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10 – 4 Tuesday

Welcome to 10 – 4 Tuesday! 

10 – 4 Tuesday is a quick way to get to know an author and their latest release. I will ask our guest to share 10 things about themselves and their book and then 4 questions for fun. 🙂  So let’s get started.

Today I’d like to welcome Chrys Fey! She’ll be sharing her 10, followed by her 4, and then an excerpt of her book Hurricane Crimes. 🙂  Amazing cover Chrys….love it!


First the 10:

To start out, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a Floridian and a vegetarian. Hurricane Crimes is my debut, which I am thrilled to share with you. I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey, but one of my sisters let me borrow the trilogy. I guess you could say I’m a little skeptical about reading them, so tell me . . . did you read them? What did you think?

I have them on my Nook, but I haven’t read them yet. From what I hear you either love them or hate them….hmmm.  What genre (s) do you write?

Romantic-suspense, supernatural-thrillers, and romance. I also dabble in fantasy and sci-fi.

You sound like a busy writer! Share your blurb for Hurricane Crimes!

After her car breaks down, Beth Kennedy is forced to stay in Florida, the target of Hurricane Sabrina. She stocks up supplies, boards up windows, and hunkers down to wait out the storm, but her plan unravels when she witnesses a car accident. Risking her life, she braves the winds to save the driver. Just when she believes they are safe, she finds out the man she saved could possibly be more dangerous than the severe weather.

Donovan Goldwyn only wanted to hide from the police, but the hurricane shoved his car into a tree. Now he’s trapped with a beautiful woman while the evidence that can prove his innocence to a brutal crime is out there for anyone to find.

As Hurricane Sabrina wreaks havoc, Beth has no other choice but to trust Donovan to stay alive. But will she survive, or will she become another hurricane crime?

What’s a genre you don’t write but would like to try?

I don’t write horror. I can write suspense and gore, but I just don’t think I have that scary bone in my body. If someone could teach me how to scare my readers, I’d definitely take the opportunity.

I’m the same, I think I would add too much funny in there somewhere lol. Where do you prefer to write?

I have a desk nestled in the corner of my apartment where I can see out the sliding glass door and take a peek at the TV. I spend quite a bit of time here pounding away at the keyboard, but I also love to curl up on the couch with a notebook and pen.

Sounds like a good writing spot! What’s the easiest part of writing for you?

Getting story ideas. I get story ideas when I’m trying to fall asleep, when I’m watching TV, and especially when I’m trying not to get story ideas. I have a list of books I need to write and it keeps getting longer.

What was your favorite and least favorite part about writing this book?

My favorite part was creating Hurricane Sabrina. I tried to make the storm as human as possible by giving it characteristics many people, and especially women, have. There are only three characters in my book, so Hurricane Sabrina was my fourth character.

I don’t have a least favorite, but I will admit that I did have a bit of a problem with the POV, but after I got that squared away everything was fine.

Why should we read your book?

I would never want to claim anyone should or has to read my book, so instead I’ll say why someone may want to read my book . . . I think people who love suspense will have fun trying to figure out if Donovan is a killer. I think romance lovers will enjoy the tension and passion between Donovan and Beth. I believe women will enjoy rooting for Beth during her insane moments of strength. I also think avid readers will be satisfied with Hurricane Crimes because it is a quick read and thorough story.

What do you hope readers walk away with when they finish HURRICANE CRIMES?

I hope readers will finish my book feeling entertained. More than that, I want them to feel as though they can battle a hurricane like Beth did, even if the hurricane takes shapes as another hardship in their life.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current WIP?

Absolutely! I am editing my next eBook, 30 Seconds, which is about a woman who finds herself in the middle of a war between a police force and a deadly mob. I am also writing a book about a wrestler and a librarian. This WIP is titled, In the Ring, and is a romance story with intense situations involving wrestling matches and family conflict.

Great titles….looking forward to learning more about them 🙂

Now the 4:

How would people communicate in a perfect world?

In a perfect world people would communicate with eye contact. With a simple locking of eyes you can have a complete conversation and even understand someone’s mood/emotional state. This would probably work better in a sci-fi novel though. Now there’s another story idea! 😉

All the television stations pooled together and chose one person to pick a show to run 24/7 for 365 days…and you won. What television show would you pick to run over and over again?

My addiction is Scandal, so I would definitely pick that show to run on repeat for a whole year. It has everything a person could want: murder, crimes, irresistible romance, intensity, shocking twists, a great storyline, amazing characters, and, of course, scandal!

You were in a head on collision with Santa and his reindeer! Whew…everyone is okay, but the accident was caused by you running a red light! Now you’re in court and Judge Judy sentences you to a year of duties where you’ll need to take the place of one of the following holiday mascots….who will you choose? The Easter Bunny, The Tooth fairy, The Grim Reaper, Santa, Uncle Sam, Cupid…or another. And why did you choose the one you did?

I would choose to be the Tooth Fairy because I’d get to wear a cute costume. I’d also have real wings and an endless supply of money! 😉 Plus, I’d enjoy visiting toothless boys and girls, especially my nephews, and rewarding them for losing a piece of their childhood.

What’s the most amount of money you’ve found while doing laundry?

Fifty cents. I’m never lucky enough to find forgotten bills.

Thanks for being sharing your 10 and your 4, Chrys Fey Please share an excerpt from HURRICANE CRIMES! 🙂

On the television set, which was fighting to stay alive, was breaking news. She caught bits and pieces of it as she emptied the bowl of blood-tainted water and threw out the cloth. It was about a high-speed chase that had occurred about a half-hour ago. Beth shook her head. Apparently, Donovan wasn’t the only idiot driving around during a hurricane.

She went back into the living room and began replacing all the medical supplies into the first-aid kit. Behind her, a reporter was explaining that the driver of the car was believed to be a murder suspect.

“The name of the—”

The lights flashed, prompting Beth to snatch up her flashlight.

“Donovan Goldwyn.”

Her fingers went cold around the plastic tube as ice frosted her veins. She straightened her spine and turned stiffly to the television, her heart wasn’t beating in her chest. On the screen was the picture of the man who was right now changing in her bedroom. Above it was a caption in bold letters that read—SUSPECT.

She gripped the flashlight in her frozen fingers. Her heart thudded fearfully. She stared into the immobilized violet eyes through the glass.

“Oh my god,” she gasped.

She had brought a murderer into her home!

Before we wave good-bye, let us know if there are any other links you’d like to share so that we can find you and your book online. 🙂

Thank you for having me, Christine! I had a blast!


Here are my links. I hope to see all of you around. 🙂

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What to Read Wednesday

Welcome to What to Read Wednesday!

Today we have my awesome friend and fellow author Kristina Knight guest blogging. She’s written a great post I think we can all relate to, and she’s also celebrating her latest release Mr. Right Now. I just love that title and love the cover even more.

So, grab your favorite drink and snack and sit back for a treat 🙂

Take it away Kristi…

Calgon, Take Me Away!

I live in a fictional world 75% of the time. Playing with my characters, ‘seeing’ new sights, getting emotionally overcome because my hero (or heroine) does something really, really … um…unheroic. The other 25% of the time I’m a mom and wife. Housekeeper. Cleaner of the toilet. Shopper for the groceries who gets the, ‘why can’t we eat hotdogs all the time?!?’ questions that make her want to poke her eye out with red-hot spoon.

Good, I see you’re all still with me!

As much as I love bebe and RadioMan, there are days when I just want to stay in my insular little fiction world. Like, maybe forever. I don’t want to clean puke off the carpet and if I have to fold one more load of laundry I’m going to lose it. Those are the moments I look for a little escape. Sometimes I’ll escape back into my fictional world. Sometimes I’ll go scouring Pinterest for a little eye-vacation. Because, for me, dreaming about a fabulous tropical vacation is almost as good as actually going to that paradise. Note I said ‘almost’ there.

My favorite vacation spots have always been tropical – I blame my mid-west upbringing with that. When you’re surrounded by Oak and Elm trees, a nice palm sounds heavenly. Plus, there is the beach aspect and maybe a hot cabana boy to help you while away the time. These days I’d rather take RadioMan along and skip right over the cabana boy … and we could all play on the beach away from social networks and pinging email and ringing phones.

That sounds heavenly.

In my new book, MR. RIGHT NOW, Casey needs a vacation from her life. She’s got reporters hanging out on her doorstep, a constantly ringing phone and jangling nerves. So when her best friend and agent suggests a cruise she goes along. Little does she know there is more to this cruise than she expected….

Tell me, readers, do you have a favorite vacation spot? And, what is your favorite thing about vacations – seeing something new? The ability to avoid email/social networks without guilt? What?



The wrong guy might be just right for her. When her celebrity boyfriend of three years dumps her and claims he’s now gay, unlucky-in-love author Casey Cash decides to get out of New York. A cruise seems like the perfect escape: everyone onboard will be locked away from television, newspapers and internet gossip pages, allowing her some much needed relaxation. There’s only one problem: her oh-so-helpful agent has hired a male escort for her…and a big NYC paper has sent a pesky reporter on-board, vowing to get the dirt. Mason Drury doesn’t want to write an expose on Casey, but he’s in a bind. After a source flipped on him, he’s persona non grata at his newspaper. Celebrity trash or not, this story will put him back on top. Too bad he finds himself breaking the first rule of reporting by getting attached to his subject and letting bias influence his story. Casey’s much more interested in sexy Mason than the annoying escort who’s bunking in her room. Mason might even have romantic potential if she can shake her well-meaning-but nosey-fans. Oh, and that reporter. She’s got to avoid him at all costs…

CONTENT WARNING: A smattering of sass, sex and a heaping happily ever after. A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance


Casey needed things to slow down. And she desperately wanted whatever was happening to speed up. She didn’t know who Mason was. Didn’t know if he was the reporter or just some random guy. Her head said he was the reporter. Why else would he have hit on her so hard from the time she came on board? It had to be part of his plan.

But then, why would a reporter waste time talking to a random woman about her life? Setting her up with another harmless guy who would bolster her self-confidence and help her bounce back from rejection. That was something a nice guy would do. Casey wanted badly for Mason to be a nice guy. Just for a little bit.

Then she’d go back to the craziness of Tyler and figuring out who the reporter was. How to avoid him and save what was left of her reputation.

Surely her future could spare her a few more minutes with Mason Drury.

“What’s your plan?” he asked, his eyes intent on hers.

What was her plan? She knew she had one. It was a good one, too. What was it again?

He pressed his lips to hers, and she didn’t care about plans or who was following whom.

One little kiss.

What could it hurt?

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Author Bio/Links:

Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police—no, she wasn’t a troublemaker, she was a journalist. When the opportunity to focus a bit of energy on the stories in her head, she jumped at it. And she’s never looked back. Now she writes magazine articles by day and romance novels with spice by night. She lives on Lake Erie with her husband and daughter. Happily ever after.

Kristina’s Links:

TW: @AuthorKristina


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What to Read Wednesday

Thank you for joining me for What to Read Wednesday! Today I have author and friend Gina Conkle visiting with a wonderful Viking guest post. If you’re a viking virgin like me, you’ll find her post very informative 🙂 She’s also sharing her latest release from Entangled Publishing and their Scandalous line…which is historical romance. Fall in love with a Viking after you check out her amazing cover and cinch the deal after you read the excerpt from NORSE JEWEL.

Loved a Viking Lately?


That’s right. When’s the last time you slipped back in time and visited Vikings?

Rough. Evocative. Beautiful. The era’s rich in colorful characters brave and independent in a time historians call “dark.”  True, the Viking Age lands in the Dark Ages. 

But, they get some bad press.

Thankfully History Channel’s “Vikings” series sheds new light on people who did more than raid (but yes, they did raid). 

Vikings farmed. They were craftsmen. They made cutting edge advances in ship design, and their art is elemental and worth a second glance. But, you won’t find Viking artisan’s on canvas.  The Norse left their imprint in metal and wood — longer lasting media.

shutterstock_37422955As a culture, they went through 6 major art styles in about 400 years.  My favorite is “Urnes,” known for graceful lines and elegant animals.  Such carvings framed doors and some furniture.  Silversmiths worked their magic on metal, creating beautiful jewelry.

But, most people can’t get past the bellicose nature of a culture rife with alpha males.  Honestly, sometimes neither can I.  Yet, I read the Sagas and find hot Viking men, talented warriors, who show wisdom and who don’t always think “fight” first.

Hlildarendi shows up in Njal’s Saga, but get this: He’s a famed warrior, adored by women, yet he dislikes killing.  His exploits in battle are impressive to read. Hlildarendi could easily solve his problems with ax and spear, but he uses his head first for peaceful resolutions. 

My hero, Hakan the Tall, is a warrior of similar renown.  He craves something different.  Norse Jewel is his story, and Hakan just might be the Viking you fall in love with.

 Norse_Jewel-800px (2)

Norse Jewel excerpt:

The tides waited for no man.

Yet, his long strides stretched one in front of the other, returning him to her. The closer he came, the Frankish thrall inched back, her long legs folding underneath her until he towered over her.

“I’m here,” he said in Norse. Convince me.

The thrall rubbed color back into her wrists. She blinked rapidly. His presence could be like a wall, or so his sister always chided him. Thus, he crouched low to meet her eye to eye. She brushed away dark hair, and her deep blue stare penetrated him.

“Hakan…Svealander?” She said.

Her voice flowed nicely to his ears, the kind of voice a man could listen to in the dark on a cold winter’s night.

“Aye, Svealander.” He draped his arm over his thigh and willed the picture of her wrapped naked in fur from his mind.


Hakan dipped his head a fraction, searching her face. This close, he couldn’t miss the wound: one side of her face was smooth except for a thin, curving scab which curled toward her ear. She would scar. Dirt smudged her slender nose and the soft, uncut cheek. He angled his head, trying for more from the quiet maid.

“Frankish?” He gestured to his mouth but spoke Norse. “You are Frankish?”

After Magnuson’s attempt at deception, Hakan had to be sure. Her gaze darted to the tents. The thrall took a deep breath and spoke in Norse.

“Aye, Frankish.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “And I’m not mute.”

Hakan jerked at the unexpected display. She blushed and dipped her head. Faint freckles sprinkled her nose, and his hand clenched his thigh, tamping down the urge to explore them. He came to the camp to transact business only, not flirt.

“You know why I didn’t purchase the other woman,” Hakan said, and the beginnings of a smile spread.

She smiled back, displaying fine teeth. He liked her courage.

“How did you come to be here?”

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Gina’s a lover of history, books and romance, which makes the perfect recipe for historical romance writer.  Her passion for castles and old places (the older and moldier the better!) means interesting family vacations.  Good thing her husband and two sons share similar passions, except for romance…that’s where she gets the eye roll.  When not visiting fascinating places, she can be found in southern California delving into the latest adventures of organic gardening and serving as chief taxi driver.


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What to Read Wednesday

Happy Wednesday and thank you for joining me on another round of What to Read Wednesday. Today I have a good friend and awesome author joining me–Sara Walter Ellwood. Sara worte a terrific guest post about strong heroines and afterward she’s sharing a little about her latest release Cera duBois_2bwGAMBLING ON A HEART from the from the Colton Gamblers series. And don’t forget to join me in ogling her gorgeous cover…just scroll down. Don’t you just love the colors?

And after the excerpt please check out Sara’s awesome giveaway. She’s got an entire swag pack full of goodies you won’t want to miss. Just remember to please leave your email address along with your comment so we can contact you if you’ve won. Thanks!

Okay…enough from me…take it away Sara!!

Strong Heroines

I love strong women and they are my favorite kind of heroine to both read and write about. To me what makes a heroine strong is how she preservers and her choice to love the hero. 

That’s right. I said it was her choice to love. My heroines don’t need a man in their lives to make them the women they are. Their strength comes from their pasts, their choice of careers or a combination of both.

My heroines are strong and independent, even if she doesn’t think she is. Some of the strongest characters I’ve ever written are in the Colton Gamblers series. Charli from book one is someone I’d really love to meet. She’d overcome some horrible situations to end up where she is now.

Tracy in book two follows in her footsteps. She was the subject of bullying as a child and those scars followed her all her life, to the point of influencing her to make some really bad decisions as a young woman. These scars, along with impeccable good nature, have created a woman who is kind and gentle because she understands the underdog. However, her rough childhood and the gravity of her mistakes have given her strength to endure.

Of course they are also a little stubborn, but their strength isn’t just from that. I build a lot into their psyches, either from past abuse and addiction as in Charli’s case, bullying as in Tracy’s story or from cultural differences and prejudice as in Abby’s case (from Heartstrings) to make them strong.

What is it about strong heroines that you like most? What do you like least?


Gambling On A Heart

Book 2 of The Colton Gamblers

gamblingonaheart 500x750Blurb:

She once lost his heart on a bluff. Will she risk everything to win it back?

Beautician Tracy Quinn spends her days making the women of Colton, Texas beautiful, while living down the nickname of Olive Oyl, given to her by the only man she has ever loved—Zack Cartwright. She spends her nights alone, despite what her ex husband wants their friends and neighbors to think.

Ex-rodeo cowboy. Ex-bad-boy. Ex-Marine. Widower and single dad Sheriff Zack Cartwright can describe his life in exes. One ex in particular reminds him of what’s missing in his workaholic life: Tracy Quinn. For years since she broke his heart, he’s practically made avoiding her a second job. He still wants her, but can never go after her.

When cattle rustlers target her brother’s ranch, Tracy and Zack are stuck working together. Her son could use a positive male role model, and his daughter is wild for a chance at a “substitute” mom. But Tracy’s ex threatens to sue if she lets Zack near her son, and the Colton grapevine is abuzz with rumors about their past relationship. Is it worth the gamble to see if what they have is more than lust?



“I was hoping you could keep me company this afternoon.” He skimmed his fingers over her cheek.

Her insides, heating up like lava under the surface of the earth, pooled in her low belly. Her lips parted.

Against her lips, he whispered, “Tracy, I want you.”

She had thought of little else since he’d left her standing on her porch Friday night. He was asking her to enter into a sexual relationship without any hope of a future–without love.

But she was already in love with Zack.

Both of their kids would benefit from them being together. Hadn’t that been what she’d decided while she tossed and turned in her big, empty bed?

With her gaze locked on his, she murmured, “I want you, too, but I have a stipulation.”

He leaned back. “What is it?”

“I’m no one’s bed-buddy, Zack. I know what my reputation is in this town, but it’s all wrong.” She swallowed her rapidly thumping heart back into place. “I’ll only go through with this, if you promise to treat me as a serious girlfriend. That means we date, we visit with our families and we share our kids.” When his expression hardened, she quickly added, “Mandy likes me. And I adore her. I’d like to bring her here, to the shop, for a few hours and play. And take her shopping. I know your mom tries, but she’s busy with her foundations and charities she does for the Junior League.”

The breath she sucked in was full of Zack’s scent of sage and leather. “Meanwhile, you can teach Bobby how to ride and maybe take him to the sheriff’s department and show him around. Jake won’t like it, but I’ll deal with him.” Having laid her demands out on the proverbial table, she held her breath, waiting for him to tell her what she could do with herself. After all, a man of Zack’s caliber could have any damned woman he wanted. Tracy was just handy, and according to the gossip of her ex-husband and mother-in-law, she was easy.

He studied her for a few moments. “That’s more than one stipulation.”

“Take it or leave it.”

“Tracy, it won’t change what I told you Friday night. I’m never getting married again.”

His words stung as much now as they had the other night, but she didn’t show him how much. She kept her face determined, as if she were haggling over one of his horses, rather than her body and soul.

“Fine. But I’m not a floozy. Yes, I’ve made mistakes. But I have my son to consider. And I’d hope you’d feel the same about Mandy. They’re bound to see us together. What do you plan on telling your six-year-old daughter when she asks about me? That I’m your friend with benefits? I know that isn’t what I want to be teaching my son.” Moreover, she didn’t want to give credence to Jake’s claim that she had no sexual morals.

“Okay,” he said at last. “We’ll play the game your way.” He pressed her against him. “Luck would have it I’m off this afternoon, too. I’ve already put in sixteen hours.”

When his lips captured hers, she knew she’d made a pact with the devil, but she couldn’t stop the elation surging through her. There was something he wanted from her. Sex was a big portion of it, but something else kept Zack from walking away and hooking up with any one of the many available women in town.



Sara Walter Ellwood is an award winning author whose novel Gambling On A Secret was named by bestselling author Carolyn Brown in the Happy Ever After Blog on USA Today as one of her favorite romances of 2012. Although Sara has long ago left the farm for the glamour of the big town, she draws on her experiences growing up on a small hobby farm in West Central Pennsylvania to write her stories. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for nearly 20 years, and they have two teenagers and one very spoiled rescue cat named Penny. She longs to visit the places she writes about and jokes she’s a cowgirl at heart stuck in Pennsylvania suburbia.


She also writes paranormal romantic suspense under the pen name of Cera duBois.


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*Please leave your email address to qualify*

Tour Grand Prize is a swag pack full of goodies! A signed copy of Carolyn Brown’sJust a Cowboy and His Baby, an ebook copy of my last release Gambling On A Secret, a notebook, a pen, and a custom jewelry set—all tucked into a keepsake box. A $20 value.

*Swag pack is for the entire six-week tour. Winner will be announced on September 1, 2013

*Open to Continental US citizens 18 years and older and where not prohibited by law.

*For the complete list of rules click HERE


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What to Read Wednesday

Thank you for coming back for another round of What to Read Wednesday. Today I have the wonderful Kristina Knight visiting. She’s sharing her third book in her TEXAS GIRLS SERIES titled What a Texas Girl Dreams.Kristi1

Kristi will be talking about the draw of the cowboy hero and then sharing a smexy excerpt.

Take it away Kristi!!!

The draw of the Cowboy hero

Cowboys played a big part in my growing up years…so I supposed it’s no surprise that cowboys are my favorite character to write as a grown up. In books, whether I’m reading or writing, I can escape into cowboy-land where men are sometimes loud and direct. They know what they want. They go after it. I love a good underdog story, and a lot of cowboys are underdogs. I think we all like to be able to root for someone, whether in books or movies or TV shows, and someone who is brave, steady and fighting for right is always someone we can root for.


I grew up loving cowboys and no, I didn’t grow up in Texas, Arizona, Colorado or Wyoming. I grew up in farm country in the middle of Missouri. One of my grandfathers was a farmer (soybeans, corn, things like that). The other had a small cattle ranch and horses.


I lived for weekends visiting him and my grandmother – days spent riding my horse (a little pony called Beauty) or snuggled up with him watching an old John Wayne flick. His favorites were the early John Wayne movies – McClintock and The Quiet Man were favorites…but he wouldn’t turn his nose up at the post-Civil War Texas flicks like Rio Lobo or The Searchers.


He always smelled like sunshine, as I recall, and smoke because he was basically a chain smoker. He talked and walked like those old cowboys – he was kind of rough, direct and you knew when he was mad. Or annoyed. Or just couldn’t take one more reading of Dr. Seuss or Richard Scarry. He was also the gentlest man I’ve ever known, whether with animals or the people he loved.


In my new book, What a Texas Girl Dreams, Monica finds herself pitted against the last kind of man she thinks she needs: Trickett Samuels, a cowboy with strong roots. A man committed to his job, and who is quite content to never leave Lockhardt, Texas – the place Monica mostly likes to see in her rearview mirror. Can Trickett Samuels show Monica that having roots doesn’t have to mean clipping her wings?


“Kiss me.”

“Trick…” She flicked a glance at him from under her lashes.

“Live dangerously, Mon. Kiss me, in the middle of the parking lot. Where anyone could see us.” His hand snaked out to capture hers, linking their fingers together. He leaned forward, his lips a breath away from hers. “Dare you.”

Monica swayed. Trick’s gray gaze twinkled in the twilight, and he grinned.

“You know you want to,” he whispered the words in her ear as his thumb drew intricate designs on the back of her palm.

She did want to. That kiss in the back of her horse trailer had started a hot burning in her stomach that still hadn’t faded a day later. It had blazed hotter the moment their gazes had met in the bar mirror, and now that Trick was mere inches from her, it threatened to consume her.

She wanted him. So badly.

There were no trucks on the road, no windows for the bar patrons to look through, no sound from the bar at all, since she’d followed him out the front door. Why not tempt fate, just a little?

Maybe, if someone saw, it would help her get control of this burning urge to be with Trick.

And if they didn’t, maybe one more night with him would ease the ache.

Monica reached up on her toes, the slick soles of her boots sliding a little against the gravel at her feet. She placed both hands on his shoulders, feeling hot, tight muscle beneath the thin cotton of his bright, red tee with Lockhardt Veterinary Services printed over his left pec. A light musk of beer hung in the air between them, but alcohol didn’t cloud his gray gaze and Monica had barely taken a sip of her beverage.

“I won’t kiss you because I’ve had a drink,” she said, nipping at his full, lower lip. “I won’t kiss you because you dared me.” She licked her lips, slow, and watched as his pupils dilated. “I’ll kiss you because it’s what I’ve wanted to do since the night I backed into your truck. Even after I left for that damned Utah rodeo all I could think about was you.”



Monica Witte has life the way she likes it. She comes home to be babied every few months and the rest of the time she has no strings holding her back. But after her horse is injured in a rodeo performance, Monica knows it’s time to come home and face her family – warts and all.

Trickett Samuels works best on his own. The large-animal vet likes his quiet life in the Texas countryside. When Monica Witte blows into town, demanding a quick fix to her horse’s big issues, his life is turned upside down. Trickett doesn’t understand Monica’s need to perform before perfect strangers or why she wants to keep the truth of their relationship from her family. And the more he gets to know her, the more he wonders if he can convince this Texas girl that having roots will only help her soar higher.

Author Bio:

Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police—no, she wasn’t a troublemaker, she was a journalist. When the opportunity to focus a bit of energy on the stories in her head, she jumped at it. And she’s never looked back. Now she writes magazine articles by day and romance novels with spice by night. She lives on Lake Erie with her husband and four-year-old daughter. Happily ever after.


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A little BACHELOR’S SPECIAL bragging

Happy Thursday!

I just have to share because I’m so excited…and whenever I’m excited I tend to ramble and talk/type fast–so I beg your forgiveness now for any typos I might overlook. teehee

Bachelor’s Special is my upcoming release with the Indulgence Line at Entangled Publishing and I’m so excited for this book to hit the virtual shelves. It’s already available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Kobo for preorder…but will officially release…

11 DAYS FROM TODAY…June 10, 2013

But, already I’m getting some wonderful reviews on Goodreads from readers who signed up for an ARC of my book. I thought I’d share a few snippets here.

The latest is a 4.5 star review from Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More…click here to check out the full review which posted today….SQUEE.

And here’s a few snippets from reviews posted on Goodreads…

From Brenda Massey: The romance between Chet and Jill is smoking hot, but at the same time they don’t trust each other. The book took a twist I wasn’t expecting but I loved it!

From Nicola: If you are after a well-written romantic read that is filled with sexual tension, wit and humour, has wonderful characters and a great storyline, then this ticks all the boxes. It was a pleasure to read.


With sexy and playful banter, laugh-out loud humour and touching moments along with those that tugged on the heartstrings, it was a book that I struggled to put down.

From Roxanne Kade: This book had everything that makes up a great romance read.
It was fun and light at times, with many sexy, sensual kisses. Throw in a bit of conflict, a few broken souls who constantly disregard their true feelings and it’s a match made in heaven.

From Sarah: Christine Warner does such a good job with this book. I like that she created a female character that had her own style. Through out the book we are given alternating perspectives which I like because you get to see where each character is at in the process. When a deal is made there are always 2 different sides and I like that we get to see both in this case. I look forward to more from this author.

Thanks for coming by to share my excitement and allowing me a little “brag” time.

And in closing, I’d like to share my blurb…


Jill Adgate wants three things from life: a successful catering business, a family, and the love of an exceptional man. What she has is no job, a mounting pile of bills, and her outspoken best friend—who sets her up on a blind date with the man who inadvertently ruined Jill’s life.

Chet Castle is a businessman who has everything, except the ability to trust. Burned by a money-hungry fiancée, he refuses to get involved in any relationship that has a shelf life longer than a head of lettuce.

Intrigued by her ambition—and determined to get her in bed—Chet offers Jill the chance of a lifetime: work as his live-in chef and he’ll help her get her catering business off the ground. When sparks fly in the kitchen, Jill realizes what’s cooking is a recipe for disaster…


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What to Read Wednesday

Yep, it’s already here, the last Wednesday of May. And what does that mean? You’re right as usual…time to meet a new author and learn about another book on What to Read Wednesday.

Please help me welcome Carmen Falcone. She going to tantalize us with a wonderful guest post about Googling an ex and then share her blurb and excerpt from her contemporary romance Heating Up Hawaii.

Also, leave a comment along with your email address to be entered to win a $15 Amazon Gift card. Yep…that easy…comment, email addy, chance to win!

Take it away Carmen…

The Urge to Google an Ex

Dish it out, ladies: How many times have we caught ourselves wondering the whereabouts of our exes? Nowadays, with our ever-growing social media options, it’s easier to at least get a glimpse of their Facebook profile, or if you’re lucky, discreetly stalk them on Twitter (all depending on those darn privacy settings, of course!).

            Your current marital status doesn’t matter – single or married, dating or not… Haven’t we all at some point let curiosity get the best of us and wonder about that well-intentioned nerd we dated for two weeks back in high school, or the slimy bastard who broke our hearts in college? (And no, this post wasn’t written by a 19-year-old, I promise you. Although I often lie about my age, 19 is a stretch. Really.)

            Moving on, I’m a happily married woman in her (very) early thirties. There were a couple of exes I caught myself thinking about throughout the years, although nowadays the memories are a bit blurry. Of course, in my delusional fantasies, if I ever ran into them in person, I would be dressed to the nines, count a couple of my books among Oprah’s favorites, not to mention having a nomination for a kick-ass activist award to my name. Short order, right?

            The heroine of my latest release, Penny Ashbrook, has more realistic aspirations. Although more often than not she’s indulged in a pint of cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream while browsing the net to Google her ex, the formidable Luc Leoni, the last thing she wants is to see him in person – especially when he has the upper hand. Fate, of course, has other plans, as you’re about to read in the excerpt below:

            “Penny, I’ve just run into an old friend of yours,” her boss, Charles Dawn, told her while his fingers lightly touched her elbow. He prompted her to turn toward him and the tall, broad-shouldered man standing next to him.

Penny flashed her signature smile and squinted to get a sharper view of the man in front of her. An oversized palm tree shadowed him.

She guessed he was at least six feet two, which put her at a disadvantage at only five feet six. His dark gray designer suit looked tailor-made to fit the planes of his large chest, and good God, legs that went on and on. 

Old friend? She couldn’t remember having friends that looked this intimidating—old, or current. If she was honest with herself, the few friends she had, all vanished like dust after she’d called off her wedding.

But this man… He took a step in her direction, the setting sun illuminating his face as he moved out of the shade. She glanced at him like her eyes were old-fashioned camera lenses, capturing his features in slow motion and adjusting to his figure. His lips, sensual and rich like his clothes, twitched. As soon as her gaze collided with his, her heart skipped a beat for a few seconds only to resume and pound its way out of her beige linen dress.

Luc Leoni.

It couldn’t be, could it? To see him again after all these years.

Oh, but it was…

Penny stared into his two-colored eyes—one lighter than a clear blue sky, and the other reminiscent of murky seas. Yes, even they were ambiguous.

 “Luc.” She cleared her throat, and noticed a couple of fine lines around his mismatched pair.

“Penelope.” Luc’s velvety voice was like a warm caress. His French accent alone lured women to drop their underwear by his bedside. His deep pronunciation of her name hadn’t changed… Pen-ay-looh-paay.

Penny stiffened her back, offered him a professional handshake under Charles Dawn’s ambitious grin. Although she wished she could kick Luc Leoni where he deserved, she had to swallow her resentment and go along with it.

Luc took her hand in his larger one, and heat coiled low in her stomach. But instead of a professional handshake, he pulled her closer with a swift movement and leaned down. He kissed her on one cheek, his warm lips brushing gently on her skin. The whisper of a touch between his stubbled chin and her other cheek belted a wire of electricity into her system.

Penny smelled his earthy masculine cologne, where rich woodsy notes blended with a light citrus. Luc Leoni was a fantastic gift wrapping for an unworthy product. 

He stepped back.

This can’t be my imagination… The hot breeze ruffled a few lustrous black strands of his hair, warning her that it was all too real.

 “What a small world,” Charles said. “I did fail to ask where you two know each other from.”

Penny tried to swallow her growing apprehension. She must have some really bad karma to face the man who broke her heart, after all those years, in front of Charles: her boss, the father of her former fiancé, and the man who made it hard for her to come to work every day.

“Champagne?” A coiffed waitress offered, her smile widening at Luc, who simply thanked her and shook his head. Penny picked a flute, her fingers tightening around the chilled glass.

“I was an intern at a hotel in New York for a couple of months, and Luc managed that hotel.” Penny sipped the sparkling liquid hoping—no—needing to cool her unpleasant ardor.

“How long ago was it, seven, eight years?” Luc scratched his chin as if they discussed a far less important event. She saw an emotion she couldn’t—or didn’t want to— read in the depths of his eyes.

“Eight years.” And two months.


Now, please tell me I’m not alone in this, and share with me any stories about stalking exes online or even running into them later in life.

heatinguphawaii600x900Blurb : There is just one person standing between Penny Ashbrook’s dream of opening her own PR business or being stuck at her job–the formidable Luc Leoni–her first lover, and the man who lets nothing and no-one get in his way. Seeing him after so long brings all the hidden emotions after a life altering break-up to surface. Pain, denial and…lust.

Luc has made many sacrifices for his career, including Penny Ashbrook, the woman who set his aspirations back a year, but now she has returned and is more alluring than ever. After all these years, he thought a self-made billionaire as himself could master everything, but to resist the strong pull toward the one woman he can’t have is an impossible task.

When this unlikely pair is reunited they will have to face the many challenges set in their way, especially an attraction that has only heightened with time and a deadline quickly approaching.

Can their new bond surpass old—and new—fears?




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