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BOOK BLAST ~ One Snowy Night by Jill Shalvis ~ #giveaway

Jill Shalvis returns to Heartbreaker Bay 
with a fun and festive holiday novella!


Heartbreaker Bay #2.5
Jill Shalvis
Releasing Nov 8th, 2016


New York Times bestselling
author Jill Shalvis returns to Heartbreaker Bay with a fun and festive holiday

It’s Christmas Eve and Rory
Andrews is desperate to get home to the family she hasn’t seen in years.
Problem is, her only ride to Lake Tahoe comes in the form of the annoyingly
handsome Max Stranton, and his big, goofy, lovable dog Carl.
Hours stuck in a truck with the dead sexy Max sounds like a fate worse than
death (not), but Rory’s out of options. She’s had a crush on Max since high
school and she knows he’s attracted to her, too. But they have history… and Max
is the only one who knows why it went south.

They’ve done a good job of ignoring their chemistry so far, but a long road
trip in a massive blizzard might be just what they need to face their past… and
one steamy, snowy night is all it takes to bring Max and Rory together at last.


Christmas Eve had the nerve to show up just like it did every year: way too quickly and with ridiculous fanfare.

The nerve.

Rory Andrews stood in the courtyard of the Pacific Pier Building in San Francisco, surrounded by sparkly holiday lights and enough garlands to give the place its own ozone, and told herself things could be worse.

She just wasn’t sure how.

It was the unknown, she decided. Because this year, unlike the past six, she’d be spending Christmas with her family, a thought that caused a swarm of butterflies to take flight in her belly.

Not an uncommon feeling since she’d turned twenty-three a few months back and decided it was time to become a person she could be proud of if it killed her. And given the guy leaning against one of the lamp poles clearly waiting for her, arms crossed, frown in place, it just might.

Max Stranton. At his side sat Carl, his huge, eternally hungry, adorable Doberman.

“No,” she said, not to Carl but to Carl’s owner. Who was not lovable. “No way.”

As always when their gazes locked, Max’s was a disconcerting mix of heat and . . . something else that she couldn’t quite figure out, as he was good at hiding when he wanted to be. She never quite knew how to take the heat because it seemed reluctant. He was attracted to her but didn’t want to be.

Ditto. He made her knees wobble. And also a couple of other inner reactions that shouldn’t be happening in public.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Rory,” he said, and damn. It wasn’t just his eyes. His voice was rough and sexy, and for that matter, so was the rest of him.

He worked for an investigations and security firm in the building. Basically he and the rest of his team were fixers and finders for hire. To say that Max was good at his job was an understatement. He stood there looking like sex on a stick with a duffle bag slung over a broad shoulder, his dark hair two weeks past needing a cut, and the icy wind of an incoming storm plastering his clothes to a body that could be registered as a lethal weapon.

“What are you doing here?” she asked calmly even if her heart was anything but, pounding all the way up to her throat and ears because she knew. She knew exactly why he was here. “I don’t need a ride home.”

A flash of wry humor slid in with all that sizzling heat. “Because you’d rather take two buses and a train than get into my truck with me?” he asked.

Well yes, actually.


York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the
Sierras with her family and far too many assorted quirky characters. Any
resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental.

Look for Jill’s latest, SWEET LITTLE LIES on shelves and e-readers now, and get
all her bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold.

Visit Jill’s website for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her
city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.



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What to Read Wednesday with Claire McEwen author of Home Free ~ #giveaway

I’m so glad you could stop by for What To Read Wednesday! Please help me welcome Claire McEwen to the blog. She’s talking about baking (always a good subject) and how it ties in with her latest book HOME FREE. 

Afterward, please enter her giveaway!

Take it away Claire …


Bake Your Blues Away


In my new book, Home Free, the heroine, Mandy Allen, loves to bake.  She’s turned it into a business, baking all kinds of delicious cakes and cookies for local events.


Her blueberry muffins are so delicious that after the hero, Arch Hoffman, takes a bite, he feels “transported to another planet. A happy place where nothing mattered but sugary, fluffy bread.”  He’s just spent a decade in prison, so he doesn’t have much good food to compare it to, but still, they’re really good muffins!


But there’s more to Mandy’s baking than meets the eye. She’s a very anxious person, and I learned, when researching this book, that baking is known to help people who are struggling with mental health issues, or who are just feeling low.


Why is baking so therapeutic?  For a lot of reasons, apparently.  It eases stress because mixing the ingredients can be very meditative.  It is somewhat physical, so all that stirring, rolling and cutting out cookies is good for our bodies and brains. Bread baking is said to be especially beneficial because of all the kneading.  So keep that bread machine in the cupboard and make bread the old-fashioned way!


Baking is also a creative outlet, which makes it naturally relaxing.  Plus, baking is a nurturing, comforting activity and you get something delicious to eat at the end.


And many people who bake give some of the end product away. This helps their mental health because they don’t eat too many sweets, which can increase anxiety and depression, and it is well known that giving to others can feel very uplifting.


So the next time you have the blues, try baking.  And for a great blueberry muffin recipe, try this one!  According to the article, many people consider it the best recipe out there.


I tried it and the muffins were delicious.  But are they better than Mandy’s?  Arch Hoffman would tell you no, there could be nothing better. But he’s falling in love with her, so he’s a little biased!


I hope you’ll give Home Free a chance.  It truly is a sweet love story with a hopeful, Fall holiday feeling.  And the next time you have the blues… try a little baking!



His first taste of freedom was only the beginning…


Sierra Legacy #3
Claire McEwen
Released Nov 1st, 2016
Harlequin Superromance

first taste of freedom was only the beginning… 

Arch Hoffman has paid for
his crimes. All he wants is to come home to rural California and start over.
He’s not looking to be a hero when he rescues a wedding cake from hitting the
dirt at the ranch next door. But culinary artist Mandy Allen’s irresistible
smile makes him glad to save the day–and thankful that they’re neighbors.

Mandy’s just the distraction Arch needs. Her sweet voice quiets the memories
that threaten his chance to be a better man, and he’s determined to help her
confront her fears. But the past is its own prison, and even love might not be
enough to set them free.


A flicker of motion across the black backs of the cattle caught Mandy’s eye. Dark hair under a brown cowboy hat. Long legs in faded jeans. Shoulders wide under his padded canvas jacket. Arch Hoffman.

He was standing on the rail of the fence, waving with both arms to get her attention. She rolled down the window. “Hey,” she called, knowing that it didn’t matter what she said. There was no way she was getting out of this situation without looking like an idiot.

“What’s going on?” He shouted the words, but it was still hard to hear him over the indignant mooing. The steers wanted breakfast, and they were confused and frustrated. Well, boys, welcome to the club. She’d been confused and frustrated for years now.

“Not much,” she called back in a lame attempt at nonchalance. “What’s up with you?”

She could see the confusion on Arch’s face even from this distance. He probably hadn’t been expecting small talk. “Um, not much. You need a little help there?”

She forced a breezy voice. “I’m okay…just need to get out of this truck and get feeding.”

“Oh.” He paused for a moment, as if trying to come up with the right words. “It’s just that…you fell into the cab.”

How long had he been there, watching her make a fool of herself? “Oh, ya know, just lost my balance for a minute.” It was almost impossible to sound casual while yelling over the ruckus of forty upset steers.

Arch jumped off the fence and Mandy lost sight of him. She had a tiny moment to hope that he’d decided she was fine and was gone on his way. Then she saw him swing up on the back of a big black gelding and guide it along the fence to the gate. Leaning gracefully from the saddle, he let himself into the pasture, closing the gate behind him.

Mandy reached for the door handle, but her hand was shaking so hard she couldn’t grasp it. She wanted to get out and face Arch while tossing hay out of the truck like a pro. But fear had its cold claws sunk in deep.

With a wave of his rope, Arch cleared the steers easily from his path. He took their place at her truck window, looking down at her from his relaxed perch in the saddle. “Do you want me to feed them?”

His voice was a balm of gentle concern that almost brought out the tears fizzing hot beneath her eyes. She felt her cheeks heat, too, and knew her usually pale skin had gone scarlet. She couldn’t answer. But she nodded.

“Okay,” he said. “Just sit tight.”

She watched him in the side mirror as he guided his horse alongside the vehicle and leaned over, grabbing a few flakes of the hay she’d stacked there. He threw them to his right and several of the steers trotted toward the pile. Quickly he grabbed more hay and tossed it out behind the truck, creating another feeding area. Soon the pasture was littered with piles of hay surrounded by happy cattle. Mandy buried her face in her hands. He made it look so simple.


by the ocean in Northern California with her husband, son and a scruffy,
mischievous terrier.  When not dreaming up new stories, she can be found
digging in her garden with a lot of enthusiasm but, unfortunately, no green
thumb.  She loves discovering flea-market treasures, walking on the beach,
dancing, traveling and reading, of course!


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RELEASE BLAST ~ Making Christmas and What Happens at Midnight by Laura Chapman ~ #giveaway

the warmth of the holiday season to life.


A Novella
Laura Chapman
Releasing Nov 8th, 2016
settling into a new career in a new community, Ivy is determined not to let the
holiday season pass her by. Enter the grownup advent calendar: twenty-four days
of festivities to celebrate Christmas. What begins as a bit of fun turns into a
mission to spread cheer when she meets Everett. After learning about his bad
Christmas attitude, she invites him to join her quest. Despite his initial
reservations, Everett quickly gets caught up in the spirit of the calendar. But
when new feelings surface and are impossible to ignore, Everett’s inner
curmudgeon threatens to put a damper on the whole experience.
holiday novella from Laura Chapman brings the warmth of the holiday season to


A Novella
Laura Chapman
Releasing Nov 8th, 2016
comedy junkie Natalie lives out those fantasies in real life three New Year’s
Eves in a row when fate throws her together with the same handsome stranger. A
heartbreaking turn of events leaves her swearing off of love, forevers, and the
holidays (bah humbug). That is until the mystery man from her past reappears
years later. Over a holiday season, Natalie struggles to reconcile the
whimsical notions of her past with the practical sensibilities she has worked
so hard to develop. With the countdown to a new year looming, she must decide
whether or not she is willing to give happily ever after another shot.
In this
holiday novella by Laura Chapman, celebrate the holiday season with a love
story about second, and fifth, chances and learning to trust your heart.


Gross. Just, gross. I push away from the random guy trying to shove his random tongue down my throat and swipe the saliva from my face.

This does not make the list of ways I want to ring in the new year. I’m not opposed to locking lips at midnight on New Year’s Eve given the chance to do it right. But I don’t support an unexpected smooch from a drunk creeper who doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space. And he missed his mark. There’s nothing sexy about having a tongue thrust up your nose. Trust me on this one.

Out of all the bars on Sixth Street, I had to stumble into this one. Full of scuzzy guys I don’t find appealing. I’m more into the quiet, gentleman type, who doesn’t seem to exist outside of a Jane Austen novel or Nora Ephron movie.

If only my roommate, Mallory, had more refined taste, too. She met some fuzzy-chinned man wearing flannel and torn khakis an hour ago, and I haven’t seen her since. I don’t expect to see her again until tomorrow morning. She sent me the “don’t wait up” look she’s been giving since we were freshmen in college. Maybe someday I’ll be the one sending her the “I’m going to get lucky” signal.

Until then, I should probably do something about this guy. I slip away from the wall so he can’t corner me again. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Oh, come on,” Nose Licker says. His eyes go a little droopy, probably in an attempt to be sultry. It doesn’t work. “No one wants to be alone when the clock strikes midnight.”

“Maybe some of us do.”

He steps toward me, swaying a little. Too many Jäger bombs and whiskey sours will do that to a person. “I’ll show you a good time.”

“Again, thanks, but no thanks.”

“I can—” He breaks off and turns his attention to my right. I shift my gaze in time to catch another stranger, this one even more imposing, slipping an arm around my shoulder.

“There you are,” the man says. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Sorry I disappeared for so long.”

I stare up at him dumbly. Who is this guy with the dark hair that curls ever so slightly around his ears and a strong, tanned jaw? Did I meet him somewhere and forget? Or is he another loser desperately trying to take advantage of a single woman’s sentimental side on a holiday? At least he’s in better control of himself.

Nose Licker’s droopy eyes narrow even more. “Who are you?”

“I’m her boyfriend,” the stranger says loudly. I’m about to protest, but he turns and whispers, “Go with me on this.”

“Is this true?” Nose Licker asks, having the nerve to appear taken aback. “After everything we’ve been through, you’ve had a boyfriend this whole time?”

“That’s right,” I lie. “I can’t figure out what came over me.”

“She must have been charmed by your good looks,” my fake boyfriend says. “We’re terribly sorry for any confusion.”

Nose Licker glances back and forth between us. I’m immobilized in the stranger’s arms. I want this to work, but I can’t believe it will.

“Okay.” Nose Licker steps back with his hands up. “My bad.”

He turns on his heel in search of another conquest. Seriously? I realize I wanted him to leave me alone, but he gave me up that easily? I can’t decide whether to be relieved or offended.

The new guy lets out a whistle and releases his loose hold on me. “That was crazy.”

“Yeah.” He’s telling me. He wasn’t here for the whole exchange. I’m sure he caught the disaster of a kiss, but he missed the buildup, which included Nose Licker’s recitation of his favorite lines from Dumb and Dumber and The Big Lebowski. They’re both hilarious movies, but they didn’t work as proper foreplay in this situation. Especially because he butchered all the best quotes. “Thanks for your help.”

“You were managing it okay on your own.” His lip curves up. “But I figured you wouldn’t mind if I expedited the process.”

“Not at all.” I give a little laugh to mask my awkwardness. “This is not how I imagined myself celebrating my first grown-up New Year’s Eve.”

A dark eyebrow flies up. “Oh yeah?”

“In college, I was always back home for the holidays. And while my family is nice enough, I was always excited about what it might be like once I was living on my own. I’d have my life a little more together, and I’d be at some swanky party getting ready to kiss my date, Ryan Gosling.”

His face scrunches. “Gosling. I should have figured as much.”

My eyes narrow. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“He’s an obvious choice.”

“And who would you have as your imaginary New Year’s date that’s so much more original?”

“There’s only one woman for me.” His dark eyes turn glassy as he probably paints a mental picture of some perfectly coiffed model wearing a skin-tight sequined dress to accentuate her perfect figure. “She’s adventurous and can handle herself in any situation. She’s a little bit older, but that means more experience. She defines beauty, mystery, and class. She’s led a fascinating life and would have a lot to offer in the ways of conversation.”


“Milla Jovovich.”

“From Resident Evil?”


“I get it.” I nod slowly, letting that information sink in. “You’re a nerd.”

I wish I could crawl into a hole and hide the second I’ve said it. I can’t believe I insulted a stranger—a nice and handsome one by all appearances—only a few minutes after he helped me out.

Instead of being offended, he actually laughs. “How’d you guess?”

Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo


is the
author of First & Goal, Going for Two, Three & Out, and The Marrying
Type. A native Nebraskan, she loves football, Netflix marathons, and her cats,
Jane and Bingley. Connect with her online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and
YouTube and on her website at

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.99 SALE BLITZ ~ 2 books by Entangled Pubslishing LOVESTRUCK line

#GetTempted for ONLY .99 Cents


Wrong Man #2
Kerri Carpenter
Entangled Lovestruck


A little temptation never hurt
Townsend craves freedom after years living a structured existence in the Army.
But just as he’s about to start on his bucket list, Lance receives an
unexpected request: check in on his goddaughter. The problem? The adorable
little girl’s aunt is the one woman he’s never been able to forget.
Quigley can’t believe her brother’s best friend, the man who jilted her years
ago, is at her door. He claims her brother asked him to check in on her niece
and their fixer-upper, but all either of them can focus on is their undeniable
attraction. Carly knows Lance is counting down the hours to leave, which makes
him the wrong man for her. Unfortunately, the wrong man has become

Each book in the Wrong Man series is a
standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Driven to Love #1
Melia Alexander
Entangled Lovestruck
She’s a gorgeous distraction he
can’t afford…or ignore.
Aidan Ross
might be an engineering genius, but people skills? Not this soldier’s forte.
Thankfully, a trusted friend is accompanying him to a make-or-break
tradeshow…but then a bubbly redhead hops into his truck, claiming to be his new
road trip buddy. She’s a gorgeous distraction he can’t afford. Or ignore.
Harper comes from a family of engineers—male engineers. With several impressive
projects under her belt, she’s on a mission to prove she can hang with the big
boys, too. But cracking the sexy, closed-off CEO is tougher than she
expects…and hotter than she could have imagined.
With the
tempting woman disrupting his carefully planned schedule, Aidan can’t focus on
the road, much less their upcoming presentation. The future of his company is
riding on this trip, and if they’re to land a huge account, he has to keep his
head—and his heart—in the game…


Carpenter began writing in her grandmother’s kitchen at the age of seven in a
small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. A life-long fan of reading, she got lost
in the worlds of The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley High. She also assumed
that everyone had characters and plots forming in their heads at all times.

Once she turned to romance novels, she couldn’t get enough of books with happy
endings, so she started writing her own. Now, Kerri writes contemporary
romances, usually set in small towns. She enjoys reading, cooking, watching
movies, taking Zumba classes, rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams, and anything
sparkly. Kerri lives in Northern Virginia with her adorable (and mischievous)
poodle mix, Harry.

Melia Alexander is the author of
sassy, sexy, fun contemporary romances, but is also fortunate to spend her week
days at The Male Observation Lab (a.k.a. her job at a construction company)
where she gets to observe guys in their natural habitat. Though they often
behave like typical alpha males, in many instances she’s seen through their
personas to the heart of who they really are – the heroes of their own stories.
A native of Guam, Melia traded in warm, tropical breezes for the rainy
Pacific Northwest. She’s an avid reader who also loves romantic comedies –
preferably with a glass of CabSauv and a box of chocolates nearby. In her free
time, she’s busy conquering her CrossFit fears: ring dips, muscle snatches, and
the dreaded 800 meter run. Her family appreciates her attempts at cooking and
cleaning, although she spends it mostly daydreaming about her characters, which
sometimes results in a burnt meal and a half-cleaned house.


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BOOK BLAST ~ Saved by the Firefighter by Rachel Brimble ~ #giveaway

can she forgive him for what he didn’t do?


Templeton Cove #6
Rachel Brimble
Releasing Nov 1st, 2016
Harlequin Superromance


How can
she forgive him for what he didn’t do?
Photographer Izzy Cooper feels as
frozen as her pictures. Trent Palmer might be the hottest firefighter in
Templeton Cove, but she can never face him again. Not after he failed to save
her brother. But when they’re forced together by a calendar shoot, the sparks
between them are undeniable.

Izzy knows it’s not fair to blame
Trent for the tragedy, but opening herself up to loss again isn’t something
she’s prepared to do, no matter how determined Trent is to show her that pain
is part of life and that love—their love—can make any suffering bearable.


She carefully climbed down the rocks, one hand steadying her as she made her slow descent. Trent waited, needing to know she was safe on the sand before he could leave.

He wanted to protect his family and loved ones––to never fail someone again as he’d failed his baby sister. In Izzy, he saw his future. Why her, he wasn’t sure he could ever explain, but she mattered. Deeply.

Yet, with every day that passed, she slipped further away from him and he wished to God it didn’t hurt so much.

He briefly closed his eyes before opening them again, ready to walk on. Walk away. He glanced in her direction once last time as she leapt from the final rock, her hand protectively clasped around the camera at her breasts. Looking up, she held up a finger toward him as though asking him to wait for her. Surprise turned to pathetic relief as she jogged across the sand, her long blonde hair swinging back and forth in its ponytail. As she got closer, the more Trent tensed.

It had been over a week since he’d seen her. The beach party a bigger disaster than he could’ve ever anticipated.

She came up the steps toward him, tucking some fallen hair behind her ear. He noted the way she tried to smile for him, but it didn’t quite meet her eyes. “Hi.”

He pushed his hands into the pockets of his work trousers. “Hi.”

Slightly out of breath, she exhaled through pursed lips and stared into his eyes. “I think I owe you an apology.”

She might as well as said she loved him. The pleasure that jolted through him probably wouldn’t have been any less powerful. He dragged his gaze from hers to look blindly toward a spot over her shoulder. “For what?”

“For the way I spoke to you at the beach last week.” She sighed. “Won’t you at least look at me? You know apologizing doesn’t exactly come as second nature to me.”

He turned. The trepidation and pleading in her gaze teemed with the blush at her cheeks, tugged at his chest. “I get it, Iz. It’s fine.”

“What do you get?”

“You need to blame me for Robbie’s death. You’ll only ever look at me and see a firefighter now. The man who couldn’t save your brother. You’ll never just see me. A guy who really likes you.”




Rachel lives with her husband and two teenage daughters in a small town near Bath in the UK. After having several novels published by small US presses, she secured agent representation in 2011. Since 2013, she has had six books published by Harlequin Superromance (Templeton Cove Stories) and recently signed a contract for two more. She also has four Victorian romances with eKensington/Lyrical Press.

Rachel is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and Romance Writers of America, and was selected to mentor the Superromance finalist of So You Think You Can Write 2014 contest. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find Rachel with her head in a book or walking the beautiful English countryside with her family. Her dream place to live is Bourton-on-the-Water in South West England.

She likes nothing more than connecting and chatting with her readers and fellow romance writers. Rachel would love to hear from you!



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BOOK BLITZ ~ Don’t Lie to Me by Amber Bardan ~ #giveaway

 Amber Bardan returns with a heart-stopping third installment in her 
high-octane, highly addictive Bad For You series.


Bad for You #3
Amber Bardan
Releasing Oct 24th, 2016
Carina Press
A fling with her best friend’s reclusive business partner should’ve been harmless.
When Emma meets him, the only way she’s looking to be tied down is in the literal sense. But Avner—shady hacker, off-the-books investigator, occasional spy—takes her breath away. He’s the first man who doesn’t turn to mush under her sexual spell: a fact that makes what’s between them very different, and very real.
Beautiful and uninhibited, Emma is everything Avner thought she would be and more. Yet his deadly past and dark duties can never be forgotten…not even as he succumbs to their seductive intimacy. But for the first time he’s after something of his own, as well.
And now that he’s found Emma, he’ll protect her, no matter what. Because anything worth loving is worth fighting for.
But nothing about Avner is remotely harmless.
Soon, Avner has infiltrated Emma’s personal life, stalled her career and nearly destroyed everything she’s worked for—all in the name of protection. Desperate and heartbroken, drawn into a secret criminal underworld in her quest for understanding, Emma discovers the truth: Avner’s secrets are far more devastating than his lies.
One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise! 


“You’re breathing fast.” The sun hit his face, turning his shrewd eyes deep amber and gold. “What are you afraid of?”

My nails scraped the underside of the ledge.

I didn’t glance at the water, the greater of the two things that right then truly scared me. “You’re all wet.” I raised a hand I wished were steady and set it on his broad shoulder.

“You’re very—” my touch smoothed over his slippery skin “—very sexy, all wet, Avner. That’s why I’m breathing fast.”

His nostrils flared a fraction. “That’s a reason.” His grip tightened on my thighs. He pulled me closer, and claimed the space between my knees for his own. “But we both know that it’s not the only one.”

My breath caught. I grabbed both his shoulders.

“Do you always flirt with fear, or only with me?” He dragged my hips. My ass scraped on tiles through my bikini briefs, and my heart knocked against my ribs.

“What are you talking about?”

He slid me a little more. One more inch and I could slip right into the pool. But his arms came around me, and he lifted me against him. My chest slid over his. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and clung. Water lapped around my calves—my knees.

His mouth pressed into my hair as though he were telling a secret. “Does it turn you on to be a little bit afraid?”

Adrenaline plowed through me, lifting my stomach like a theme-park ride, making my lips tingle, and fingers shake.

“I’ve asked myself why.” He grabbed my ass and stepped back from the edge. I held on, my entire body pulsing with electric buzz. “Why does this woman who resists me, also lure me?” His words pierced through the howl of blood in my ears. “Why does she look at me like she’s in the middle of the dream, when she also trembles against me?”

Water climbed around us, moving toward my waist. I clutched him with the full force of my muscles. My head spun. I breathed into the feeling of something between panic and delirium.

His breath poured in a hot, hoarse whisper. “Why does she struggle, when she’s wettest when I hold her down?”

I twitched. My back met a solid force. The other side of the pool. I reached behind me with one arm for the ledge, but hung on to Avner with my other.

With that space between us, I saw his face, impassioned so fiercely he could’ve been angry—chin low, gaze hooked on me.

He wasn’t done with whatever he was doing. “You came to the edge, and I saw right here—” he released one hand from my waist and touched the base of my neck “—your heart pounding like it were about to break through skin.”

My pulse leaped against his touch, leaving no doubt he’d detect every little variation in the beat.

“The same way it did in Italy when you’d step out onto a balcony. Yet, you lean over railings and dip your toes anyway.” He moved, his touch circling my throat, baring me back against the edge. “Just like you come after me.”

My head swirled, woozily and not so different to when I’d been drugged. His voice moved through me, through my memory, tempting out flashes of things—like the first time I’d turned up to a fight. Took a punch. A real punch designed to knock me down. The first punch that hadn’t been from my father. How my blood trembled, scared yes, but alight with exhilaration. Because I chose it and owned it.

He drove his big hard body against mine. “You’re afraid because I’m stronger than you and that turns you on.”  He squeezed—just enough for the pressure to flare without choking. “You’re scared right now, that I could drop you…”

My eyes flared, heart stopped, breath vanished.

“But you know I’ve got you.” He released my throat.

I didn’t fall. Not with his body holding me up. I’d never fall with Avner. That’s why he was the first time I’d taken a risk on a man.

My chest constricted—hard.

“And now we both know why you’re here.” He tugged at my hair, jerking my head back, but I could hardly see him through the building sheen. “I’m your darkest desire.”

I shuddered, shivered, shook, but couldn’t deny it.

He was the fantasy I never let myself have—dangerous and safe.

Attentive and possessive.

Frightening and irresistible.

“I’m your darkest desires, Emma, and I intend to fulfill them all.”

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Have you met Haithem?
spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber Bardan finally
found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her
time in a coffee-fueled adrenaline haze, writing romance with a thriller edge.
lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers
outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.
is an award winning writer, Amazon Bestselling Author, and member of Romance
Writers of Australia, Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, and Writers Victoria.” rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway

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BOOK BLAST ~ Pull Me Close by Sidney Halston ~ #giveaway

An emotionally charged series.


The Panic #1
Sidney Halston
Releasing Oct 25th, 2016


to Panic, a sultry Miami nightclub where bodies and hearts move to a beat that
doesn’t stop at sunrise—the setting for an emotionally charged series from the
bestselling author of the Worth the Fight novels.
Katherine Wilson passes out in the arms of the hottest man she’s ever seen,
it’s not because of the lights, the pulsating music, or the crowded dance
floor. It’s because she can’t enjoy a night out like a normal person, not with
her debilitating anxieties. These panic attacks are going to destroy her life
unless she takes control—or gets a helping hand. So after the club’s bad-boy
owner personally escorts her home, Katherine feels something urgent and primal
awaken inside of her.
Nick Moreno
doesn’t need a headache like Katherine. A drug bust has put his father behind
bars and forced Nick to take over the daily business of his family’s South
Beach nightclub. His head tells him to walk away—but his body has other ideas.
Katherine’s vulnerability, her grace and courage, compel him to reach out. And
when they kiss, Nick is overcome by desire: to pull her close, and promise that
his embrace will always be the safest place on earth.


“Do one thing that scares you every day,” I say to myself as I walk to the elevator.

I keep thinking that if I can get in that stupid elevator, I can go to my sister’s wedding. Because nothing can be worse than being in a tiny steel box held up by a cable. If it malfunctions, either I’ll plummet to my demise or I’ll be stuck inside, helpless and in the dark.

For weeks now I’ve walked over to it every day, pressed the button, and then run back to my apartment when it dings open, like it’s a monster coming to get me. I know that I’m working myself up. I know what reality is, and I understand the extremely low statistical likelihood that any of the things I envision will actually happen. I’m not completely insane. But I also can’t help the fear that bubbles up inside me and distorts my logic.

Today, however, I woke up with a new sense of bravery and determination and I’m going to take advantage of it.

I know that the cable is made of steel and it will not break.

I know that the elevator is in working order.

I know that it takes only 22.9 seconds from the time it closes on the fifth floor to the time it opens in the lobby.

Still, I’m nervous. Less so then previous days, though.

I dial Nico because even with everything that I know, I need someone with me.

“My sweet Katherine,” he says over the music in the background.

“I need you.”

I notice the change in him, even over the phone. “Wait, what? I’ll be right there.”

The fact that he is so quick to rush to my rescue is heartwarming, but I don’t need him physically here, so I clarify quickly. “No, no, no. Stay there. That’s not what I meant. I need you to stay on the line with me.”

“Okay. Hold on a second—I need quiet. I can barely hear you.” I hear the music become quieter and quieter. “All right. What’s going on?”

“If I say the safe word and tell you to call the police or firemen or whatever, just do it, no questions asked, okay?”

“What?” He sounds alarmed. “What the hell is going on, Katherine?”

“I’m getting on the elevator and I’m going to the lobby. If it gets stuck, I need you to call for help.”

“For fuck’s sake, Katherine, you scared the hell out of me.” He lets out a breath. “Okay, I’ll wait on the phone. Or do you want to wait for me to come over? I can be there in ten minutes and do this with you,” he says while I press the button.

“No. I need to do this alone. Also, what good would it do me if you’re stuck in there with me?”

“It’s not going to get stuck,” he says with a chuckle, and I can practically hear him rolling his eyes on the other end of the line.

“So how’s the club tonight?”

“I heard the ding, baby. Stop procrastinating and get inside.”

I look at the open door. The elevator car looks so ominous, and now I don’t know if I can do it.

“Get that cute little ass in the elevator.”

“Never mind—I changed my mind.”

“No. You’ve never called me for this before. You’re obviously feeling good about it. I’m proud of you for doing this.”

As the door starts to close I press the button again, and the closing doors reopen.

“So get inside. You can do this.”

“Nico, I don’t—”

“Yes, you can. Don’t finish that sentence. You’ve done more in the last few weeks than you’ve done in a long time. You can absolutely do this. I know you can. Don’t you want to be free?”

I do. Damn it, I do. I take a step and then another one. My feet feel heavy and my heart is beating a mile a minute. I can hear that he’s breathless too.

Corazón, just roll with it. Get inside,” he says softly.




USA Today bestselling author, Sidney Halston lives
her life with one simple rule: “Just Do It”–Nike. And that’s exactly
what she did.

After working hard as an attorney, Sidney picked up a pen for the first time at
thirty years old to begin her dream of writing. Having never written anything
other than very exciting legal briefs, she found an outlet for her imaginative,
romantic side and wrote Seeing Red. That first pen stroke sealed the deal, and
she fell in love with writing. Sidney lives in South Florida with her husband
and children. She loves her family above all else, and reading follows a close
second. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading and reading and
reading. She’s a reader first and a writer second. When she’s not writing or
reading, her life is complete and utter chaos, trying to balance family life
with work and writing (and reading). But she wouldn’t have it any other way.



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