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A fun Novella I read last night…

So, I made it through another weekend at work and when I got home Sunday night I wanted to kick back and relax. Nothing interesting on TV, no movie I wanted to pop into the blu ray…so I picked up my Nook. As soon as I opened it the latest book I had purchased appeared. I’ll be honest, I’d completely forgotten I’d even made a recent purchase, but I do remember when I found THE VALENTINE CHALLENGE by Marisa Cleveland I thought the story sounded fun and cute. And, heck, for .99 I couldn’t go wrong…right?

So, I flicked it to the first page and started reading.

I read this novella in about an hour and it was a great way to spend my night. I relaxed as I got caught up in Stacey and Marsh’s story. When I finished I had that total “FEEL GOOD” feeling you have when you know the characters got their HEA!

So, I’m decided today I’d share. If anyone is looking for a quick read to pass the time during their lunch hour, or while they are waiting for the kids to get out of practice, or just need a little pick me up sometime throughout your day…this is your story.

I’m posting my little review and then all the info about the book…including where you can buy it.


I really enjoyed The Valentine Challenge. Loved Stacey and Marsh and especially enjoyed the quick dialogue. This story moved right along and didn’t disappoint. I won’t spoil anything, but I absolutely loved the ending…I’m still smiling. This is a keeper. I know for sure I’ll be revisiting this story again 🙂 Thanks for an hour well spent Marisa Cleveland!!!


Stacey Bradford believes in love, but when her hot boss, Marshall Royce, decides to close her best friend’s flower shop – days before Valentine’s Day! – Stacey declares war.

Intrigued by Stacey’s devotion to her friend, the hearts and flowers holiday, and belief in true love, Marsh issues a challenge – prove love exists or deliver the closing documents to her friend herself.

Stacey never could resist a challenge, but when Marsh makes Valentine’s Day the deadline for their deal, Stacey must decide how far she’s willing to go for love.



Title: The Valentine Challenge
Author: Marisa Cleveland
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 61 pages
Release Date: February 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-063-6
Imprint: Flirt


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