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Friday Fun Facts

Hi and welcome to Friday Fun Facts!  Come play along and learn something new about me, and I’ll learn something new about you.

Isn’t it interesting how you go through so many events in your life?  Ones that at the time seem pivotal, earth shattering, life altering?  That moment in time when you feel you’re all grown up 🙂  Until you move on a little further in your journey and connect with something more…that takes the place of that last big moment, again making you realize you didn’t know anything when you experienced it, but you certainly do now.

That first day of school.  I remember my mother walking to the bus stop with me, camera in hand, as I joined my brother and sister and so many other kids in the neighborhood for the first day of school—my first day of kindergarten.  I was beyond excited.  Finally I could go to that magical place my brother and sister went to!  I was so grown up.

Going to the mall…without parental control!  The day we went to middle school to sign up for seventh grade was a huge event.  Afterward, two friends and I were allowed to spend the afternoon running wild in the mall.  I think we each had maybe $10 and 3 or 4 hours of freedom.  We hit all the stores, ate soft pretzels and sipped on pop.  We thought were we’re so grown up.  lol

The first school dance.  I felt so grown up.  A group of us all met at one friends house to get ready.  Helping each other with hair, makeup and changing our outfits a handful of times.  Clothes were scattered everywhere, like a cyclone had invaded the bedroom.  Finally being dropped off outside the middle school main doors to meet up with other friends.  We were in eighth grade.  We were so cool and grown up 🙂  (I’m the one on the end in the white dress…hehehe)

Driving alone.  That awesome moment when you can ask for the car keys, and you get to pull out of the driveway….alone!  Nobody sitting in the seat next to you telling you to slow down, watch out for the dog or the person switching lanes or the train up ahead.  My first solo ride I drove over to my friend’s house…the same friend who I went to the mall with alone for the first time and the same friend who had a group of us girls over to prep for our first dance.  I picked her up and we drove to McDonald’s…which at the time was the hang out.  Damn, we were so grown up!

That first job.  What a feeling.  🙂  Not only could I drive on my own, but now I could go to work and earn a paycheck…made out to me!  My first job was at Burger King and it was a riot!  I worked with several friends and having that paycheck each week, with the responsibility to have a place I had to be at a certain time to earn it….certainly made me feel grown up!

Graduation.  Whew…a big one.  Finally, I’m adult and can do as I please.  I’m all grown up.  (yeah, right) lol

And in between and afterward you have the first date, buying your first car, voting for the first time, your first place, your first heartache, your first child, your first loss, your first pet…

Which brings me to today’s Friday Fun Fact question….Drum roll please…

What is the one pivotal moment in your life that you look back on fondly and know deep in your heart you wouldn’t change a thing?  That FIRST moment in time when you truly felt grown up.

Looking forward to reading your answers


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