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INTERVIEW with Sharon C Cooper author of Operation Midnight ~ GIVEAWAY

Happy Monday! Thank you for joining me on the blog 🙂 Please help me welcome author Sharon C Cooper to the blog. She’s been a frequent visitor and I’m so happy to have her back to help her promote her latest release Operation Midnight. Before we dive into the blurb and excerpt, Sharon has agreed to answer a few questions so we can get to know more about her and her book.

And, don’t forget to enter her awesome giveaway!

Let’s get started…

Describe yourself as if you were tweeting…that’s right. You get 140 characters! 🙂

HA! Okay, here goes:

SharonCCooper – God-fearing, loving wife, mom, author-passionate stories, sometimes silly, a little OCD, lover of all things romance & PB&J.


Love it 🙂 What’s the first thing we’d see when we walked in your front door?

Lol, this is an interesting question! So the first thing you would see when you walked through my front door is a large abstract painting created by yours truly. 🙂


I wish I’d asked for a picture now. I’d love to see your art work! What is your favorite meal to cook?

*cough, cough, cough*

Well, uh … I prefer eating over cooking any day! But if I must cook a meal it would probably be pretty simple – something involving tilapia.


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Unlike many writers, I didn’t always want to be a writer though it was a huge part of some of my past occupations (grant writer, virtual assistant, etc). I didn’t know that I really wanted to be a writer until maybe three and a half years ago – shortly before I published my first book.


I love choosing names for my characters. How did you go about choosing yours?

Hmm…good question. I too love choosing names for my characters! Although…I can’t remember how I chose the names for the main characters in OPERATION MIDNIGHT. At any rate, what I normally do is think about the type of character I want to create and decide what name would be fitting of their personality. The characters in this story were secondary characters in other stories, so unfortunately their names didn’t get the same consideration as some of my characters in other books (like Nash, Hunter, Iris, Martina, Alandra, etc).


What makes OPERATION MIDNIGHT different from other books in the same genre?

I think one of the main differences in this book than other books by me in the same genre is that this book includes a very sweet love story. In romantic suspense, the reader will usually get a big dose of romance with some nice suspense. Yet in this story, though there is plenty of suspense and romance, the unyielding love between the characters really stand out!


Sounds like an awesome read 🙂 Which character is most like you?

…interesting enough, I can’t think of one character in this book that is most like me. Though I hate to admit it, I’m not as compassionate as Olivia; I don’t have Wiz’s computer skills, and the list goes on…and on. Now if we took a look at some of my other stories, a character who is most like me would be Iris Sinclair in LEGAL SEDUCTION or Peyton Jenkins in SEDUCING THE BOSS LADY (coming in 2016).


Do you prefer to write in the morning, afternoon, evening, or just whenever you can?

I prefer to write in the mornings (very early), but I’ve had so many back-to-back deadlines lately, until I just try to work in as much writing time throughout the day as possible.

What’s the first sentence in your book?

The first sentence in OPERATION MIDNIGHT is – “I want her dead.”

That is an awesome first sentence. Definitely leaves me wanting to know more about that conversation. What was your favorite scene in OPERATION MIDNIGHT to write and why?

Hmm…I had a couple of favorite scenes, but I think if I had to pick one, it would be the scene where Wiz and Olivia (the main characters) are ambushed. It’s a shoot-out scene loaded with action and the reader gets to see Wiz (retired Navy SEAL) protect Olivia at all cost.

Why should we read OPERATION MIDNIGHT?

Great question! I think readers should read OPERATION MIDNIGHT because it’s loaded with romance, plenty of action, humor, steamy sex, and a nice dose of suspense! It’s also an easy read.

What is one of your fondest memories from when you were growing up?

I have so many fond memories, but since we’re getting close to the holidays, I guess I would have to pick my parent’s annual Christmas brunch. Plenty of food (and I love to eat), LOTS of friends and family, games, movies, and plenty of laughs all rolled into one event under one roof!


Sounds fantastic. I love big family and friend get togethers 🙂 What is the best part of the writing process for you…the beginning of the book, the middle, or the end…and why?

Another great question! The best part of the writing process for me is the brainstorming part. During that time, it’s like anything goes and I have a blast creating the characters, deciding what type of situations to put them in…or not. Lol! The brainstorming period is when you can let your imagination get carried away. But of course reality quickly sets in when you try to create a story around all of those initial ideas. Lol.


Would you give us a sneak peek into what you’re working on now?

I’m currently writing Negotiating for Love, book 4 of my Jenkins Family Series. Martina “MJ” Jenkins is a carpenter by trade who refuses to ever fall in love. She fears being like her mother who falls in love with every man she meets only to get her heart broken in the end. Despite MJ’s efforts to stay clear of the love bug, there’s this gorgeous U.S. senator who makes her weak in the knees whenever she’s near him. Problem is, she’s totally against some of his political views when it comes to the trades unions (which she is actively involved), and they bump heads at every turn. Needless to say, their road to a happily-ever-after won’t be easy…but it will be fun! *smile*


Christine thanks so much for allowing me to hang out on your blog today! I’ve enjoyed myself and the interview!

Thank you so much for coming back on the blog and letting me interview you. You’re welcome back anytime, Sharon!





Operation Midnight (Reunited Series – Book 4)

by Sharon C. Cooper
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Length: 215 Pages

No bad deed goes unpunished…

Former Navy SEAL turned private investigator, Cameron “Wiz” Miller, has loved only one woman, his ex-wife, Olivia. She’s beautiful, talented and the sweetest person he knows. With plans to remarry her, there is nothing she could ask of him that he wouldn’t do except … one thing.

Olivia has loved Wiz since high school. He is her hero. Her protector. She understands his hesitation to search for the woman who left her for dead. Forgiveness has been a long time coming, but Olivia has made peace with what happened. Wiz hasn’t. For him, forgiveness is not an option.

But the sins of the past have come back to haunt Wiz, placing Olivia in danger. He must tap into his military training and every alliance he has formed over the years to save her. But is it too late? Will he and Olivia ever get that happily-ever-after?


“I want her dead.”

Wiz paced the length of the small, musty cellar, his pulse pounding in his ears. He wished the steady drumming would drown out the anger seeping into his soul. Wound tighter than a man staring down the barrel of a semi-automatic gun, he took a few cleansing breaths to release the anxiety roaring through his veins. It wasn’t working. Nothing was working.

He kept moving. Except for his combat boots stomping against the dusty concrete floor and the low hum of a nearby furnace, the space was quiet. Gagged and bound, flanked by his two best friends, the woman who had slithered into his life and almost destroyed everything he held dear, sat glaring at him. She wiggled in the hard wooden chair trying to free herself to no avail. Her eyes, cold and unyielding followed his every move, making him hate her that much more.

He stopped and stood before her, feeling nothing but disgust. Red, glassy eyes and the slight shakes confirmed she was high. Hell, considering her condition, she wouldn’t even feel the torture he intended to inflict on her, but it would help him. It would help him try to piece his life back together. It would help him feel less guilt for not being on American soil to protect his wife. It would help him get retribution for the life this bitch had taken.

A life for a life.

“Wiz, think about what you’re planning to do here,” his friend Quinn said, his gloved hand propped against the closed door and the low rumble of his voice cutting through Wiz’s thoughts. “Let me handle this. I can take care of everything and you can head back to the hospital. Your wife needs you. Besides, you have too much to lose.”

“I’ve already lost almost everything and thanks to this woman, my wife is fighting for her life.”

Copyright © 2015 by Sharon C. Cooper



About Sharon C. Cooper

Award-winning and bestselling author, Sharon C. Cooper, spent 10 years as a sheet metal worker. And while enjoying that unique line of work, she attended college in the evening and obtained her B.A. from Concordia University in Business Management with an emphasis in Communication. Sharon is a romance-a-holic – loving anything that involves romance with a happily-ever-after, whether in books, movies or real life. She writes contemporary romance, as well as romantic suspense and enjoys rainy days, carpet picnics, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When Sharon is not writing or working, she’s hanging out with her amazing husband, doing volunteer work or reading a good book (a romance of course). To read more about Sharon and her novels, visit

The Giveaway
Sharon is giving away a $10 Amazon e-gift card AND an autographed copy of Truth or Consequences, Book 3 in the Reunited Series to one lucky winner. NOTE: For U.S. entrants only.


Truth or Consequences (Reunited Series – Book 3)
Hospital Chief of Staff Natasha Lockham’s life has been all about work and no play. That is until a one-night stand with a man who lives his life on the edge, turns her sexual fantasies into reality. She never expects to see him again, but their paths cross when Natasha suspects an esteemed doctor of committing an unspeakable crime against his patients and danger lands at her doorstep. The closer she gets to the truth, the more she realizes she’s not prepared for the truth – or the consequences.

Former Navy SEAL, Malik Lewis, will always remember the night he spent with Natasha. It was the single most amazing night of his life. So when Natasha narrowly escapes a brutal attempt on her life, Malik stops at nothing to protect her, including hunting a man whose skills match his. Can Malik and Natasha outsmart a vicious assassin who has nothing to lose? And will they ever get to explore the sizzling passion between them that neither can deny?

Romantic Suspense
NOTE: Books in this series can stand alone.

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INTERVIEW with Cynthia Eden author of SHATTERED ~ giveaway

Today we have author Cynthia Eden in the hot seat. Cynthia has agreed to let me interview her so that we could all get to know a little more about  her and her release SHATTERED. After the interview, check out the blurb and excerpt for her book, and don’t forget to enter her awesome giveaway!

Let’s get started…


Tell us about yourself in Twitter form…that’s right, you only get 140 characters 🙂

I’m a southern girl who loves chocolate, romance novels, and horror movies.

Love it! What’s the last food you ate that had bacon in it?

Gah! I don’t know…but I did recently have some bacon covered in chocolate. Not fast food, but incredibly tasty.

I’ve seen that and have yet to try it. I think I’ll like the salty and sweet 🙂 What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas is my favorite (though Halloween is a close second). I love the magic that seems to hang in the air during Christmas. People act nicer, everyone smiles more, and humming carols while I write just makes me happy.

Do you have a writing ritual…as in, do you wear a lucky pair of socks, play a certain song, light a candle, have a particular snack at your fingertips?

I do have one true friend that I keep close when I start writing each day—my trusty dose of Red Bull.  Other than the Bull, I’m pretty ritual free.

Tell us your favorite part about the writing process.

I love having the chance to escape to a new world.  My surroundings disappear when I get lost in a story, and suddenly, anything can happen.  I love the possibilities that exist in writing—so many potential plot twists, so many fun surprises that can unfold.

Well said. Love your answer 🙂 I love choosing character names. How did you go about choosing the names for your hero and heroine?

Normally, I spend a whole lot of time researching names online—I dig up the meanings behind names and I try to match up the name’s meaning with my character’s personality. But with this book…things were different.  Jax Fontaine is an anti-hero, a guy who basically runs New Orleans by hiding in the shadows of the city, and his name…it just came to me and flowed right in the story as I was typing. No research, just…Jax. He was New Orleans. He was the bad boy.


As for Sarah, her name seemed to fit her, too.  She’s a woman who appears fragile on the outside, but beneath her skin, she is pure steel.  Soft but strong…that describes Sarah perfectly.


What’s the first line in your book?

It was the scream that woke her. 

That’s an intriguing first line. Nicely done. Describe your hero in five words.

Dangerous, sexy, intense, criminal, redeemed?

Now your heroine.

Smart, sexy, strong, dark, tormented.

Why do you write the genre you do?

I just enjoy all of the twists and turns that come in romantic suspense novels. I’m completely addicted to the adrenaline rush of the stories.

Why should we read your book?

You should read SHATTERED because it will give you non-stop action, dark and sexy characters, and surprise after surprise.  And come one…don’t you love a dangerous and tormented hero?  With tattoos? 

Yes, yes, and yes. lol When did you know you wanted to be an author?               

I am one of those people who pretty much always knew. Even as a kid, I was writing down stories in my spare time, always day dreaming far too hard. I still day dream, only now I call it “plotting.” 

Can you share a sneak peek into what you’re working on now?

Absolutely! Right now, I am working on my next LOST novel. It has the tentative title of TAKEN (that title may so change later), and it will be book number 5 in this series.  My heroine survived a brutal assault by a serial killer, and now, she’s turning to LOST for help. Because, well, she doesn’t think she was the only survivor. On the night that Bailey Jones escaped the clutches of the Death Angel, she swears that she saw another victim in his remote cabin. And now, she is desperate to find that missing woman.  


When it comes to peanut butter, it must go with jelly.

I’ve always wished I could fly. Wouldn’t that be awesome? To be just like Superman?

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d pack up and head to Paris.

The most daring thing I’ve done is join the 102 Club at the Empire State Building! I’m terrified of flights, so it was a huge deal for me to go up so high!

My kitchen is made for dancing.

The last book I read was Isle of the Lost.

Loved interviewing you. Thanks for making it so fun!


Enter to Win a 
$50.00 Gift Card or
Digital Set of BROKEN & TWISTED (LOST Series 1 & 2)


Cynthia Eden
Releasing Oct 27th, 2015
Avon Books


In New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s latest novel featuring the Last Option Search Team (LOST), one agent is forced to face her past as she uncovers secrets about the man who may be the key to her future.

Criminal psychologist Dr. Sarah Jacobs is all too familiar with the kind of bad boys who belong behind bars. But the dark, dangerous man she meets in the New Orleans underworld is a new kind of ruthless, and all too irresistible.

Jax Fontaine doesn’t claim to be a good guy, but he’s loyal to his own code and brutally honest about what he wants. He and Sarah may be worlds apart, but when they’re skin to skin, nothing matters but the heat between them.

And when a deranged killer targets Sarah, Jax will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.



“No judgment,” he murmured. “There’s no anger in your eyes, no rage or disgust at me for being a cold bastard. No pity for the kid I was who got beaten in a dirty alley and left to die.”

“Don’t be too sure you understand what I feel.”

“Why not? I actually think I understand you very, very well.”

Sarah backed up a step.

A faint smile curved his lips. “It was there from the first time I saw you. That instant connection. Doesn’t happen often. Actually, it’s never happened to me before. I looked up, saw you, and thought—”

Sarah pretty much ran for the door.

But he caught her. His hands wrapped around her and Jax pulled her back against his body. His hold wasn’t hard or rough. Oddly, it was infinitely tender.

“Do you know what I saw when I looked in your eyes?” he whispered into her ear.

Sarah shook her head.

“You were hurting. Trying to hide your pain, but I could still see it. I looked at you and thought—I never want her to hurt again.

Tears stung her eyes. “You don’t know me. Or what I’ve done.” Jax thought his past was bad? It was nothing compared to hers. She still had nightmares that had her waking in the night, choking for breath, and begging for help.

Help that hadn’t come. Not in time.

“Tell me why you came to see me tonight, Sarah.”

She sucked in a quick breath and decided to go with the truth. “Because I didn’t want to lie in bed and be afraid. Because I didn’t want to think about the past or the future.” Because she’d felt that insane connection between them, too.

The first time she’d seen him, she’d looked into his eyes and thought—

He can handle all my darkness. He won’t ever be afraid of what I tell him.

Because his gaze had told her that he’d already looked into hell … and hadn’t given a damn about the demons there.

He turned her in his arms. She made herself look up and into his eyes. He was so warm and strong against her. And he made her … want. Yearn for things that she’d denied herself for so very long.

Because she hadn’t wanted anyone to get close. She hadn’t trusted anyone with all her secrets.

She didn’t trust him, either. She’d be a fool to do that. But—she did want him. And every instinct Sarah possessed screamed at her that Jax Fontaine could give her the sensual oblivion she craved.

A few hours to forget. A few hours to just pretend that I’m not the freak in the room. The monster that everyone else fears.

“What do you want from me?” Jax asked her.

Just a night. She’d be leaving New Orleans soon, flying out on a plane and heading back to her little house in the suburbs of Atlanta. They wouldn’t see each other again. So no one else would know about what happened tonight. Just her.

Just him.





a Rafflecopter giveaway


Award-winning author Cynthia Eden writes dark tales of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller. Cynthia is also a three-time finalist for the prestigious RITA® award. Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over fifty novels and novellas.

Cynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast. She loves romance novels, horror movies, and chocolate. Her favorite hobbies including hiking in the mountains (searching for waterfalls) and spelunking.




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INTERVIEW with Cathy Skendrovich author of PRISONER OF LOVE

Hi readers! We are in for a big treat today 🙂 Please help me welcome my Entangled Publishing sister Cathy Skendrovich. She’s taken the hot seat and I’ve asked her some questions about herself and her latest release PRISONER OF LOVE! I think you’ll enjoy getting to know her better and learning more about her book.

As you know, I’m a total cover junkie and Cathy has a fabulous cover!!!

Let’s get started!

Author Photo 2


Tell us something you love, something you hate, and something you fear.

I love my family. I hate cauliflower. And I fear getting locked in a bathroom stall. Seriously.

I can understand that fear 🙂 What’s the last thing you cooked?

Turkey breast with all the fixings (I’m practicing for Thanksgiving :))

My fave holiday! What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas, because I love decorating for it, and shopping, and even, to a lesser degree, cooking for it. I love to see if I pleased people with their gifts. Also, because here in southern California, it’s a cooler temperature at Christmas.

Describe your writing space.

That’s a funny question, because I don’t have a designated space! My two college age sons are still at home, and my 93-year-old dad lives with us, so our four-bedroom-house is packed. I own a laptop, and a rolling laptop stand. I type most often in the family room when no one is around. If I can, I will go into my sons’ rooms while they are at school or work and create at their desks. My last resort is stretching out on my bed to write. But you know how long that lasts before I get sleepy!

I have an office, but write in my living room because it has so many windows and sunlight! Tell us your favorite part about the writing process.

My favorite part is coming up with the idea/plot. I love the zing I get when I see something and a story idea pops into my head. It’s a real rush when that happens.

I love choosing character names. How did you go about choosing the names for your hero and heroine?

Unfortunately, I have no real ritual. I try to choose ordinary names that are easy to say and don’t all begin with the same letter. I remember years ago reading a book that had three characters whose names all began with the letter M. Talk about confusing! I was forever mixing them up in my head. So that is why I choose common names. With Jake Dalton, in my head he looked like a Jake. It just felt right. For Dalton, I chose the name from the name of a road in the TV show “Ice Road Truckers,” believe it or not. I put the two names together and they just clicked. And with Lucy, I wanted an old-fashioned name, a sturdy name, like her character. Lucy filled those requirements for me.

Love that! If you could tweet a favorite line from your book, what would it be? Yep, that’s right, you only get 140 characters. 🙂

He put her cell phone in his front jumpsuit pocket. “Feel free to go fish for it. Just be aware of what else you might come up with.”

That’s a great tweet! Describe your hero in five words.

Sexy, irreverent, inventive, shrewd, tough

Now your heroine.

Curvy, serious, analytical, sensitive, orderly

Why do you write the genre you do?

I have loved romance since I started reading, I think. Even when I read mysteries or suspense, I always want a sideline of romance between characters. The same when I write. I love to explore the way people meet and come together. Even if there is a murder or a mystery, there always needs to be that spark of awareness between two people.

Do you have a writing ritual—as in do you have to have a certain drink, light a candle, play music, wear a lucky pair of socks?

I write first thing in the morning, while everyone is at work, or still in their rooms. I make hot tea, feed the dog, and then sit down to write. If I don’t get side-tracked by social media!

What makes your book stand out from others in the same genre?

Realism. Although romantic suspense readers like to be transported into a dangerous but still romantic plot, they aren’t looking for a fairytale. Prisoner of Love delivers the romance, yet the characters are down-to-earth people that you could meet in real life. For example, Lucy is not a goddess. She wears glasses and is ten pounds overweight. Women can relate to her instead of another perfect “Barbie” character.  Also, a cop as an escaped con who kidnaps an innocent bystander; the setup alone shows readers the hero isn’t going to be that perfect “Godlike” man (which makes the book more realistic)

Can you share a sneak peek into what you’re working on now?

I am writing a contemporary romance at the moment. “Meet Sydney Hughes. She tends bar in her dad’s neighborhood pub since her mom died a few years ago. Though she has a degree in hotel management, she enjoys helping her father out with his business. Her infectious smile, sense of humor, and lively showmanship pack the bar every weekend.

Enter Alexios Verga, co-CEO of The Midas Touch, the latest hotel and casino to crowd onto the Las Vegas Strip. Alexios is responsible for the casino and entertainment. Which are not doing particularly well, since he prefers to frequent the Strip’s lounges with his latest hottie instead of manage the business. Until Daddy lowers the boom: raise the hotel’s bar revenues or start taking orders from his younger brother.

The first time Alexios enters Jimmy’s Bar he is fascinated with Sydney’s ability to take drink orders, schmooze with the patrons, and entertain using flamboyant moves more in keeping with a magician than a bartender, as well as her fresh, girl-next-door looks and personality. But when he makes her a lucrative job offer, she flatly turns him down, unimpressed by his good looks or his credentials. Unused to rejection, he goes around her back.

Now that Sydney reluctantly works for Alexios, she’s even more the ice queen where he’s concerned. And he finds himself obsessed with the sexy bartender, thinking of her morning, noon, and night. Is Alexios capable of changing his playboy ways, and winning Sydney’s trust? Or will this be his last call?”

Sounds awesome and I love your hero’s name!



My favorite number is __7_______

I’ve always wished I could __own a Jaguar F-Type Coupe_________

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d pack up and head to ___Vienna_______

The most daring thing I’ve done is hike up to Multnomah Falls and stand on the bridge while the water cascades around you. Awesome!___________

My kitchen is _small but very user-friendly____________

The last book I read was __True Deceptions by Veronica Forand________



Publication1 &2

Excerpt from Prisoner of Love

The whoosh of the passenger door flying open snapped her eyes wide. A blurred orange figure blocked the daylight and threw himself into the passenger seat, roaring in a gravelly male voice, “Get the car moving now! And don’t even think about jumping.” He brandished a rusty file that had a nasty pointed end like a knife. “Do it!”

Lucy screamed. Just opened her mouth and let it rip, all the startled, adrenaline-rushing fear boiling up from her stomach like lava. The sound didn’t faze the man beyond a widening of his wild, brown eyes. He grabbed the front of her black Hello Kitty sweatshirt and hauled her close, nose to nose. “Shut the hell up right now and do what I said.” He stared into her face for several tense seconds. At last he shoved her away from him.

While Lucy cowered in the driver’s seat, he kicked his left leg over the console and pounded on the gas pedal with his heavy foot. The car revved, yet remained unmoving, still in park.

“Damn it all to hell,” he snarled.

His attention shot to the gear shift knob, and Lucy recognized the moment for what it was: her one and only chance to escape. Gathering the scattered shreds of courage within her quaking body, she slipped her fingers over the door handle, sucked in bolstering oxygen, and wrenched open the door, flinging herself into precious freedom—

Only to be snapped back into the confines of the ancient Honda like a Bungee jumper on a too-short cord. She hadn’t unfastened her seat belt.

She turned toward the intruder. Her eyes collided with his and she saw her reflection in their shadowy depths. He shook his head slowly at her.

“That was stupid.”


BUY LINK and you can also read the first chapter by clicking HERE

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INTERVIEW with author MJ Schiller author of Blackout

Please help me welcome friend and fellow author MJ Schiller to the blog today! She agreed to take the hot seat and answer a few questions so we can all get to know her a little better and she’s also sharing some info on her latest release BLACKOUT! I love the cover…and of course her teasers are incredible. I think you’ll enjoy our chat and checking out her latest release 🙂

Let’s get started…

Describe yourself in 3 sentences.

I am a mother to a twenty-year-old, and eighteen-year-old triplets who just started as freshman at the University of Missouri-Columbia, my alma mater. I enjoy writing romance and romantic suspense. Make-believe rocks! I like to read, karaoke, and attend concerts.

Make believe does rock! And congrats on the kids starting freshman year…what an achievement! When it comes to peanut butter, do you prefer creamy or crunchy?

Ahh…depends. Smooth for a sandwich (doesn’t tear up the bread), crunchy for everything else.

I wish I liked crunchy, but I’m a smooth girl all the way 🙂 What’s the one thing you eat that makes your family cringe?

Chicken quesadillas and protein cakes. Quesadillas because it is my go-to meal when we are out to eat and it drives my  kids crazy that I always order the same thing. Protein cakes for a similar reason. I eat one every day.

lol…Love it! Tell us your favorite part of the writing process.

I actually enjoy almost all of the parts of being a writer, but my favorite would have to be getting that rough draft down on paper, because that’s when the creativity is at its height.

Very true! I love choosing character names. Tell us how you came up with your character’s names in BLACKOUT.

The three main characters are Faith Roberson, Eli Batonis, and Max Theobald III. A long time ago I made a list of girls’ names I liked and Faith was on it. Roberson is actually the last name of my daughter’s friend. Several years ago my lunch lady friends and I drew up a list of “sexy guy names.” You know, the ones that almost always seem to be attached to a sexy guy. Eli was on there. Max just seemed to fit the character’s personality. He’s a charmer, funny, sexy, from a wealthy family, but pretty down-to-earth. Couldn’t picture them with any other names!

Thanks for sharing. I love behind the scenes stories like that! Tell us about your book in a tweet…that’s right, you have 140 characters!

Max-the consummate ladies man. Eli-haunted by his past. Hope-the woman who loves them both. Eli vs. Max. Wish it were a title fight.

Nicely done. Describe your writing space.

Right now my writing space is the corner of the couch closest to the outlet. But my husband and I recently became empty-nesters and before the boys even left I had Recycling for Families come and pick up their bed frames because their room is going to be MY OFFICE! That’s right, no more mail littering the coffee table, no books stacked on the floor. Instead of a box full of wires and plugs, we’ll have them stowed away in a drawer. It will have soothing gray walls and a big, black, L-shaped desk. Already have the paint chips! 😉

Fun times! Congrats on your new office. Do you prefer to write in the morning, afternoon, night, or are you one of those lucky authors who can write whenever and wherever?

When I had newborn triplets and a two-year-old, I learned pretty quickly that I had to seize those little 5-15 minutes of the day not assigned to some chore. I used those niches in the day  to do something for me, which was write!

What’s the one scene from BLACKOUT that stands out in your mind as being your favorite to write?

There is a scene when Max and Eli get into fisticuffs and then are found bruised, bloody, and laughing on the floor by an irate Faith. Love that scene!

When did you first know that you wanted to go the extra distance and become an author?

When I turned forty I decided “that book I was going to write someday” needed to be written! I sat down and wrote twelve books. (Not in one sitting!) Then I decided I needed to do something with them and started pursuing publishing.

Great story. Love it! Why should we read BLACKOUT?

Because it is a story about love, making mistakes, pain, forgiveness, and self-sacrifice. It’s sexy and it’s funny—it has some dark spots, too. And the ending really felt right.

Out of all your books, which one character resonates with you the most?

Well this is kind of hysterical, because he is as unlike me as he can be, but Chad Evans from TRAPPED UNDER ICE, the first book in my ROCKING ROMANCE COLLECTION. Chad has issues. He carries around a lot of pain and anger from his childhood. But he’s also the sweetest guy. He needed just the right woman to unlock that wonderful side of him.

Care to give us a sneak peek into what you’re working on next?

Due out any day is the final installment in my scifi romance series the ROMANTIC KNIGHTS TRILOGY. It’s titled A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER. The series contains two storylines. The romance between Darius and Maggie, and how Orion’s feels about it. And then there’s the suspense element. Someone is killing off the members of the Grand Council—and a few of our favorite peeps are on their hit list!


When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be _I didn’t want to grow up. Still don’t. WAAAAY overrated!

My eyes are _one is blue, one is green.

When I write I always have funny expressions on my face. That is, according to my kids.

I prefer to not work, and yet I’m forced to.

Thanks for having me! It’s been fun!

LOL…I loved your answers to the random questions. Thank you so much for visiting me on the blog MJ. I enjoyed getting to know you better and learning about your latest release 🙂


Blurb ~

Max. The consummate ladies’ man.

He’s good looking, but not an absolute knockout. With Max’s charm though, he could have any woman he wants. Once he meets Faith, he doesn’t want anyone else.


Eli. He is a knockout.

But a dark past shadows him and holds him captive. Drinking dulls the pain, but meeting Faith makes him want to change all that.


Faith. She loves them both.

When a blackout brings her together with Eli, she’s happier than she’s ever been before. When another blackout tears them apart, Max is there to pick up the pieces. But can she forget the man who first made her whole?

legs teaser BLACKOUT

Excerpt ~



He was there. I remember it all—the crowded street, Max holding the car door open, a bus passing by—and then he was just there, looking…as good as ever somehow, but not looking the same. I froze and everything faded away—the honking, Max’s laughter, the tires on the road, the sounds of construction. As if God pressed His giant mute button. And Eli stood there, peering at me from across the street, and I couldn’t breathe.

Instead of his khaki green flak jacket he wore a navy, cotton jacket, unzipped. The wind tugged on the ends of it as he glanced around. His hair was shorter, but it was definitely him, hands shoved into the pockets of tan Dockers, (Eli, in Dockers?). He leaned a little against a light post, his feet crossed in front of him. When his gaze landed on me, he straightened. A bicyclist passed in front of him, a bullet of color. My mouth froze in mid-smile and my throat suddenly ached.

And then, like some cosmic explosion, everything came speeding back into place.

“Babe?” Max turned and glanced across the street, but he didn’t seem to see Eli. How, I don’t know. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing. Nothing,” I finally spat out, looking up into his warm, brown eyes.

“Well, are you going to get in?” He gave me a teasing smile, his handsome face serene. Max’s sandy, red-brown hair was not as long as Eli’s had been, but long enough to show a hint of sexy curl. He wore his beard closely-cropped and carried himself with a confidence and style which was inherited from his successful parents.


“In the car, you nut.”

He bent and kissed me on the lips, a sweet, simple kiss, but I pulled away; suddenly it was all wrong. He didn’t notice. He was too happy. Too happy I finally said yes. I gazed back across the street and, even though he wasn’t near enough for me to see his eyes, I knew what they looked like. I knew by the way he turned and hurried away. And Eli’s pain was mirrored in my own.


Barnes and Noble:



ISBN: 978-1-939274-15-1

M.J. Schiller profile pic (picmonkeyed)

Bio ~

MJ is a lunch lady in the heart of Central Illinois. My gosh! Can you get more folksy than that? She met her husband at the University of Missouri-Columbia and now she has a twenty year old (how did that happen?) and eighteen year old triplets! She loves to read, karaoke (where she can pretend she is a rock star) and spends WAY too much time on Facebook. She grew up in St. Louis and still has family there.

Links ~

For MJ







Google + :




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Some Like it in Handcuffs ~ Re-release day celebration!!!

Today I’m excited to share that my debut book, SOME LIKE IT IN HANDCUFFS, has re-released with Amazon Encore!

This is a fun, light-hearted romantic suspense with humor.

The very first book I’ve written, this holds a special place in my heart, along with the characters Sunny Kennedy and Judson Blackwolf.

If you’re looking for something to read, especially since August is Romance Awareness Month…grab a copy of Some Like it in Handcuffs 🙂




Sunny Kennedy, the only female in a family of blue blood male detectives, is determined to prove testosterone isn’t the only qualification required to solve a cold case. Handcuffed while undercover then taken to the precinct by an attractive detective, her domineering family demands she work with Detective Judson Blackwolf, or she’s off the case.Judson Blackwolf thinks women in law enforcement should work behind the scenes. The prospect of working with his Captain’s sexy daughter doesn’t thrill him. He only agrees in hopes of solving the murder of his one time mentor’s daughter. Once the case is over, he’s moving to Montana to heal his wounds from the loss of his last partner.But when their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Sunny and Judd soon realize their feelings for each other cannot be denied.


“This isn’t how I wanted it between us.” Judson grabbed the neckline of her sweater, dragging her body to meet his with a solid thump. Sunny licked her lips in answer to the question in his eyes. He lowered his head to move his mouth over hers.

Sunny closed her eyes, a small whimper escaping her lips. She didn’t want it like this either, but that wasn’t possible. Unable to resist her attraction she accepted it wasn’t an affair, or a long distance romance she craved, but for him to love her back. It was all or nothing for her. Her heart sank. She accepted this as their goodbye kiss.

With no thought to what was happening upstairs, Sunny rose up on her toes demanding more. Her lips pulsated against Judson’s. When his hand trembled against her cheek in a soft caress she lost touch with reality.

“Judson.” Sunny’s weakened body drifted farther into Judson’s as his fingers glided down her arms, pulling them to her sides where their fingers intertwined. He forced them behind her before his tongue thrust into her mouth.

Their bodies molded together, she heard her own heartbeat and his as well when he curved his fingers around her rear and squeezed.

That’s when the click of the handcuffs against her wrist connected her to the handle of the locked cupboard.

“What the hell…Judson?” She looked up at him, her knees shook, her body still inflamed with fever.

“Like I was saying, you wait here and I’ll go upstairs to check it out. Backup’s already been called, so you’re safe until your brothers arrive.” Judson winked before walking toward the steps to the third level. Once he reached them he turned toward her and smiled. “Gotcha,” he whispered with his notorious grin.


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BOOK BLAST ~ Maquire’s Corner Novels ~Romantic Suspense~ by Heather M Gardner ~ GIVEAWAY

maguire's banner

already home

Already Home (A Maguire’s Corner Novel – Book 1)
by Heather M. Gardner
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | All Romance Books
Published by: InkSpell Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Re-Release Date: May 30, 2015
Length: 176 Pages

Coffee shop owner Maggie Maguire doesn’t trust the new police chief her father hired to protect Maguire’s Corner. He’s a stranger, cold, bossy and annoyingly handsome. But, Maggie’s witnessed a serious crime and now someone’s trying to kill her. The man that aggravates her most might be the only one that can help her.

Police Chief Jack Munro likes his new job and his new town, and unfortunately he also likes the stubborn but beautiful town sweetheart. His self-imposed hands-off Maggie policy is about to be put to the ultimate test when he must keep her close to protect her while he tracks down a ruthless killer.

Determined to ignore Jack’s charms, Maggie attempts to help him unravel the mystery but when their lives hang in the balance she must decide how much she’s willing to risk to save the man she suddenly can’t resist.

good catch

One Good Catch (A Maguire’s Corner Novel – Book 2)
by Heather M. Gardner
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | All Romance Books
Published by: InkSpell Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 11, 2015
Length: 173 Pages

Ignoring a recent trauma that affects her everyday life, ER Doctor Kate Maguire engages in some high risk activities, but these situations aren’t enough to feed her edginess. She needs something more. When her brother’s high school best friend comes back to town, it’s her chance for a ‘no strings attached’ fling with the man who still headlines all her best dreams.

Rhys MacGrath’s days of one-night-stands are long over. The pro-football player might be side-lined at rehab for a shoulder injury, but that doesn’t mean he can’t admire and desire the all-grown-up, so-damn-hot, version of the tomboy he once knew. His sudden interest in Kate might aggravate his best friend, but it’s her indifference that drives Rhys crazy.

Everything heats up when Kate’s nosy nature puts her in the line of fire of an arsonist forcing Kate and Rhys to deal with more than just the sparks igniting between them.


“Hi,” Rhys said.

Kate continued to stare at him, and her mouth may have been hanging open a little. She actually wished for the ability to teleport out of the room. Grey eyes, the color of a winter sky before a storm, scrutinized her. More than powerful in color, sharp and penetrating, like an X-ray.

Rhys was big, bigger than she remembered, taking up all the space behind the half-round table. His mid-length, layered dirty-blond hair and tanned face and neck made her think of sun and sand at the beach.

Rhys frowned. “Can I help you?”

His face had gone from friendly to wary as she gawked at him. No man should be this good looking, which should be irrelevant because he’d always been good looking. After all, he had been voted biggest flirt and most likely to meet you under the bleachers back in high school.

All the forgotten feelings she’d had for him slammed into her at once. Puppy love, like, lust, frustration, admiration, desire—all emotions she’d experienced at one time or another and, some, really not so long ago.

Finally, Kate took a shaky breath and decided she’d better leave to keep from embarrassing herself any further. “No. No, thanks, I’m good.”

Turning, she slammed straight into her mother, who held a full pot of coffee. The hot liquid splashed onto Kate’s chest and soaked into her shirt, steaming her skin underneath.

“Son of a—”

Heather’s Media Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page
– Already Home Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | All Romance Books
– One Good Catch Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | All Romance Books
– Genre: Romantic Suspense
– Published by: InkSpell Publishing

About Heather M. Gardner
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page


Heather M. Gardner’s love of books began on the hand-woven rugs of her small town library where her mother worked. There she had a never-ending supply of stories to read at her fingertips. As a teen, her favorite genres to curl up with were romance and mysteries. When she started to create her own stories, they were the perfect fit.

Heather resides in New York with her best friend who is also her husband, plus her talented and handsome son. She is currently owned by four stray cats. Heather’s a full-time mom, works part-time from home, a chocolate enthusiast, coffee junkie, cat addict, book hoarder and fluent in sarcasm.


$5 Amazon Gift Card



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SPECIAL GUEST ~ Donna Shields author of Deadly Curses ~ Giveaway

Please help me welcome author Donna Shields to the blog today! Donna is conducting an interview with Trent, the hunky doctor from Deadly Curses from her Magnolia Valley Series! I think you’ll enjoy it.

Afterward, check out her awesome cover and excerpt. And don’t forget to enter her giveaway. The link is at the end of the post.

Take it away Donna…


I’m so glad to be here with you all! Today I would like to interview Trent, our hunky doctor from Deadly Curses who has been cursed by a grief-stricken mother.
Q1: Trent, tell us what kind of doctor you are.
I am a trauma physician in Acadia Memorial’s emergency department. I tend to all situations that come through our emergency room doors.
Q2: Tell us about the mother who has placed a curse on you.
I don’t know much about her other than her son’s situation. He got out of his mother’s grip and ran into the road. He was hit by a taxi driver. It was a terrible accident. The emergency room was packed that night and we were short staffed. We did our best to save the little boy, but there was just too much head trauma – bleeding on the brain. It still haunts me to this day. The mother blamed her son’s death on me, the taxi driver, the solicitor who didn’t charge the taxi driver with vehicular manslaughter (giving him a lighter charge), and the judge who didn’t sentence him to the full extent. Now, as far as the curse goes, well let’s just say I don’t believe too heartedly that I was definitively cursed.
Q3: Tell us about your family and the farm in Magnolia Valley.
I am the middle child, so to speak of five siblings. There is my older brother, Gregory who is also a doctor, an internist to be exact. Next in line is my older brother Simon who is a minister. Then there is my younger sister, Lindsay who is an investigative reporter for Acadia’s local newspaper. And finally there is my younger brother, Jason who is an international race car driver. I would wish I were a little closer to my family than I am, but I have the majority of my life detested the farm. I hated growing up watching my mother and father struggle to keep the farm and both have passed away with nothing to show for it. But once I found out why my father truly struggled for the farm, my outlook on plenty of things change.
Q4: How do you meet the sexy detective, Ciarra Pacelli?
She has been assigned to the grave robbing case involving my father’s grave. Apparently, someone (can you guess who) has gone around digging up corpses and stealing their finger bones. At any rate, before I give the story away, when bad things begin happening to me (still slightly see these things as coincidental) she sticks by my side because she believes I have been cursed and only have seven days to live. She tries helping to have ‘the curse’ lifted or broken. But, how sweet she is. And stubborn. And super bossy! And so passionate about everything….
Q5: So, you two hit it off, right?
I wouldn’t exactly say that. I have baggage, she has baggage. So we have a hard time with those issues. And of course, her belief that I’m cursed.
Q6: But, you two finally get together?
I’m not giving away a thing. You will have to read our story.
Trent is such a tease! He certainly is not elaborating on anything. So, I guess you will need to pick up your own copy of Deadly Curses over at Amazon for just $2.99. Come fall in love with Ciarra, Trent, and the entire family.


Deadly Curses (Magnolia Valley Series)

Dr. Trent Moore’s life is complete – a no-strings relationship, financial security, and great health – until he is summoned to his father’s grave and discovers a grave robber stole one of his father’s bones … a finger bone. From there, Trent’s seemly perfect world spirals out of control. Strange occurrences happen, and the sexy lead detective informs him a grief stricken mother has placed a curse upon him. As his near death experiences ramp up, and he finds himself falling in love, he’s beginning to believe there may be some truth to it all. But, will he run out of time before he can tell her he loves her?

When Detective Ciarra Pacelli is assigned to a prominent judge’s suspicious death, she doesn’t know her little world is about to be turned upside down. She discovers other possible victims of a deadly Voodoo curse, one being the gorgeous and stubborn doctor. As she becomes wrapped up in protecting him at all costs, she finds she’s fighting against her developing feelings for him. Once she realizes she can’t, she gives her all in finding a cure against the curse that promises to take him away from her for good.


Ciarra straddled the chair close to Trent’s bed resting her head on her hands. His cheeks lacked color. His eyes appeared sunk in. It seemed as if he’d aged within the last two hours.

Gregory came in from the hospital, which was where Trent was attempting to point out through the window just before he passed out, and said Trent probably had a touch of the flu as it was going around, and he was dehydrated.

Flu her ass. More like a damn curse. Ciarra called Tiesha back in. He wasn’t protected. Ciarra looked for the amulet he’d received last night, but never found it.

Trent’s sister in law, Sammy, prepared chicken noodle soup downstairs.

“Oh wow,” Tiesha said upon entering the room. “He doesn’t look very good. About as bad as the other one. I must say your partner’s unbelievable. He’s over there wearing gloves and a mask. I tried to explain to him he couldn’t catch it. But, he won’t listen to a crazy ape like me.”

Ciarra rolled her eyes. High time to give Rick some eye opening life lessons. “What do you think?”

“You should try a shaman or a Vodun priestess. You need to break the curse.” She placed the back of her hand against his cheek. “No fever. If anything, he feels cold and clammy.”

Ciarra eyed her best friend. “So, you know a Vodun priestess I suppose?”

“And a shaman. Which do you prefer? You don’t have a lot of time left.” She pulled out an amulet and handed to Ciarra. “Here is a new one. Place it under his pillow.”

“Thanks for the reminder . . . and the amulet. I guess the best bet would be Voodoo.” Ciarra reached out and ran her hand across the top of his head. She swore she wasn’t going to fall for this man. Yet, she teetered on the edge of a very high cliff with Trent. If only she could just let go and fall.

Jack, oh Jack. What do I do?

Her heart ached, being torn between the dead and the living. How had it happened? Trent lived like a playboy.

But, she could see a side of him he didn’t let out too often. One he wouldn’t really show. But then did a couple of times without knowing, he had.

Ciarra and he were like night and day. They could never last. But, the same could be said for Princess and Brutus. Yet, there the two misfits lay. Brutus the big baby on the rug and precious Princess curled up near his head, as if they had been the best of friends forever. Animals could teach humans a thing or two.

“Hello, Ciarra?” Tiesha waved her hands in front of Ciarra’s face. “Where were you just now?”

Ciarra shook off her thoughts. “Nowhere promising.”

“Oh boy.”

Ciarra raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“Oh this isn’t good. You have fallen flat on your face, huh?”

Ciarra turned away and back to Trent.

Then, it hit her. The whole Florence Nightingale syndrome thing. She only cared for him as a human being. “Nope. There will never be another Jack.” Silly little liar.

“Go ahead and lie to yourself. But Ciarra Pacelli, you are not, and I mean not, fooling me. I know you.”

Ciarra crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s only because I have to protect him.” Finally, something to cling to besides love. Maybe, she wouldn’t be tumbling off the cliff after all. She was lying to herself, but it was the only way to protect her from Trent.

“Again, go ahead and twist it any way you want. You have fallen for him.”



I’m Donna Shields, author of paranormal romance and romantic suspense – published with Soul Mate Publishing, mom of six, gramma of four precious cuties and wife to an imperfect, yet amazing husband of fifteen years and counting (He’ll say a hundred, roll his eyes, and smile). Psss…I’m imperfect too, but don’t tell him that….

We call the beautiful state of South Carolina our home where there isn’t much hustling and bustling going on, where people are friendly (for the most part-it’s called that Southern Hospitality), strangers wave and say hello with a smile. And it doesn’t hurt being centrally located where the ocean is a mere three hour drive and the mountains no more than an hour and a half away.

I’ve been writing for five years steadily, but have always dabbled with writing short stories here and there. I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for all sorts of paranormal. And when suspense and adventure is thrown in the mix, I’m a truly happy girl. I enjoy writing both genres and at times the lines between the two blur, combining to make paranormal romantic suspense. My heroines are strong, even if quiet. They are independent, yet scarred and in need of a true love. A real hero, one who understands they need their space, but will love them fiercely. The hero may have a hard exterior, but inside he’s a mush ball. And the hero needs that woman who can tame him down a little and love with all her heart and soul.





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