms into something sinful…


“Do you like what you see?”

Eliza spun around at a masculine voice. Lord Huntingdon stood in the doorway—tall, broad, and compellingly male. Her heart started to pound. Goodness! In the afternoon sunlight from the drawing room windows, he was even more handsome than at the auction. He was dressed in a meticulously tailored jacket of navy superfine, buff-colored trousers, and shiny black Hessians. His dark hair curled around his collar, and he appeared to be a gentleman of fashion that matched the artwork in his drawing room.

But Eliza wasn’t fooled. There was a predatory gleam in his dark eyes that simmered beneath his polished veneer.

How long had he stood there observing her?

“I was told you weren’t receiving,” she said.

“I wasn’t. Until my butler informed me I was to buy artwork from you.” His tone held a note of challenge.

She forced herself to smile, all the while wondering if he would have her thrown out.

But the earl strolled into the room and held up her card. “The Peacock Print Shop. What precisely do you sell?”

“Paintings, engravings, and decorative items. Work from aspiring, local artists.”

“You compete with Ackerman’s in the Strand?”

“Not its clientele. Our customers are well-to-do merchants who wish to own a piece of art, but not pay Ackerman’s exorbitant prices,” she said.


She looked at the frames on the drawing room wall and struggled to maintain an even, conciliatory tone. “I don’t see the Jan Wildens painting that you purchased at the Tutton auction.”

An appealing smile curved his lips. “Ah, I knew there must be more to your visit than you led my butler to believe, Mrs. Somerton. For a moment, I thought you liked me.”

Could he tell she found him attractive? She struggled to calm her racing heart and gave him a pointed look. “Let us speak plainly, my lord. I don’t believe you truly desire the Wildens painting.”

He tsked. “Untrue. I plan on hanging it in my private gallery. Would you like a tour?”

She’d love one. She could spend hours in a museum if she were not a struggling tradeswoman. “Thank you, but no. I truly am here on business.”

“Business?” He arched a dark eyebrow as if the mere thought of a woman visiting for business purposes was ludicrous.

“Yes. I have a proposition for you.”

He walked closer, his smooth movements reminding her of a jungle cat. “A proposition? What an interesting choice of words.”

Her pulse skittered alarmingly at his nearness. “A business offer, my lord.”

“You have my interest.” He gestured toward a pale gold settee. “Please sit, Mrs. Somerton. If we are to discuss your offer, let’s be comfortable.”

He ignored a nearby armchair and sat beside her on the settee. Leaning against the cushions, he stretched his long legs, his polished Hessians shining in the sunlight streaming from the windows.

Eliza was not easily intimidated. She was no longer a young girl straight from the schoolroom, but a woman who worked for her living. But Lord Huntingdon was an imposing man…a big man. Everything about him was alarming, from his height of over six feet, to his broad shoulders, and his chiseled features. He was rumored to be immensely wealthy, a much sought-after bachelor who could be charming when it served him, and highly intelligent.

It was the last trait that concerned her.

“It’s not every day a beautiful lady visits with a business proposal.”

His voice, deep and sensual, sent a ripple of awareness through her.

She took a breath. “It should come as no surprise to you that I want the Jan Wildens painting.”

“It’s not for sale.”

She placed her leather case on a dainty end table and withdrew an engraving. “I plan to sweeten the deal. As I stated, I sell works from aspiring, local artists. They are exquisite pieces. As an influential art critic and enthusiastic collector, I’m sure you will be interested.”

Just as she thought, his curiosity was piqued at the mention of the artwork. The engraving was of a religious scene, Madonna with child, and the work painstaking and impressive. The artist, an unknown laborer, displayed his work at Eliza’s shop. Once sold, they would split the earnings.

Huntingdon sat forward and studied the piece. “The detail is quite astonishing for a new artist.”

Hope blossomed in her chest. “You can have it plus the fifty pounds I had planned to pay at the auction in exchange for the Wildens painting.”

Pushing the engraving aside, his dark eyes studied her intently. “It’s not enough.”

Her heart sank.

Then he leaned close, very close, until she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. Her pulse quickened and a disturbing tingling began in the pit of her stomach. She’d been wrong about his eyes, she realized. They weren’t black, but a rich, coffee brown.

“There are other types of beauty,” he said, “living beauty which I crave.”

Her heart thundered at his outrageous words. “How dare you! I’m not for sale, my lord.”

“Ah, but you are, Mrs. Somerton. You are very much for sale, and I—”

She came to her senses and reached up to slap him. But he was too quick, grasping her wrist before she made contact with his cheek.

His eyes narrowed. “The Jan Wildens oil is a forgery, albeit a meticulous and frighteningly good one,” he said, his voice cold and exact.

A cold knot formed in her stomach. “I don’t know what you’re—”

“You’re very good. At first I thought it was your father’s work, but the brushwork is slightly different, the signature not a perfect match. You were taught well. I’m not surprised since you’re Jonathan Miller’s daughter.”

He knows!

She felt as if her breath was cut off. He thought she had created the forgery. She’d go to her grave before she confessed it was her sister’s work.

Her voice wavered. “You can’t prove it.”

“I am an expert.”

“You were wrong before, as I recall,” Eliza said sharply.

She could have bit her tongue the moment the words left her lips. His face hardened like granite at the mention of the past when he had been fooled by her father.

His fingers tensed on her wrist. “I lost my credibility as a critic at the Royal Academy because of your father. It took me years to earn back my reputation. Jonathan Miller was never found and tried for his crimes.”

She was right; Huntington thirsted for revenge. She’d come here to prevent disaster, but had caused it instead. She suppressed the panic rising in her chest. She couldn’t give in to it now, not when she needed all her wits about her to survive.

He released her wrist suddenly. “Your choice of artwork to forge is interesting. The Flemish painter Jan Wildens—an artist who often painted backgrounds for the popular Peter Paul Rubens.”

“I’m duly impressed by your artistic knowledge.”

He ignored her sarcasm. “Wildens is someone your father would have chosen. Miller never copied the masters, but less acknowledged artists, oftentimes a master’s students or assistants. That way the history of a painting’s ownership was much more ambiguous and could be concocted by a crafty and shrewd art broker.”

It was true. Amelia had followed her father’s reasoning when she’d chosen to forge Jan Wildens.

Despite her inner turmoil, Eliza lifted her chin and boldly met his gaze. “Since you’re certain of your opinion, I shall see myself out—”

“Oh no, you won’t. You’ve come to bargain, remember?”

“I have nothing you want.”

He gave her body a raking gaze. “To the contrary, I like what I see.”

An alarming heat curled low in her belly. Could she do it? Trade her body for the painting…for their survival?

Yes, if it means protecting Amelia and Chloe.

She swallowed hard and looked into his eyes. “Just what are you proposing?”

His mouth twisted wryly. “As tempting as I find the offer, Mrs. Somerton. I’ve never forced a woman into my bed. I’ve never had the need.”

She felt her face grow hot with humiliation. Had she misinterpreted so badly? “Then what do you want?”




Tina Gabrielle, an award-winning author, is an
attorney and former mechanical engineer whose love of reading for pleasure
helped her get through years of academia. She’s the author of adventurous
Regency romances In The Barrister’s Bed, In The Barrister’s Chambers, Lady Of
Scandal, and A Perfect Scandal from Kensington Books. “A Spy
Unmasked” is the first book in her new Regency romance series, “In
The Crown’s Secret Service,” and will be released from Entangled
Publishing on November 10, 2014. “At The Spy’s Pleasure” will be
available in April 2015. Tina’s books have been Barnes & Noble top picks,
and her first book, Lady Of Scandal, was nominated as best first historical by
Romantic Times Book Reviews.

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A Deleted Scene from A FRIENDLY FLIRTATION by Christine Warner

Hi All! Today I thought I’d share a deleted scene that I shared with all my readers who have signed up for my newsletter. This is from A FRIENDLY FLIRTATION – book 3 of the Friends First Series.



Allison Hall is fed up with being a social outcast. Even at the tech company where she works for her brother and his best friend, Jared, she’s the invisible nerdy girl. What she needs is confidence—and that requires a makeover and dating tips. And she knows just the man to help…

Jared Esterly is shocked when Allison asks for his assistance and turns her down, knowing that her brother—his business partner and best friend, Nick—would kill him if he dated her, even if it is just for practice. But when Al’s attempt to make changes on her own fails spectacularly, Jared reluctantly steps in. Things heat up quickly, and soon lessons move from the salon to the bedroom.

When overprotective big-brother Nick discovers Jared is dating Allison, their friendship and business partnership sour. Allison, consumed by guilt, must make a choice: stay with Jared, even though that means ruining his friendship with Nick and possibly his career, or leave the one man who sets her on fire.


As for the deleted scene, this is between heroine Allison Hall and her best friend Colleen. Allison needed some moral support while she tried to make some important changes to the way she looked—starting with wearing makeup.  :)



A little over an hour later they both sat at the narrow counter that separated Allison’s kitchen from the cozy living room. Colleen dumped the bag of makeup on the counter, and several fashion magazines spilled out as well. She ran her fingertips over the pile, pushing aside the magazines as she turned over packages to read the labels and then opened a few jars to smell the contents. She scrunched her nose, rubbing her hand over her upper lip. “Are you sure you want to attempt this?”

“I’ve practically spent my rent in makeup. I can’t back out now.” Allison plugged in her new makeup mirror and grinned. She paused the YouTube video that demonstrated makeup techniques. Since they’d already watched it three times, it’d just become background noise.

Colleen’s blue eyes sparkled when she laughed. “We might have gotten a little carried away.”

“I’d blame it on the wine, but we haven’t opened it yet.” Allison held up two packages filled with different colored foundations. She compared one against the other with no real clue what the heck she was doing. She chose the lighter shade because she liked the name. True Beige.

What’s my addiction to beige?

She tossed it down and opted for Early Tan.

“We better fix that.” Colleen jumped off her stool and made her way into the tidy kitchen. She grabbed two wineglasses from the overhead cupboard, and then got busy with the corkscrew. “We both might need some liquid courage before this night is over.”

“Nice. You certainly know how to put me at ease,” Allison teased.

“That’s what I’m here for.” Colleen tugged the cork from the bottle with a he-man groan. Her face lit up as she held the corkscrew, with cork attached.

“You sure you don’t want to join in the fun?” Allison asked, dabbing one of the plush makeup sponges she’d just ripped out of the packaging against the tip of Colleen’s nose. Not that her friend needed any makeup. She had a flawless complexion.

Colleen shook her head, her sandy blond curls bouncing around her neck. “Nope. The main reason I don’t wear the stuff is because I don’t want to be responsible for taking it off. Life is so much easier au naturel.”

They both giggled over Colleen’s horrible French accent as she filled two glasses to the brim.

“You’ve got a point.” If she was going to do this, she needed to be comfortable. “I’ll be back.” Allison threw in her own impression, although her Arnold voice didn’t quite live up to The Terminator movies. Colleen rolled her eyes as Allison made a quick dash to the entry, heeled off her tennys, and slid her feet into the ultra-soft penguin slippers, and then settled once again onto the high-back barstool.

“Shoes make all the difference when testing makeup.” Colleen grinned.

“I might as well be comfortable, right?” Allison grabbed the foundation again and turned it over in her hand, reading the bottle. “You know, it might be more to my benefit if I use your face to practice on.”

“You mean like one of those Barbie heads Shelly and Jill from down the street played with when we were kids?” Colleen groaned.

Allison’s thoughts fogged over. “I wanted one of those in the worst way. They were beyond lucky.”

“Gross. You’re kidding me?”

“I even asked Dad for one, but instead he bought me a stupid remote control truck so I could race against Nick and Sam.”

Colleen’s eyes bugged out. “Sam Brown from across the street? I haven’t thought about him in eons. I wonder what became of him. He was gorgeous.”

“How can a ten-year-old boy be gorgeous?” Allison laughed. He did have amazing eyes, though.

“A ten-year-old boy can be gorgeous to a seven-year-old girl. For sure.” Colleen grabbed Allison’s hand—the one with the makeup bottle—and shook it. “I think my mom used to shake the stuff. And how could you have been immune to Sam Brown?”

“Because I wanted that damn Barbie head.” They both laughed. “I won’t even dwell over Nick and Sam beating me in every single race.”

“You’ve never been fond of driving.”

“I’m sure if my dad knew that the main reason I prefer to take the El instead of drive is because he bought me that darn truck he’d be crushed.”

“Poor Dad.” Colleen pursed her lips.

Allison twisted off the lid of the makeup bottle and put some on the sponge. “Here goes nothing.”

“I have to ask. Does this sudden urge to experiment with makeup have something to do with this Barbie head thingy? Because if that’s the case, I’ll buy you one for your next birthday.” Colleen’s eyes sparked with humor as she bit her lip in a horrible attempt to hold back her laughter.

“Nope. I just need to shake up my life a little. Make some changes. I’m starting with a makeover—first makeup, then my wardrobe, and—”

“Just don’t change your attitude, my friend.”

They clinked glasses, and after Allison took a sip she studied Colleen from across the rim. Her insecurities burst forth, and she put her glass down because her sweaty palms might make her drop it. “Do you think I’m being silly?”

Colleen stopped flipping through the fashion magazine and looked up. “Nope. I think you’re Allison. If making some changes makes you feel better. Go for it.”

Her heart softened at her friend’s words. “I really do think I’ll feel better if I can get all this girl stuff figured out.”

“I think it’ll do your confidence some good, too.”

Allison smiled, and she quit bouncing her leg beneath the bar top. No wonder they’d been friends forever. Colleen knew her better than almost anyone. Tears welled up behind her eyes and she blinked, averting her gaze. Colleen didn’t need to witness tears. The last time she’d broken down had been after Lance and she had broken up. Ugly tears got their name for a reason, and nobody—best friend or not—should have to endure that horrific scene more than once in a lifetime. At least she hadn’t totally broken down in front of Jared.

“You’re right. My confidence needs a boost.” A big boost. “I was trying to explain to Jared earlier—”

“As in Jared your boss?” Colleen flipped the magazine closed and pushed it away, her wineglass suspended halfway to her open mouth.

Allison nodded. “I’d actually asked him for a little help.”

Colleen downed the wine and refilled her glass. “Now that surprises me more than you wanting to wear makeup.”

“I told you I want to make changes. And I thought Jared would be the perfect one to help me, but he doesn’t seem to get it.”

“I can see where a man wouldn’t. Especially a man like Jared.” Colleen grinned. “I mean, no way in hell would a guy like that understand that in order to feel good on the inside you have to look good on the outside.”

“Oh. My. God. That’s exactly what I tried to tell him.” She ran the tip of her finger around the rim of her glass. “Thanks for getting me.”

“Hey, that’s what friends are for.”

“Any changes I can make will also help me to get the ball moving on my consultant business. I might even score a date more than once every decade.”

“Aha, the real reason is revealed.” Colleen’s face sobered. She knew better than anyone Allison’s desire to have that special someone. “You’ll meet someone. Mike said you were cute.”

“Jerry’s brother?” Allison snort-laughed as she sponged the makeup on her cheeks. “Um, yeah, he’s all of thirteen. Not quite dating material or the confidence booster I was thinking.”

“There’s always Graham—”

“Not a chance. He’s a nice guy, but I’m not interested.” Graham was Jerry’s best friend from work. He talked, breathed, and lived video games, pizza delivery, and old B horror movies. Not that she didn’t enjoy those things, too, but not every night. She wanted more out of life.

Colleen opened a few drawers and slid things around. “Do you have any straws?”

Allison giggled as she dabbed around her eyes. “Above the stove.”

“Had to make sure since last time I seem to remember using your last one.”

“I stocked up. I knew you’d be back.” She’d never understand her friend’s addiction to drinking alcohol through a straw, but she loved her anyway. She checked out her reflection. The makeup seemed to suffocate her skin, and she looked weird. But wasn’t the purpose of makeup to make you look different? Feel different? She twisted her head from side to side, smoothing her fingers down one cheek. “Do you think this is to dark?”

Colleen shrugged, taking a long draw on her straw. “You’ve only done half your face. I’ll give you my opinion when you finish the canvas.”

Allison frowned after she took another sip of her wine. “I’m not sure how I feel about my face being compared to a canvas.”

“You’ll get over it.” A smile played along Colleen’s mouth as she leaned across the counter, refocusing her attention on the magazine she’d abandoned minutes before.

Allison readjusted the mirror and then dabbed at her face with the makeup sponge, smearing the color over her forehead, down her nose, and across her chin. She leaned toward the mirror and squinted. “It’s too dark.”

“Put your glasses on.” Colleen barely looked up, shaking her head as if annoyed over the article she scanned. “I can’t believe women actually fall for this crap. There’s no such thing as a soul mate. It’s all about compatibility.”

Allison pushed the glasses up the bridge of her nose and sat back, blinking at her reflection. “I’m going to wipe it off. Didn’t I buy a lighter shade?” She brushed her hand over all the makeup filling the counter and smiled when she pulled out the one labeled Ivory. She’d steer clear of beige and definitely tan.

“You said you wanted to look tan.” Colleen tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips. “You look tan. As a matter of fact, I can’t see any freckles. Your skin looks flawless.”

“I’m not sure.”

“I think you just need to get used to it. Put on the mascara and eye shadow, maybe it’ll tie it all in together.” Colleen swirled the nearly empty wine in the bottom of her glass as she tried to catch the straw between her teeth.

Allison applied a thin coat of black mascara and then watched the video on YouTube one more time about mastering the art of smoky eyes. She opened the eye shadow and took out the brush, doing her best to make each eye match.

“Well, what do you think?” She sat back in her chair, blinking her eyes playfully. “Smoky eyes are still the in thing, right?”

Colleen shrugged her shoulder. “No clue, but I don’t think you put enough eye shadow on. I can barely see it. And”—she picked up the package with the fake eyelashes and turned them over, scanning the instructions—“I think you should try these out. They’ll really show off how pretty your eyes are.”

“You think?” Butterflies fluttered in Allison’s stomach, and she tried to drown them with another swallow of wine. “I really didn’t want them, but…”

“I talked you into them. They’ll look great on you.”

“It won’t be too much?”

Colleen downed the last of her wine, already reaching for the bottle. “I don’t think so. And didn’t you say you wanted to make some changes? Start making them.”

They giggled, and Allison applied another layer of color on her eyes and then attached the eyelashes to her lids. They felt clumsy and heavy. Or had she just had too much to drink? She downed the last of her wine, and before she had her glass half lowered Colleen refilled it. “I don’t know about these.”

“They look amazing. What’s that saying? Your eyes burst, no they snap, or is it—”

“Pop.” Allison giggled, taking another large swallow, then another. She grabbed the nearly empty bottle and refilled. The excitement of making the much dreamed about changes, along with all the wine and the laughs with her bestie, had her feeling like she could take on the world. “There’s another bottle above the stove. I have a feeling this is going to be a two-bottle night.”

Colleen winked. Instead of reaching overhead, she pulled a bottle out of her tote slowly as she hummed her best rendition of the Space Odyssey song.

Allison laughed so hard she snorted, which only made her laugh harder and her eyes water. That seemed to make her fake eyelashes heavier, and she couldn’t stop blinking. “I’m not sure we should drink another bottle. I’m already having an out-of-body experience. Of course I haven’t eaten lunch or dinner.”

“I say you drink your dinner.” Colleen reached for the corkscrew.

“You’re a bad influence.”

“Nah, I’m good moral support.” She yanked the cork from the bottle and then rummaged through the small pantry and pulled out a bag. “These go great with wine.”


“Nacho Cheese Doritos. Nothing goes better with wine than cheese. Hello?” Colleen stared at her as if she’d lost her mind.

“You need culinary help.” Allison pulled at her eyelashes, and Colleen leaned across the narrow counter to still her hand.

“Leave them on. They really do look great.”

“Then why did I put on mascara?”

“You got me? Why do girls do half the stuff they do with makeup? But leave on the fake ones. Your eyes look huge.” Colleen pulled three shades of lipstick from the makeup stash. “Here, try one of these.”

After another bottle and half of wine, and two-thirds of a bag of Doritos, they sat back and grinned at their handiwork.

“You look awesome.”

“I feel awesome.” And she did. More confident than she’d felt the day she put on her gown and held her degrees. “Now I just have to figure out what to wear when I go to work Monday.”

“We could take a little shopping trip tomorrow if you want.”

Allison pressed the back of her hand to Colleen’s forehead. “Nope, you’re not feverish. What the heck are you doing initiating a day in a clothing store?”

“I love my best friend, and I want her to be happy.”

Allison closed her eyes and sucked in a breath. “You’re the best bestie a girl could ask for, and although I appreciate your offer, I’m not sure I’m ready to take that step yet. I need time to adjust to this change before I bring on another.”

“Baby steps it is, then. We’ll find something amazing in your closet, and when you want to hit the store I’ll come along for more moral support.”

They hugged, and once again Allison had to force down the urge to cry. What an emotional roller coaster this life change had caused.

“Now, let’s raid your closet. We’ll throw together the perfect outfit to reveal the new you.” Colleen’s giddiness was contagious as they spun in a circle and landed on the couch, laughing as one of Allison’s slippers flew off her foot and missed whacking Colleen in head by mere millimeters.

“Almost ouch,” Colleen said around her laugh. She plucked the slipper from where it landed above her right shoulder and tossed it on the floor.

“It’s not too late, Coll. We can still give you a makeover, too.” Allison hugged her friend to her side. “Who knew this makeup thing could be so fun? I should’ve tried it years ago.”

“I may be a little tipsy, but I’m not drunk.” Colleen pulled Allison to her feet. “Come on, let’s check out that closet. We’ll find you something to wear for Sunday dinner. I’d love to see the look on Nick’s face when he sees you. Maybe he’ll finally get it that his little sister isn’t a kid anymore.”

“Someday you two will have to learn to get along.” There’d never been any secret that Nick and Colleen butted heads—on every subject under the sun, especially the way Nick treated her. “And you really should drop in for Sunday dinner, it’s been way too long. Gramps would love to see you.”

Colleen shrugged. “Maybe this week. Or next.”

She shook her head. “Can’t this week. We’re on dinner hiatus because Dad took Grams to Ohio to visit his brother.”

Saying the words punctuated the disappointment in her gut. She’d have liked a dress rehearsal before going into work Monday with her big reveal. Not only would she like to see what her family thought of her new look, but Jared, too.

“I’ll tag along another time. Just let me know when your dad makes ribs.” She licked her lips. “Since you won’t get to practice putting on your makeup for Sunday, you should probably remove and reapply a couple of times again tonight and tomorrow so that you get the hang of it.”

“Good idea.”

As Colleen tugged her toward the bedroom, she slid her foot back inside her slipper, proud of herself for daring to step out of her comfort zone. The weekend couldn’t pass quickly enough.

A Friendly Flirtation - FB Meme

Read the first chapter and then grab your copy here:

And if you want to get exclusive excerpts, win prizes, and be the first in the know in regards to my books sign up for my newsletter or my street team here:




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Guess what’s on sale for .99??? Book 1 – A Friendly Engagement – in the Friends First series

mom'sbanner copy

If you haven’t had the chance to read any of the books from my Friends First series … now is your chance!

Book One – A Friendly Engagement – is on sale for .99!!!!

A Friendly Engagement - FB Meme


Read the 1st chapter and then grab your copy here


What’s a little engagement between friends?

Omar Esterly is married to his job. But when Omar sets his sights on a potential, family-oriented client, his confirmed bachelorhood becomes a problem. Fortunately, his friend and employee, Devi Boss, has the perfect plan…

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly Devi’s plan to become her friend’s fake fiancée. Lies aren’t her style. However, Omar offers her a big, beautiful raise—enough to track down the missing father she’s never known—and Devi reluctantly agrees to the whole engagement hoax…

This was supposed to be a no-strings-attached win-win for both Devi and Omar, but when they cross the line between friendship and…well, something more, Devi realizes she’s made a huge mistake that just might cost her both job and friend—falling for her fiancé.



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BOOK BLAST ~ Healing Love by Abby Niles ~ Giveaway

Enter to Win a Love to the Extreme 
Series Ebook Bundle (Bks 1-3)


Love to the Extreme #4
Abby Niles
Releasing February 15th, 2016
Doctor Ella Watts wants her old life back. Desperately. But the past has returned for its rematch, and going back home—even telling anyone her real name—isn’t an option until she’s confident in her MMA abilities. Personal trainer Lance Black is the man to help her reach her goals. Not only is he toned, muscular, and gorgeous, he’s patient, a great teacher, and willing to treat her like a worthy opponent. Except his size makes her freeze whenever he gets too close. If Ella can’t learn how to overcome her fear of being attacked, she’ll never be able to
move on with her life.
Underground fighter Lance Black knows there’s more to the mysterious blonde ninja than a beautiful woman determined to improve her fighting skills. She can best anyone close to her size – man or woman – but insists on working out with him, even though he’s got a good 70 pounds and several inches on her. Despite her reticence, he’s determined to get her to open up so he can help her get over her mental block. And if that means he can get to know her outside the gym, all
the better.
As long as she never learns his secrets.


Lance came at her in a burst of energy, his arms slapping down to meet the punches she frantically threw. She had no game plan, just swung. A light pop bopped her on the side of the head and paralyzed her into place. He instantly backed off. The second there was space between them, her ability to breathe returned and she ripped off the gloves, throwing them down. “Damn it.”

Without a word, she climbed between the second and third rope, hopped to the floor, and slumped on a nearby bench, hanging her head. Why couldn’t she get past this mind block?

“Hey,” Lance said in a soothing tone that only annoyed her as he sat down beside her, but when he pressed his thigh against hers, she found the gesture oddly comforting. She wanted to lean into him, take his support, but she forced herself to stay where she was.

“I just need a few minutes alone.”

He laced his fingers together and let them hang between his knees. “A few months ago, I had a huge fight slotted. Any spare moment I had, I was training my fucking ass off.” He inhaled deep. “The pressure of it got the best of me and I just froze. Biggest night of my fighting career over by knockout in less than a minute.” He turned a sympathetic smile on her. “Sometimes our mind just gets the best of us. I don’t know what’s cluttering yours, but you’re not alone. It happens to everyone.”

His confession, that he would open up to her like that, meant more to her than he would ever know. Made her feel less alone. And she hadn’t felt like that in a long time.

“Thank you,” she whispered and leaned toward him. A simple kiss on his cheek to show her appreciation was her intent. But the moment her lips touched the stubbled skin, a floodgate of need crashed open. Instantly, her nipples puckered and the lower part of her body tingled in a very thrilling way. She wanted nothing more than for him to turn his head so she could feel the softness of his lips next. Stunned, she pulled back.

Their gazes locked, and the air seemed to still between them. His gray eyes held her captive. She couldn’t look away. She couldn’t break this magnetic hold Lance had had on her since that moment in the alley. And damn it—she didn’t want to. It’d been a long time—too long—since she’d been attracted to a man like him. Maybe she never had been. Lance was different.

Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Google Play | Kobo

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Abby Niles is the author of the contemporary MMA series, Love to the Extreme, and the paranormal series, The Awakening. She is also the author to the geeky romantic comedy, Defying Convention, where Live Action Role Players (LARPers) set out to teach their favorite author a lesson, but end up playing matchmaker instead.

Abby lives in North Carolina with the love of her life and their combined gaggle of kids. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to catch up on an endless pile of laundry and find time to get some much needed reading in.

Don’t Miss the First Book in the Love to the Extreme Series
On Sale for ONLY $0.99
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It’s a TWITTER #party with 4 awesome #authors tonight 2/17/16 #prizes #fun



Are you up for a party?

~~My publisher Entangled Publishing has organized an awesome event~~

Join me and 3 other authors on Twitter tonight. Between the fun, laughs, and conversation we’ll be handing out Scavenger Hunt questions and prizes. FUN FUN FUN!!!

The Naughty and Nice Scavenger Hunt and Twitter party is happening tonight from 8 pm until 10 pm EST.

Authors who will be partying are:

8:00-8:30 – Sherilee Gray

8:30-9:00- Abby Niles

9:00-9:30 – Naima Simone

9:30-10:00 – Christine Warner

Here’s how to participate:

Go to your twitter account and find us on the #EPScavengerHunt hashtag and jump in on the fun. I hope to see you there🙂

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INTERVIEW with Naima Simone author of The Millionaire Makeover ~ giveaway

Please help me welcome author Naima Simone to the blog today! Naima is so much fun and it shines through in her books. Today she’s agreed to take the hot seat and answer a few questions about herself and her latest release The Millionair Makeover, which is the second book in the Bachelor Auction series from the Indulgence Line with Entangled Books.

Afterward, check out her drool-worthy cover and enter her giveaway!

Let’s get started …

How would your friends describe you?

Now depending on the day—did I answer the phone or not; did I allow my procrastination tendencies to kick in; did I reply to an email—I think they would describe me as encouraging, funny, ever ready to bury the body, at times forgetful…which probably makes them want to snatch me up and beat me like a piñata :)…a listener and loyal. And my bestie said sassy. LOL!

Love it! You are always so much fun. What 3 things do you hope to accomplish in 2016?

In 2016 I want to become more disciplined in order to be more productive. I’d love to attend a writer’s retreat (I have my eye on one that I’m feenin’ to go to!), and finally, successfully pick a winner of Project Runway…

I want to go to a retreat as well. Hopefully it’ll happen for us both. What was the first thought you had when you saw the cover for THE MILLIONAIRE MAKEOVER?

OMG, that’s NIALL!!! LOL! Niall is the hero in THE MILLIONAIRE MAKEOVER, and except for Henry Cavill’s face, it was totally him. Aaaand, I don’t know, but I may have a watch fetish now…

I love choosing character names. Tell us how you came up with your character’s names in THE MILLIONAIRE MAKEOVER.

I love choosing character names, too! It’s the first part of my process once I figure out who my characters are. My hero, Niall, is Irish, complete with an accent. He’s also broody, sensual, strong-willed and incredibly loyal. His name means “champion.” And that’s who he is. In spite of his history with Khloe, he runs to her aid, and is willing to be who and what she needs. My heroine, Khloe, is a shy, Plain Jane wallflower who is ready to break out of her shell and take risks to grab ahold of the future she imagines for herself: a husband she loves, family, security, acceptance. Since she goes from duckling to swan, her name means “verdant and blooming.” In the book, she blooms into this confident, sexy woman who owns who she is. Can you tell I’m a little anal when it comes to this? LOL!

I love it! What’s the one scene from your book that stands out in your mind as being your favorite to write?

There are two scenes that immediately come to mind, so be right back while I flip a coin…. Okay, I’m back. LOL! One of my favorite scenes was when the glam squad showed up at Khloe’s house to transform her from “the nun”, as Niall called her, to the hottie. I had so much fun writing it! The glam squad characters were over the top, and then that moment when Niall sees her for the first time after the makeover… Sigh. And more importantly, that moment when Khloe sees herself for the first time! I had a ball writing it!

Describe your perfect hero.

My perfect hero is a man who’s very alpha, can be just shy of a**hole-ish sometimes with good reason, but is never demeaning or abusive. He’s tortured, scarred—inside and maybe even out—has a hard, even brutal demeanor, but at the same time possesses an iron core of strength and a moral code that is unshakable. Like he might snap his enemy’s neck without the slightest remorse or hesitation, but he’ll take home that starving, abused puppy he found behind the dumpster in the alley he just snapped said neck. He’s willing to do anything—and I mean anything—to protect the woman he loves. While the world might see him as a fierce, dangerous predator, his woman knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would never hurt her, and would torch the world for her alone. She sees the vulnerability in him that he can’t afford to show anyone else. So whether he’s in a five thousand dollar suit, leathers and s**tkickers or camouflage, my perfect hero is a total bad a**.


My perfect day… is sleeping late, staying in bed, with coffee, a Columbo marathon, Chinese food and BOOKS!

The room I hang out most in my house… is my bedroom. If I had a refrigerator in there, my kids might forget what I looked like! LOL!

The last restaurant I ate out at was… The Cheesecake Factory. I had a girls’ night out there for the first time in forevah!! We had the funniest waiter who told us snitches get stiches. ROTFL!! He was great! And the company was, too, of course!🙂

I could never… touch a spider. Not. Gon’. Do. It! My college advisor wanted to desensitize my sister and I to spiders. Yes, we’re identical twins and share the same phobia to those eight-legged abominations! We were supposed to start with looking at a watercolor of one, and by the end of the semester end up holding a tarantula. I swear, I tried to convince myself it was a Rorschach Test, and the thing was a bicycle spoke… But nope. That thing was the most realistic damn watercolor I’ve ever seen. It had six eyes ‘n’ everything. I couldn’t. I tapped out. Both of us did. No lie. I can’t make this up…

The last book I read was… J. T. Geissinger’s, MAKE ME SIN, book 2 in the Bad Habit series. One word: A.J. Angels just did their hallelujah-thing when I said his name. Did anyone else catch that? LOL! Oh my Lamb, that book yes and amen!!

Thank you for having me, Christine! This was so much fun! Now I guess I better go fix dinner. Sigh. My kids are so high-maintenance…🙂

That was fun Naima! I’m so glad you stopped by for a chat. Best of luck with The Millionaire Makeover🙂



Enter to Win a Print Copy of


Bachelor Auction #2
Naima Simone
Releasing on February 8, 2016
Entangled Indulgence



Plain-Jane computer programmer Khloe Richardson needs a date—one to make the prince of her dreams jealous. Maybe then he’ll finally see
her as a desirable swan and not the ugly duckling in the second office from the left.
But when she bids on a bachelor at a charity auction, the man she wins is millionaire Niall Hunter—who once made intense, passionate love
to her and then left without a word. She’s determined not to let her guard down again—among other things—around the infamous Irish lothario.
Niall never imagined his penance for one hot-as-hell night with his best friend’s little sister would be transforming her from a shy
wallflower to a sultry siren. Helping her attract another man is torture…especially when he promised his friend he’d stay away. Plus, she
wants forever, and he’s not a forever kind of guy. But Niall can’t stop wanting her. Can’t stop touching her. Can’t stop, period. And damn if he can remember why he has to…


A bead of sweat rolled down Niall’s spine as every pint of blood in his body seemed to flow south and congregate in his cock. Somewhere there was a woodshed with his name on it for the lessons he’d taught Khloe that night. As much as he’d been drinking, he shouldn’t have been able to move, much less fuck. But he’d taken her like a man possessed. Over and over. On her back. Her stomach. Her side. On his back. And he recalled each and every moment as if the sheer heat of those hours had burned away memories that should’ve been fogged by alcohol. Maybe that was part of his punishment for laying a hand on Michael’s much-loved baby sister. Damned to never forget the most explosive, mind-blowing sex of his life…and doomed never to repeat it because of his friend’s last request before his death.

Yeah, God was definitely a woman.

Only a female could be that fucking diabolical.

Naima’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey and Linda Howard many years ago. Though her first attempt at writing a romance novel at 11 never saw the light of day, her love of romance and writing has endured. Now, she spends her time creating stories of unique men and women who experience the dizzying heights of passion and the tender heat of love. She is the wife to Superman – or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent – and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.
Don’t Miss the First in the Bachelor Auction Series
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iTunes

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